Article: Remote Regression Therapy – Greg McHugh (Is.23)

 by Greg McHugh C.C.Ht.

Excerpted From Remote Regression and Remote Spirit Releasement: A Manual For Clinical Hypnotherapists


This article is an excerpt from McHugh’s book Remote Regression and Remote Spirit Releasement: A Manual For Clinical Hypnotherapists. It describes 1) the use of a surrogate in regression therapy and spirit releasement in the physical absence of the client, 2) the basic requirements for the therapist and the surrogate, and 3) the need for deepening of the client/surrogate’s kinesthetic and feeling experience in the regression events. Additionally, the author illustrates the use of higher resources of the Light in “recontextualizing” trauma events that had been visited in the remote regression therapy process and the use of angels in the remote regression sessions for retrieving lost or fragmented parts.

Remote Work

Remote Work is the term used for the combined use of regression therapy and spirit releasement through a surrogate. The client or subject is not physically present. Regression therapy includes accessing, through altered states, the causal trauma experiences, consequent attraction fields, and signature beliefs that are driving current life experiences and behaviors and bringing healing to those causal events. Spirit releasement is the identification of attached energies and entities, earthbound and dark beings, other energies and devices, and the releasing of those attachments into the Light.

Remote work is very appropriate when the client cannot be physically present or when they cannot benefit from one-on-oneegression therapy or spirit releasement for any number of reasons. Children have benefitted from this remote approach to regression therapy in quite significant manner. Adult clients have requested this and have benefitted. I have found about 75% of my clients experienced clearing of the presenting emotional and behavioral issues through this combined modality.

Tools and Experience Recommended For the Remote Work Therapist

We recommend experience or training in the following:

1) A fundamental understanding of hypnosis and the mechanics of trance and of the subconscious mind

2) An understanding and experience of the application of the basic principles of awareness found in Gestalt Therapy applied to states of hypnosis. This includes realizing the import of being in the present in regression, being in bodily awareness, use of exaggeration of bodily experiences, deepening into feelings in the body, use of Gestalt dialogue as applied to altered states in relationship

3) Regression Therapy, Spirit Releasement Therapy including Childhood Regression, Prenatal and Birth Regression, Interlife and Past-Life Therapy

4) Experience or knowledge of the unity of all beings, plus meditation experience and an ongoing commitment to realization of True Being and “doing your own work.”

Surrogate Requirements

It is preferable that the one who is to be the surrogate has experience in their own regression work. This is so that the surrogate will be familiar with the feelings, kinesthetic sense, and subtleties of the trance work and the interior processes in that modality. The individual need not be visual in interior perceptions in regression, but should trust the impressions that come and know how to relax and deepen into the awareness of those impressions.

Τhe surrogate should be clear of any attachments that may hinder or interfere with his or her becoming the client. Preferably, this would call for a spirit releasement process as appropriate in a separate session prior to any work as a surrogate.

The surrogate should not be fear based in his or her spiritual orientation and should be able to recognize the presence of attachments in a detached fashion when in trance. The surrogate’s function should not be one of an empath or taking on others feelings as their own, though the individual does need to feel the client’s experience. They should not view this work as channeling or surrendering of the personality or ego for the entry of another being.

To Know or Not to Know: Prior Knowledge of Client’s or Subject’s Issues.

It is important for the therapist to have a basic outline of the presenting themes. However, this knowledge need not be shared in any detail with the surrogate. The purpose of this knowledge for the therapist is three fold: To have a direction for the session, to have elements to measure for the outcome of the remote session, and to make the prayer and intention for the session explicit and thereby give direction to the subconscious of the client or subject as to what needs to be brought into awareness on the journey. (See Process Model below)

Also important to recognize is that prior knowledge of themes or issues is not necessary. The client can express through the surrogate what is current and needs to be addressed.

The Surrogate as an Unconscious Filter

Certainly, any process such as Remote Work will involve the inherent qualities of the psyche or personality of the surrogate, no matter how clear the surrogate may be in their functioning; but the clearer their functioning, the greater the potential for depth of experience and feeling – requisites for effective healing in this Remote Work process.

A Remote Work Process Model

Identification of the Presenting Themes by the Therapist or the Client

Just as in regular regression therapy and spirit releasement, so in remote regression therapy, the presenting issues or themes that are raised by the client are usually the ones to be dealt with. A major theme is reduced (preferably in the client’s words) to a phrase or brief description and used in the intention and induction process for the surrogate.

Ideally, identification of the issues or themes to be addressed in the remote session is done with the client before the remote session. But in some cases this is not practicable. Sometimes the information may come from the referring source and not from the client directly (i.e. small children).

Initial inquiry or an expanded inquiry can be made with the client through the surrogate. This can take place after the induction of the surrogate and the surrogate becoming the client. (See below).

The Prayer and Intention Focus

Prayer makes explicit what the intention of the work is. This can be enjoined privately by both the therapist and the surrogate to clarify their intention for the session and to bring to bear on the session the power of their own purpose and desire for healing of the client’s or subject’s difficulties. Prayer or intention (conscious or otherwise) is an act of creation and, when used deliberately, helps to bring focus and the creation of a healing outcome for the client’s journey.

In fact, the more the reality of this creative principle is recognized, the more effective the work of the therapist in remote and one-on-one sessions. It is through this principle that all positive or negative experiences have been made manifest and through which all healing and the Source of All Being operates.

One may include in this intention focus a call to guides and angels whose function is to be in accord with the White Light and assist in accord with the highest good of the client and the surrogate. This reduces the attractions of ill will beings in the etheric or astral realms other than those who already may be attached to the client or subject in the subconscious realm. It will also make the therapist and surrogate more open to inspiration, guidance, and effective listening.

Induction of the Surrogate

Deeper is better. Deepening of the trance state promotes greater assurance for minimizing the “egoic minding” and “critical mind” function of the surrogate from the outset.

The Natural Setting

After the induction is complete, suggest to the surrogate that they will find themselves in a natural setting. Pause and then ask them to describe what is growing, what the sky is like today, and the form that the water is taking, etc. and then to report back on his or her awareness. All this descriptive detail is for testing the state of the surrogate and deepening their altered state through anchoring and pacing.

Calling Forward the Client

Have the surrogate call forward the client and identify when there is a presence of the client. It is important to note that it is not necessary for the surrogate to be visual in this experience. Instead, impressions and feelings and information are the critical components. “Seeing” in regression, spirit releasement, or remote work varies from individual to individual.

Gaining Permission

Some clients ask directly for a remote work session. About one half of my cases have been for children at the request of their parents. But regardless of the client’s status, the therapist or the surrogate should ask the client for permission during the session to “do this healing work today.” If there is some hesitation or reluctance, the therapist can work with the client to process that reluctance. The session should never be continued without permission from either the client or their Higher Self. Generally, I have found that it cannot happen without such volition, anyway.

Remote Scan for Attachments and Spirit Releasement

This should be done prior to doing regression. Exceptions to this will be when attachments are uncovered that will not leave due to a karmic situation with the client or a pattern with the client such as feeling abandoned or lonely and wanting the “company” of the entity. There might be other exceptions such as where an attached earthbound or dark being has followed the client from another life or several other lives and the initial arrangement between the two needs be addressed in regression. Then it would be necessary for the surrogate to become the client and pursue regression to the place(s) where the arrangements happened or causal events leading to the attachment took place.

For the scan to identify attached energies or entities, have the surrogate “look” at the client and then say:

In a moment when I count to three, attachments in (client’s name), if there are any, or devices that need to be addressed for today’s healing will appear in or around the client…One…Two…Three…(Proceed by having the surrogate noting first impressions or begin at the head.)

If energies or attachments are observed then have an inventory, differential identification, and spirit releasement protocols in the manner you have used in your practice.

Ask the entities that appear what their impact on the client has been. Use this information for later review. It may also be helpful in addressing the client’s vulnerability that drew the attachments.

If there are energies that are identified as being related to past-life or this life trauma, then make note to work with the client in the regression phase of the remote session or at a later time.

Remote Retrieval of Lost or Fragmented Parts

When the releasement process is completed ask the client or the Higher Self if there are any parts of the client’s energy that have been lost or fragmented due to the intrusion of the now released attachments. If the answer is yes, then call for a retrieval of lost or fragmented parts in the following manner:

I call for the angels of the White Light to seek throughout all Creation to see if there are any parts of this one’s energy, personality, or soul that have been fragmented, scattered, or lost due to the presence or intrusion of those attachments we have just released. If there are such parts, to find them, heal them in the White Light, and return them back into this one’s energy system; right back into his/her soul, now!

This invocation is not to be taken lightly. Angels of the White Light will show up. This is their nature; to respond to any request that is in accord with the state of True Being that is the White Light. In a manner of speaking, they cannot not show up to serve that purpose.



If you suspect that, by using the remote spirit releasement and clearing of the attachments you just processed, you have cleared the cause of the major theme that you had planned to address, it may be prudent to end the session and wait for such feedback from the client or the referring source (i.e., parent or guardian). Then decide whether there is need to return and do a remote regression therapy session to address any cause of the theme.


Have the surrogate share their awareness of that event.

If the client or the referral source is not available for a direct review interview, you can ask them remotely through the surrogate.

After Clearing of Any Attachments – Becoming the Client or Subject

Have the surrogate become the client. For some it is like putting on a coat of personality or energy. It is not the surrender of one’s vehicle or ego to the subject or client as in channeling. That distinction is very important. Yet this is where the emphasis on the feeling experience really does come into play. Direct the surrogate to explore and report back on the experience of being the client with questions addressed to the client such as: “What is your sense of how you are feeling today?” or “What are the feelings you are aware of right now?” Then allow the surrogate as the client to ask his or her god or Higher Self to expand or magnify awareness of the current state.

I have found that if the surrogate meets the requirements set out above then becoming the client does not present any risk or danger to the surrogate as long as a clearing mechanism that uses the assistance of angels is used at the end of the process. This process is detailed later in this article. There usually is an uplifting impact on the surrogate upon witnessing and feeling the healing and clearing experiences of the client.

In my experience there seems to be no immediate reaction by the client to having the surrogate “be” them other than the subsequent reactions to healing in the regression therapy section. There may be some immediate impact or reaction by the client at the outset of the surrogate becoming the client that may happen at some other etheric level within their psyche, but this has never been reported nor assessed.

Later reactions of the client that have been noted are those of the impact of clearing the attachments and, of course, any healing brought by subsequent remote regression work. Sometimes, after a clearing of attachments or a potent remote regression session through the surrogate, the client, through the surrogate, will offer genuine thanks to the therapist and the surrogate.

Remote Inquiry and Interview


Processing Remote Regression Events

To “process the events” means to be sure to see that the client’s awareness and feelings in the significant events are thoroughly experienced and felt. This also means having the client (through the surrogate) being in the body of the personality of that past life or childhood of this life, describing awareness in the present tense, directing the client to deepen into feelings in the body as they arise.

The client may report feelings that they sense are happening as if they were observing the process. This is not sufficient. Only incomplete healing will result from this sort of detached processing.

A very potent tool to help heighten feeling awareness is to say to the client (surrogate) “Now ask your Spirit or Higher Self to magnify your awareness of this feeling you are having now.

This will usually yield more insight critical to the event and the life.


Further inquiry can be done directly with the surrogate as the client as needed. Simply ask questions and pace with the client in the inquiry process. Avoid leading questions. You may become aware of the client’s personality traits and characteristics showing throughout this remote session. Pay attention to these and make note of critical aspects as they show up.

Remote Regression to Cause of the Main Theme or Issue

Using a magic doorway or other simple regression process, take the client back to the cause of the identified theme.

Process this regression (to childhood, prenatal, Interlife or other life) as you would in a regular non-remote regression session. You may also want to make use of any energies identified in the scan (above) that are identified as having to do with past or current life issues as avenues for immediate regression to the causal trauma or life situation that has been presented.

Below I have emphasized the main direction that I take as a general process in remote regression therapy. I use the higher resources of the Self or the Light for recontextualizing the client’s original egoic perception and positionality.[1]

Recontextualizing, as I use it here, refers to changing the context of an event. The event may have been originally set in a context or ego view as trauma with fear permeating the view. So the whole environment is colored by this view. The context the event was set in is fear based. It is illusion and projection. When such an event’s feelings are deepened into and then Divine Presence or Light is brought back into the event, the context of the event shifts in accord with that Presence of the Light. A person may now experience peace inside instead of fear. While the particular event may continue as historically the same, the person’s view of it has shifted. The context they were holding that “event” in is altered from fear based to one in accord with the Self, the Presence; Light. It may become a whole field of compassion that permeates the view. It may be a sense of perfect protection from the once harmful perpetrator. Love may fill the perception and insight into the motivation of the other players may come about naturally where the person (client) may realize that what was seen in an original context of an attack on them really had nothing to do with them.

Positionality, a new term if you are unfamiliar with David Hawkins’ writing, refers to the position, posture, or attitude of the ego around a certain perspective or misperception. For instance the posture of a person who may be enraged about something could be set in a sentence as “I am angry and you did wrong to me.” This would be “positionality.”

Remote Regression to Childhood

If childhood is where the client ends up, have the client investigate the trauma as you would in a regular one-on-one session.

Have the client move to each significant event in that theme in their childhood. Apply the tools familiar to you in fully exploring the emotional charges in those negative experiences or trauma. This might include deepening the client’s awareness, asking Higher Self to magnify awareness of certain aspects of the experiences, etc.

 Recontextualizing the Processed Events

The next step is to bring in the healing energies of the Light of the Self. One way to do this is, after the client has been through the “significant” experiences of childhood around the main theme, have the client then regress back to the Light of the Interlife (It is actually the same as the Light of the Self) just prior to the planning stage, which is prior to conception and birth. Direct the client to feel the experience and particular aspects of that Light that show up. This is a very direct suggestion: “When I count to three, you will find yourself back prior to conception in this life in the Light of God just prior to the Planning Period in the Interlife.”

Have the client languish in those feelings and awareness and then direct them to carry those feelings and the Presence of that Light to each of the childhood experiences they just visited and ask the client to note and feel the impact. Usually there is a shift in perception of those experiences. (This is due to the higher consciousness of the Presence of an aspect of the Self or of the Light.)

Another means for recontextualizing the events (to bring in a higher resource of the Light into the just processed events) is to do the following:

I ask the Angels of the White Light to come now and touch this one in the first chronological event in this childhood and bathe him in their Presence, now.

Then move the client to the next formerly visited event and invoke the same Presence. You may find that the transformation that occurred in the first incident with the Presence will tend to automatically carry through to the subsequent events and reconfigure those events automatically.

Notice that neither step suggested above is a cognitive reframing or rescripting, rather a receptive posture to the transformation of those life experiences by the Light. It is a way of recontextualizing the personality’s response that is a natural reflection of True Being from what was the original fear based egoic misperception.

Retrieving Lost or Fragmented Parts

Ask the Angels of the White Light to come and heal parts of the client’s energy or soul that were fragmented, scattered, or lost due to these childhood experiences.

 I call for the angels of the White Light to seek throughout all creation to see if there are any parts of this one’s energy, personality, or soul that have been fragmented or lost due to the experiences we just visited. If there are such parts, to find them, heal them in the White Light, and return them back into this one’s energy system, right back into her soul now!

This is often reported as a very potent experience by the client through the surrogate.

 Remote Regression to Past Lives, through Death into the Interlife.

If the client (through the surrogate) ends up in a past life then process that life and its significant experiences and then process the death and Interlife period.

Continue through each significant event, using the usual protocols you normally use in regression therapy and the deepening described above. Continue having the client arrive at the “next significant event when I count to three; one…two…three.”

Then direct the client that they will find themselves in the last day and death in that life. Explore that with the same depth. Ask what are the beliefs about themselves and feelings about that life that they carry with them out of that death.

Proceed incrementally to each “next stage” in the Interlife and again have the client/personality in that life process those events and awareness in the same manner as in the events prior to the death. Eventually the personality of that life will arrive at a state in the Interlife where there is peace and acceptance and the Light.

Note: Sometimes the past-life personality may be stuck in an unhealed attitude acquired in that life and is still expressing it. There are a number of ways to bring deeper healing when that is the case. Among them are: having the personality have dialogue with the significant players in that prior life where there are unhealed feelings; have the client/personality speak to them and then become them; Invoking the Presence of the Heart of Elijah to touch the client/personality in that particular dysfunctional field and belief. (the Heart of Elijah is a very evolved being who is willing to facilitate transformation in these situations.)

If they have not already found themselves in the Light, then do the following:

When I count to three, you will find yourself just in the Light of God, nothing else going on…one…two…three…share your awareness.

Bring the consciousness of the experience of the Light from the Interlife back into the life or lives just processed and have the client watch and feel the impact. Again, this step is not to be a cognitive reframing or rescripting, rather a passive experience to the transformation of that life by the Light. “When I count to three this time, we will carry the feeling of that Light forward to the events in that life we just visited, bathe them in that Light and feel and watch the impact. One…Two…Three.”

Retrieving Lost or Fragmented Parts

Ask the Angels of the White Light to come and heal parts of the client’s energy or soul that were fragmented, scattered, or lost due to the experiences visited in that life.

I call for the angels of the White Light to seek throughout all Creation to see if there are any parts of this one’s energy, personality, or soul that have been fragmented or lost due to the experiences we just visited. If there are such parts, to find them, heal them in the White Light and return them back into this one’s energy system, right back into her soul now!

The transformed energies of that life and the Light of the Interlife can be brought forward into this present day life to watch the unfolding impact in this life in major or relevant events or relationships.

This step may also be followed by a future pacing with all these new resources and energies and watching their impact.

Direct the surrogate to let the client go and then perform this clearing on the surrogate:

I call upon the angels of the White Light to come now and to draw through this one (surrogate) a web of Gold White Light picking up any residues that may remain in this one’s atmosphere or energy system that are not of his or her own True Nature…to gather these residue energies and return them to their appropriate place in the White Light.

Bring the surrogate back into the room.

Further Sessions

Further sessions may be indicated. To determine this, get feedback directly from the client or the parents or guardians over the next week or so. If the presenting patterns of experience are not points of reference any more or no longer seem to have occurred, then no further remote work may be necessary. Of course, if the client has multiple issues, more work may be necessary.

The most number of remote work sessions I have done for one client was six. It was for a “disturbed” seventeen year old young woman with a history of severe sexual abuse and exploitation in her parents’ household; a meth lab. The young woman was brought to me by her grandmother who had gained custody of her at age 11. She was an angry volatile young person prior to the remote work. Now she is happy, has gotten her GED, is working, and gets along well with others.

[1] The terms recontextualizing and positionality are also used by David Hawkins, MD in his book Power vs. Force and subsequent books.


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