Article: “Remote” Self-Exploration: A Shaman at the Center – Yasha J. Dalheimer (Is.23)

by Yasha J. Dalheimer


This article suggests a method for frustrated regression therapists to see their own past-lives, if they themselves have not yet been able to have a successful regression. The method involves using a “surrogate” who knows little to nothing about the therapist personally.

Although past-life therapists often help others improve their current lives, with knowledge of their past-lives, some therapists are unable to take their own journeys. There is a technique, using other people, to facilitate learning about the therapist’s own previous lives. We may connect dreams of others about us, and we may follow Dr. Irene Hickman’s techniques of “remote” regressions. Perhaps because of some karmic debt I, as an accomplished past-life regressionist, have not been able to be hypnotized deeply enough for a satisfactory past-life regression. However, two experiences in 1997 have given me the past-life insights that “standard” hypnotic regressions did not.

In 1981, I visited a reputable psychic to ask for whatever advice she could give me. Along with an astrological chart, she informed me that she saw me in a past-life as a shaman in the Mayan culture and, according to her reading, I had a vast knowledge of the occult and herbs; however, I misused my learning by harming people. After she told me that, I never told anyone what she had said, because there was no way to prove it.

About two years later, one of my students recounted a strange dream that she had about both of us. She said that we were brother and sister in a distant time and culture “where they had those step-pyramids.” The elders of the community had strapped me down on an altar at the top of one of the pyramids and she was defending me. She begged them to let me live. However, they threw her from the temple, killing her, and then cut out my heart. I suspect that, since no one knew about that psychic’s reading for me, my student’s dream seemed to validate that previous shamanic existence. Nevertheless, the death by heart-extraction was not enough to balance the misuse of my intelligence in that life (or perhaps, in others). More lives followed with difficulty in learning, which I’ll explain later.

With graduate study of clinical hypnosis beginning in 1986, I hoped to find easy access to a past-life regression, since I was not able to find a reputable past-life therapist in Wisconsin in 1985. When the teachers experimented with me, I was too analytical and had much to learn about “letting go.” I needed a longer trance-induction than class-time allowed, so there were no effective results. Later, I tried two other hypnotists, but they were inept and unethically suggestive.

After years practicing as a past-life regressionist/therapist and doing several depossessions (spirit releasements) following the techniques of Dr. Irene Hickman, an idea followed that offered a new effective strategy. Using a former client, who was one of my deeper trance-inductees, I learned about three of my own past-lives “remotely.” There was validation for those lives with a corresponding present-day name.

My client’s husband was an observer as I took her to a deep level where she briefly revisited one of her past-lives. I then brought her up to a neutral level where she re-energized on her “time-cloud” (part of my usual technique). I told her to please allow the higher self of Yasha Dalheimer to lie beside her on her descending time-cloud and let Yasha’s higher self lead her to the more influential past-lives affecting the current life of Yasha Dalheimer. Soon after the countdown and descent, she saw desert sands and she saw me in ancient Arabia as a dishonest merchant.

One day two men riding a camel, came up to me and slashed me from shoulder to chest with a saber and said, “That’s the last time you’ll cheat anyone!” I may still be repaying for taking others’ money, because family members in my present life have conspired to prevent me from inheriting family wealth.

My next past-life that the client saw involved a corrupt Roman priest in ancient Egypt. In the marketplace, I filled my obese body with food from people whom I continually exploited by telling them their futures and making them believe that I had truths from the gods. At that point I asked my client one of my usual regression questions, “Does this priest have any significant others?” Her answer was, “No, you consider yourself too good for anyone…but you do abuse three serving women of yours in that life.” My next question was, “Does this priest’s soul in the current body of Yasha Dalheimer know any of these former serving women’s souls in any bodies in the late 1990’s?” The reply was, “Yes, her name now is Dorothy; she has worked over 30 years as a librarian’s assistant.” I know this woman well in my present life.

My last life that the client viewed ended in 1939 near Brooklyn, New York. I was a mentally challenged driver of an escape-car for a criminal organization. I was terribly ugly, with huge ears and a face that had been disfigured in an explosion of a building that I was guarding for my boss. When I asked if I had ever hurt anyone in that life, the answer was, “No, you were too stupid and only knew enough to drive that escape car.” Eventually I died by losing control of my boss’ car in a police chase, when I flew off a dock into the ocean and drowned alone, unable to open the doors or windows of that custom-made car.

My mother reminded me of a fact which I had forgotten: as a child in this life, I was horrified of putting my face under water and did not try it until I was five years-old. That life of the mentally challenged driver and my current life of constantly needing to overcome ADD may have their karmic origins in the life of that earlier shaman when I misused my intelligence.

Personally, I think that these “remotely” visited past-lives are valid, because my client, who “traveled” for me, was a stranger to me. She couldn’t have invented the name and identity of “Dorothy,” a 70 year-old friend, and librarian’s assistant, who lives in a neighboring city. When she visits, I serve her as she once served me.

Consequently, I highly recommend this remote technique of finding a client who is willing to become a medium for those therapists having difficulty experiencing their own past-life regressions. The technique basically involves finding a client capable of deep trance, and the client’s visualizing being on a “time-cloud” with the therapist. The therapist asks the client to travel back to the therapist’s previous lives, employing the usual regression questions. Dr. Irene Hickman’s work with remote depossession, in which she used a medium to free earth-bound spirits from distant persons, inspired this technique, which has been successful for me.


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