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Regression Therapy Data and the Notion of Karma – Pavel S. Gyngazov (Is.20)

by Pavel S. Gyngazov, M.D.

This article describes a manifestation of the law of Karma that the author encountered during one of his RT sessions. The manifestation described in the article was not a solitary occurrence of the kind. This particular case and other cases of like kind makes the author believe that a person is free in his choice and bears full responsibility; in both the present incarnation and in future incarnations.

Regression therapy method, which is based upon the study of human past-life experience, has a wide variety of applications: psychotherapeutic correction of behavior, psychosomatic disease (inherited from previous lives) treatment, and harmonization of personality within its environment. The multivariate potential of patient treatment is in many … Read the rest

Past-Life Therapy, Astrology, and Quantum Physics: Case Studies – Dianne Seaman (Is.20)

by Dianne Seaman

Astrology is a tool closely related to physics, for it is a language of energy and cyclical time. This symbolic and mathematical tool–linking both left and right brain functions–explores the mind in a space/time configuration and provides a window into different states and phases of consciousness. Astrology can assist us in exploring various dimensions of the soul by revealing threads of energy/of consciousness linking aspects of an individual’s multiple layers of identity across many incarnations, which intertwine to form the so called present life. Astrology can show the resonance between certain lifetimes–why the particular themes and issues come to the forefront of consciousness at a particular time in a person’s developmental cycle. As such, it is both Read the rest

Bad Stomach or Karmic Pains? – Joseph Costa (Is.20)

by Joseph Costa PH.D.

In this article Dr. Costa presents us with a case of current life events triggering karmic pains seeking relief. The client’s pains had been unrelenting for over a year before this healing work. After the regression presented here the pains were no longer present. Therapy was done over ten years ago and there has been no more pain since the therapy described here.

A powerful business man was sent to me as he had symptoms of stomach area problems that medicine had failed to heal or affect in any way. The pains were so intense that his ability to function in work was stopped. He was suffering sleep deprivation as well. For months he had been … Read the rest

Core Beliefs: Uncovering the Archaic and Past Lives Behind Them – Elaine Childs-Gowell (Is.20)

by Elaine Childs-Gowell, M.N., M.P.H., A.R.N.P., Ph.D., C.T.A.

This paper describes the “Healing Rituals” known as the Self Care Contracts. These contracts serve to close the escape hatches (Holloway, 1973, Boyd and Boyd, 1980) which people use to further their core beliefs and script behaviors. The article defines Escape Hatches, and Self Care Contracts and describes how the process of “Accountability Work”, “The Think Chair”, or “Time Out” help therapy clients think through their core beliefs and how to challenge them therapeutically. For people whose socialization was inadequate or meager, the process assists clients to think about feelings, feel about thoughts, and order their thought processes around their limiting belief systems. It is an empowering intervention for thought disordered, Read the rest

Reincarnation, Quantum Physics, and Spirituality – Todd Hayen (Is.20)

by Todd Hayen

Reincarnation has never been taken very seriously by the scientific community due to the insistence of our current scientific model that all events in the natural world take place within the confines of the Newtonian paradigm. Quantum physics has changed all of that, as we are just beginning to see the physical world in an entirely different light. Several eminent scientists of today suggest that it is just possible we have been looking at the problem from the wrong perspective. From the world-view of quantum theory, a new model of reincarnation has been developing. Combining these theories with the idea that time and space may simply be a human construct, reincarnation becomes not only plausible, but a Read the rest

Unchained Memories – Constance S. Rodriguez (Is.19)

by Constance S. Rodriguez, Ph.D.

This article reviews the possibility that the psyche travels through time and space landing in the exact “past life” to rework problems, issues or emotional blocks that may be hindering one’s soul growth. Dr. Rodriguez reviews the notion that state bound matrixes of energy live in an archetypal field made accessible in the paradigm of past lives, which she terms Holographic Journeying. This conveys a sense of one part (one life) affecting the whole rather than seeing lives as a linear string of embedded memories. In this informative excerpt, Dr. Rodriguez gives examples from her work with clients emphasizing the therapeutic value of this work.

The universe is a dance of energies which vibrate Read the rest

The Passionate Pilgrim & The Soul’s Journey – Elaine Childs Gowell (Is.19)

 Elaine Childs Gowell, Ph.D.

How many of us have ever thought to compare a journey, such as a long air trip, to a shamanic journey or other rite of passage? In this article, Elaine Childs Gowell, Ph.D. relates her personal experiences during vacation journeys she has taken and points out the similarities of both journey types.



Welcome Pilgrim. So, you are passionately engaged in planning a pilgrimage. You are planning a trip; you are going on a tour, a Tourist. You are looking forward to “seeing” more of your past, to “seeing” at a higher level of consciousness. You have been saving up your money. You are going back to the old homestead, where you may be … Read the rest

Spirit Releasement Therapy – Jan Erik Sigdell (Is.19)

by Jan Erik Sigdell

Sometimes, in the course of regression therapy, we discover that the client has an excarnate soul or even an entity attached to him (occasionally even more). It is important for a therapist to recognize such cases and have methods to deal with them. Here I will describe approaches that I have found helpful.

Possession and “circumsession”

In medieval literature about exorcism a discrimination is made between possession (Latin: possessio) and “circumsession” (Latin: circumsessio). In the case of possession, a soul—or rather an entity—wants to take over the body of the person and gain complete control over it. In the case of “circumsession” it influences the person who does not loose his sense of self. … Read the rest

Past Life Exploration – Henry Leo Bolduc and Marjorie V. Reynolds (Is.19)

by Henry Leo Bolduc, C.Ht. and Marjorie V. Reynolds, M.Ed., C.Ht.

The following script for working with regression is a combination of earlier scripts written by Henry and Marjorie individually. As with any script, it is meant to be adapted to individual clients. The first part, before formal trance work begins, could be the basis for a discussion to provide background information and some understanding of the work of regression.


Basic Script

Introduction and Background

Thank you for completing the Intake Form regarding your background information. You say here that…(refer to items listed). What else is important? (Have the client add any additional information). Thank you for signing permission.

You state here that you would like to … Read the rest

Past Life Memories: Reality or Fantasy? – Esther Iseman (Is.19)

by Esther Iseman, Ph.D.

Often, past life therapists confront the following situation: The client emerges from the altered state and says, “Was that real or a made up a story?” In response to this question, the author created an instrument, the purpose of which is to address the needs of these clients who express doubts about the reality of their memories. This instrument has the potential to provide a subtle suggestion, or “convincer,” that the client’s past life memories are, in fact, credible.


It is generally recognized that there is great potential for healing via past life therapy (Gerber, p. 399, Shealy, p. 35, Weiss, p. 23, and Woolger, p. 82). Regardless of the perception of reality of … Read the rest