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Rescripting and Other Delusional Thinking – David P. Armentrout (Is.17)

David P. Armentrout, Ph.D.

Some years ago I saw a postcard with the caption, “I have abandoned the search for Truth and am now looking for an acceptable fantasy.” That seems to summarize the goals of rescripting. It also summarizes the dereific processes leading to psychosis. Rescripting means substitution of fantasied content for valid memory. The usual reason given for rescripting is that realty is too terrible to be handled.


Mental disorders can be roughly broken down into those problems due to faulty wiring of the cranial computer and its peripherals, and those due to flawed software. In the first group we find various dementias, cyclothymias, autisms and the schizophrenias. There is a region of overlap in which subclinical … Read the rest

Death, Transition, and the Spirit Realms: Insights from Past-Life Therapy and Tibetan Buddhism – Roger J. Woolger (Is.17)

Roger J. Woolger, Ph.D.

Dr. Roger Woolger here presents the connections he has discovered between the theories of Tibetan Buddhism, as expressed in The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying, and what we find in past-life therapy. An important article that most past-life therapists (and others) will relate to.  This article is based on a lecture given at the November 6, 1998 Conference of The Association of Humanistic Psychology (Britain), held at Stoke Rochford Hall, Grantham, Lincolnshire. A shorter version is published in the Spring issue of Self and Society, Journal of the AHP (B).


He who dies before he dies, does not die when he dies.
Abraham of Santa Clara.

Zen has no other secrets than Read the rest

If You Can Imagine It, You Can Achieve It; If You Can Dream It, You Can Become It! – Linda Adler (Is.17)

Linda Adler, L.C.S.W.

There is wisdom in that title statement and most of us would endorse it, at least to some degree. However, if it were that simple, we would all be exactly who we want to be and do exactly what we want to do without limitation. Unfortunately, there are often underlying causes that prevent us from fully achieving our imaginings and becoming our dreams.

I suspect that most of us embrace the concept that we create our own reality, although we might not agree on the exact meaning of that idea. If we are both the Creator and the Creation, we can also be Creative and, in alignment with the Higher Self, re-create our reality.

As a … Read the rest

The False “False Memory Syndrome” Syndrome – Hans TenDam (Is.17)

by Hans TenDam

Dr. Hans TenDam shares his thoughts and experiences about the so-called “false memory syndrome,” something of concern to all past-life therapists and, in fact, to all who use altered states in their work. Dr. TenDam grounds his theories in what he has actually seen with clients.

The False Memory Syndrome is a bogeyman hindering the acceptance of our profession. It has been discovered that clients who graphically “relived” sexual abuse by a parent when they were very young, had often “remembered” something that did not happen. It has led to court cases and negative publicity. It sometimes leads also to extra work for us as therapists. I have had several clients utterly shaken because of the false … Read the rest

The Interplay Between the Inner and Outer Worlds – Dianne Seaman (Is.17)

Dianne Seaman, B.S., C.P.L.T.

Here Dianne Seaman considers the surprising elements of the external world that seem to conspire to help us heal. Drawing on her work with clients as well as a past-life experience of her own, she discusses the seemingly “chance” events that the web of life leads us to find and use. As she might say, we may not always know where we’re going, but the world will make sure we get there anyway.

As past-life therapists we try to create a distraction-free environment to prevent anything external from pulling clients out of their experience. However I’ve begun to observe that some distractions actually do the opposite by pulling people into a relevant past-life experience.

Some … Read the rest

Shamanism and Past-Life Therapy: Travel Beyond Space and Time – Linda Adler (Is.17)

Linda Adler, L.C.S.W.

Linda Adler, L.C.S.W., APRT’s President from October 1997 to April 2000, has studied shamanism for many years and in many cultures. Here she draws on her extensive knowledge to discuss the similarities between PLT and shamanic practices and beliefs.

Shamanism may be the most ancient and widespread mind/body healing method known to man. It spans thousands of years and reaches across continents. Almost none of the ancient cultures left written records, so we can only learn of their practices through those who remain living and are willing to share them with us. Shamans are the spiritual leaders of tribal indigenous people, ordinary people with extraordinary powers. They are the keepers of a phenomenal body of ancient … Read the rest

Maybe Controversial? Thinking Outside One’s Parameters – Louise Ireland-Frey (Is.17)

Louise Ireland-Frey, M.D.

Louise Ireland-Frey has been a true pioneer in Past-Life Therapy and Spirit Releasement Therapy (SRT), and here she gives us her personal view of her own ventures into “controversial” fields, in this case SRT. She considers some reasons others may have for considering new ideas controversial, but warns us at the end to keep an open mind but not an empty one.


When my recent book, Freeing the Captives, was described as “controversial” ‑ in fact, as “very controversial” ‑ I was astonished. I had not thought of it as being so at all. A therapist friend commented, “I don’t feel that it is controversial, but then I know you and I am acquainted … Read the rest

Did They Hide the Bodies? The Population Problem – Erik Youngberg (Is.17)

Erik Youngberg

Erik Youngberg, an author new to the Journal, discusses the familiar “population problem” and presents surprising new findings that turn the problem on its head. As well as neatly solving the population dilemma, his article reminds us all to look with a skeptical eye on any “conventional” assumptions.

You might already hate for skeptics to ask this question: “How can reincarnation be possible? More people are alive now than have died since humanity began.” They have asked it for over two decades, and it is the most devastating argument against reincarnation there has ever been. As many people have noted, ordinary theories of rebirth become impossible because there are not enough past-life bodies to go around. Of course, … Read the rest

Past-Life Therapy for People who Hallucinate Voices – Ronald van der Maesen (Is.17)

Ronald van der Maesen

In last year’s Journal, Ron van der Maesen presented his important research findings on Past-Life Therapy for people with Tourette’s Syndrome. This year he is back, with a new study in which Past-Life Therapy was used in the treatment of people who hallucinate voices. Ron does not pick easy targets, and his results are doubly exciting for just that reason. Both of these conditions have been considered almost intractable by the medical community at large, requiring powerful medication to control, so Ron’s results open the door to gentler and perhaps better treatment for people suffering from these afflictions.


Past-life therapy is a form of therapy in which psychological and psychosomatic problems are treated with a … Read the rest

Bernie, the Buffalo Soldier and Me: Whose Life Is It Anyway? – Thomas G. Shafer (Is.17)

Thomas G. Shafer, MD

In this article, Dr. Shafer discusses his recollections of two of his past lives and then goes on to offer opinions and speculation, largely based on Jewish Hassidic thought, regarding the actual nature of the eternal existence of the soul, the reason for successive incarnations and the role of Past-Life Therapy in the process of spiritual evolution.

Bernie was born in 1925 in Omaha, Nebraska. Creighton University wouldn’t take him because he was Jewish but he did get a scholarship to study engineering at the University of Omaha. And the one thing he wanted to do more than anything else in life was to fly P-38 Lightnings.

He did become an aviation cadet but an … Read the rest