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The Application of the Psychosynthesis Technique of Forgiveness to Past-Life Therapy – Nanette de Fuentes (Is.6)

by Nanette de Fuentes, Ph.D.

The technique of embracing forgiveness for oneself is built upon a thorough understanding of guilt. Guilt is a pervasive emotion which when unresolved, can impair one’s psychological and spiritual growth. It is classically defined as “self-reproach and feelings of culpability” or “deserving of blame.”

The various schools of psychological thought view the etiology and purpose of guilt in different ways. From a psychodynamic viewpoint, neurotic guilt emerges from an overly punitive or overly developed superego, from the constrictions of which therapy should be able to free one. This viewpoint contrasts with Reality Therapy, wherein guilt is seen as a valid reaction to a real transgression. Existentialists, on the other hand, view guilt not as … Read the rest

Separation From The Source As An Initiator of Guilt – Ernest Pecci – Joanne Walsh (Is.6)

by Ernest Pecci, M.D. and Joanne Walsh

The complexity of a human being is amazing, regardless of the fairly simple life he or she may seem to be leading. We cannot judge by a person’s behavior what is happening in his consciousness. Each of us has traveled a long time and our bodies and personal selves represent the sum of our defenses, of our self-judgments, and of the complexities of human existence.

Joanne came to me six years ago. At that time she was a pale, frail housewife with low adrenal gland energy who seemed to have a relatively simple life as a compulsive mother taking care of her children. She had always resisted help from anyone, but her … Read the rest

Guilt: Facilitator and Inhibitor in the Growth of the Soul – Hazel Denning (Is.6)

by Hazel Denning, Ph.D.

A sense of guilt underlies a large percentage of life’s problems. Guilt is the emotional feeling one has when any act has been committed which leaves a sense that the individual has done something “wrong” or “bad.” This feeling is accompanied by a conscious or unconscious belief that some kind of punishment is deserved and inevitable. In conformity with the law of attraction, the guilty person consistently attracts experiences that serve as a form of punishment, seldom recognizing, however, that the painful events are of his own making.

In any analysis of guilt, it is important to recognize that it contains both positive and negative aspects. The importance of balance in all of the life … Read the rest

Therapist Safety and Protection in Past-Life Therapy – David Hammerman (Is.9)

by David Hammerman, Ph.D.

To take care of oneself is both prudent and vital. As the author of this article so rightly points out, therapists tend to be so attentive to the needs of our clients that they sometimes fail to practice appropriate measures to adequately protect themselves. The author, a licensed psychologist, has developed an interesting technique for therapists to use.

While much work has been done in hypnotherapy around safety and protection for the client, little has been done around safety and protection for the therapist. There has been recent clinical attention paid to spirits attaching themselves to people and the depossession work that was required to release them (Ireland-Frey, 1986). The following report illustrates the need … Read the rest

Pardon My Research – Stanley Richardson (Is.9)

by Stanley Richardson, D.D.S.

Research is the cornerstone of science. The rigors of professionalism demand objectivity and substantiation/validation. If PLT is to gain broad acceptance, then it must keep itself open to an ongoing process of objective and rigorous examination. It must be subjected to the cold, impartial scrutiny of research and controlled experimentation. Where no satisfactory method exists, new ones need to be developed. Results of research need to be carefully studied and discussed. With this in mind, Richardson has focused his attention on the validity of hypnosis as a tool for past-life research.

The object of this project was to investigate the validity of being able to bring back past lives through the use of hypnosis, … Read the rest

The Reincarnation of James – The Submarine Man – Rick Brown (Is.9)

by Rick Brown, Hypnotherapist

Those who would challenge the validity of PLT often point to the lack of information which can be empirically validated. Their cry is, “Give us data! Give us names, dates, places!” For this reason, this contribution, in which a careful and methodical follow-up was conducted to validate the data obtained during the regression, is an important study. We would be interested in hearing from other PLT practitioners who have done similar studies and validations.

On February 11, 1942, the U.S. Submarine Shark, on which James Edward Johnston was a crew member, was depth charged and sunk by the Japanese Destroyer Amatsukaze. All hands including James drowned. The spirit that occupied the body of James appears … Read the rest

Resolving Sexual Karma: A Case Study – Vivian J. Frazier (Is.9)

by Vivian J. Frazier, L.C.S.W.

The continuing influence of a past-life experience upon the present one is a phenomenon well-known to those who practice PLT. This case study illustrates an important but often overlooked point that carry-over may not be from one life time but rather from several.

Sexual karma may sometimes be the most powerful kind of karma people can create for themselves. This would not be surprising, considering the primal nature of sex and the deep emotions it can engender in people. Because of the crucial role sex can play in a person’s life, if the expression of sexuality is seriously thwarted for some reason, feelings of self worth and sense of identity can sometimes be greatly … Read the rest

Treating Children’s Nightmares with Past-Life Report Therapy: A Case and a Discussion – Thelma B. Freedman (Is.9)

by Thelma B. Freedman, M.A.
Case studies are an important method which professionals in many disciplines use to share and illustrate information and techniques. In this one, the author suggests the use of past-life reports as a technique which she found helpful in dealing with a recurrent nightmare-apparition.

Evelyn Fuqua, in her article in Volume IV, 1, of the Journal, suggests the use of past-life report therapy with children’s recurrent nightmares. She discusses her young client Ben, who suffered from a recurrent nightmare of being shot by Germans during World War II. Ben had realized at the age of nine that his recurrent nightmare might have a basis in a past life and requested appropriate therapy. Fuqua tells us … Read the rest

The Child Is Innocent: Identify and Resolve Child Abuse by Going into Past Lives: Part II – Alice Givens (Is.9)

by Alice Givens, Ph.D.

This is a second part of a two-part paper by the author. Part I appeared in the Spring, 1989 issue of the Journal. Dr. Givens is one of those PLT practitioners who believes that releasement from present life trauma occurs by re-experiencing (and through the process, understanding) the trauma of past lives. To illustrate this approach, she cites three examples from her practice.

The source of our current problems is often hidden and obscure. All that we know is that we are filled with fear, anger, despair, and hopelessness.

These feelings originate in childhood. However, the experiences are so painful that the memory is blocked, and even in hypnosis and regression into childhood, the … Read the rest

Channeling Past Lives – Alan Vaughan (Is.9)

by Alan Vaughan

This article introduces the concept of channeling, or receiving paranormal information, as a model for past-life recall. Past-life “memories,” says the author, can be channeled for others as easily as for oneself, as demonstrated by a group of past-life therapists. Contrary to Ian Stevenson’s assertion, he finds that the efficacy of past-life therapy does not depend on the beliefs of therapist or client.

An interview with the late Helen Wambach gives an overview of her research finding that 98 percent of people are able to have “controlled daydreams” of their past lives. It is suggested that channeling past lives for others is an equally common capacity.

Past-life therapy is viewed by many psychologists and psychiatrists as a … Read the rest