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Some Considerations about the Dynamics of Biology in Reincarnation – Richard Stammler (Is.24)

by Richard Stammler, Ph.D.


Those who accept the concept of reincarnation are aware that much is unknown about the mechanism of how it happens, but there are tantalizing hints that physical biology and personality dynamics can be passed from one to several reincarnations. This article shows some interesting data points that lead to the conclusion there is continuity between lives beyond the karmic influences that regressionists work with regularly. This article points to the work of Walter Semkiw and Adrian Finkelstein with prominent personalities and their support for isotropic morphology in reincarnation. It includes the classic work of Ian Stevenson and his protégée, Jim Tucker, at the University of Virginia to support the notion of the similar nature Read the rest

Positive Past Lives – George Schwimmer (Is.24)

by George Schwimmer, Ph.D.


Recalling significant positive past lives can be even more powerful than returning to past lives where issues originated. The feeling of having lived a past life of purpose and spiritual accomplishment is extremely valuable for every person.

In September of 1985, I attended a weekend Psychosynthesis training workshop in Amherst, Massachusetts, during which I mentioned my regression work to one of my fellow students, who immediately asked me to regress her. As it turned out, we had no free time that weekend, so I said I’d make a regression tape for her, and the next week I did. It was very structured, utilizing all the elements I use in past-life therapy.

Before sending her … Read the rest

Soul Detective Regressions – Barbara Stone (Is.24)

by Barbara Stone, Ph.D., L.I.S.W., D.C.E.P.


This article presents an innovative approach to complement regression therapy with trauma desensitization tools from the new field of energy psychology. The “Soul Detective Protocols” developed by the author use muscle testing rather than hypnosis to gather identifying information about past lives and invoke sacred space by asking archangels to form a pyramid of light around the therapy. After a brief description of the mechanics of meridian tapping therapies used for emotional relief and references for research on the subject, the author outlines the three basic steps in the energy psychology approach to therapy: ready–getting centered; willing–clearing limiting beliefs; and able–utilizing one of many energy psychology protocols. The article concludes with a Read the rest

“Remote” Self-Exploration: A Shaman at the Center – Yasha J. Dalheimer (Is.23)

by Yasha J. Dalheimer


This article suggests a method for frustrated regression therapists to see their own past-lives, if they themselves have not yet been able to have a successful regression. The method involves using a “surrogate” who knows little to nothing about the therapist personally.

Although past-life therapists often help others improve their current lives, with knowledge of their past-lives, some therapists are unable to take their own journeys. There is a technique, using other people, to facilitate learning about the therapist’s own previous lives. We may connect dreams of others about us, and we may follow Dr. Irene Hickman’s techniques of “remote” regressions. Perhaps because of some karmic debt I, as an accomplished past-life regressionist, have not … Read the rest

Speaking With The Higher Self – George Schwimmer (Is.23)

by George Schwimmer, Ph.D.


Speaking with the higher self of a client during regression, immediately after a past-life recall, will not only clarify the issue a client has brought but also offer insights and advice from the higher self which often can not be accessed in any other way.

The higher self is the most critical “player” in past-life recall and therapy. The lower self has a very limited perspective—its job is to deal with the current physical life. So the lower self is normally unable to see beyond the needs of survival, unless its view is somehow refocused and repositioned. The higher self, however, has a limitless perspective, is able to view any point of the time/space … Read the rest

Reincarnation and Ecology: A Contribution to the Coming Generations – Athanasios N. Komianos (Is.23)

by Athanasios N. Komianos


 “As you sow, so shall you reap”

This is a plea to all regression therapist colleagues to contribute to a deeper and better understanding of our relationship with the environment in terms of reincarnation. According to all the incoming scientific data, it is more than evident that human activities have a deep impact on Mother Earth. Our species, Homo Sapiens, is pushing the planet to its limits. What we do today has a direct and probably irreversible effect on the fate of the planet. We are poisoning the habitat of the coming generations. However, what most of us have never thought about is that it is we who will harvest the problems that we plant Read the rest

Remote Regression and Past-Life Therapy For Children up to 9 Years – Herbert Van der Beek (Is.23)

by Herbert Van der Beek


It is one thing to work with willing children who come to our offices seeking help. It is another thing entirely when parents and concerned adults wish to help the child but are restricted due to issues of locality, the child’s very young age, the child’s willingness, or even incarceration due to the child’s behavioral problems. This article offers a new approach using the willing adult acting as a surrogate for the child in the therapy process. As always, it is important to verify the parent’s inner experience in the surrogate role by observing the child’s actual behavioral change.

My son had nightmares for many months. After two sessions with a colleague by me … Read the rest

Remote Regression Therapy – Greg McHugh (Is.23)

 by Greg McHugh C.C.Ht.

Excerpted From Remote Regression and Remote Spirit Releasement: A Manual For Clinical Hypnotherapists


This article is an excerpt from McHugh’s book Remote Regression and Remote Spirit Releasement: A Manual For Clinical Hypnotherapists. It describes 1) the use of a surrogate in regression therapy and spirit releasement in the physical absence of the client, 2) the basic requirements for the therapist and the surrogate, and 3) the need for deepening of the client/surrogate’s kinesthetic and feeling experience in the regression events. Additionally, the author illustrates the use of higher resources of the Light in “recontextualizing” trauma events that had been visited in the remote regression therapy process and the use of angels in the remote Read the rest

Can A Past-Life Character Speak In a Foreign Language A Weight Loss Case: A Past-Life Regression Case of “Mei Ling” Who Spoke in Mandarin – Dr. Casey Chua (Is.23)

by Dr. Casey Chua


Joan (not her real name), a former Australian who now lives in an island off the coast of Australia, was desperate to lose body weight. Weighing in at 160 kg, she was in dire need to lose weight. She flew from her home town to Singapore for hypnosis.

This article describes the case in which a past-life personality influenced the client’s behavior in regards to food. During the course of a past-life regression the client spoke perfect Mandarin; the language of her past life personality. It is an excellent example of xenoglossy as the client has no knowledge of the Chinese language.


Joan (not her real name) is a national from an island off … Read the rest

Can We Establish An Ethical and Scientific Basis for Regression Work? – Jan Erik Sigdell (Is.23)

by Jan Erik Sigdell


In a European group much controversy recently arose about questions of ethical and scientific aspects of regression and even “elitist” claims in that respect. The discussion about this concerns everyone everywhere who works with regressions and needs to be taken to a public level in the professional community. I herewith wish to give answers to criticism and outline a basis for our work.

What are souls?

One point of criticism is that everyone speaks about souls and even soul fractions and yet no one seems to be able to define them. If there is no self that survives the death of the body, there is no reincarnation and past-life regression is nonsense. The only valid … Read the rest