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My Journey through IARRT’s Training – Eric Christopher (Is.19)

by Eric Christopher, C.P.L.T.

In this article, our first on IARRT training experiences, Eric Christopher shares some of his personal journey and how it has affected the course of his professional practice and private life. This is the first of, what we hope will be, many articles from our members relating their journey through IARRT training.

My journey through IARRT’s training began only three years ago. I had just graduated from a Marriage and Family Therapy program. I did not have to be highly intuitive to notice how interested and enthusiastic I became while reading about the effectiveness of therapies that utilized the deeper levels of consciousness within a client.

The first levels of IARRT’s training were indeed fascinating, … Read the rest

Regression Therapy: Harmonizing Effect – Pavel S. Gyngazov (Is.19)

by Pavel S. Gyngazov, M.D.

The article describes a session of a particular kind of regression therapy. Its purpose is deduction of the patient from the state of depression caused by the loss of the close person. Living through the life in the last embodiment, through subsequent death and metamorphosis of the Soul after death expands the boundaries of experience of current life. This reliving also changes a system of values, produces a harmonizing effect for the soul and provides conditions for social rehabilitation of the person.

I want to offer you an example of regression therapy, which visually illustrates the depth and force of the effect of the realized reincarnation on a person’s mentality.

A woman morally and … Read the rest

Flowers to the Rescue – Djuna Wojton (Is.19)

by Djuna Wojton

Here we have Wojton illustrate how the energy of flower essences, the “plant signature”, can aid in Past Life Regression work. A brief background on flower essences and two examples of their use are included here.

As a trained hypnotherapist, herbalist and shaman, I have incorporated the therapeutic qualities of plants in my past life therapy practice. I have been using flower essences as healing helpers since the mid-eighties with outstanding results.

Flower essences can enhance the regression process. People who are very resistant or apprehensive find it easier to relax and be open to inner guidance, when they take a remedy before the regression. In group sessions, the essences act as an all-purpose helper to aid … Read the rest

Astrology and Past Life Therapy – Bert Esser (Is.19)

by Bert Esser

 I intend this article to be an example of the way in which we can combine the two disciplines: “past life therapy and astrology.”

1) On the one side, as we know, past life therapy makes use of an energy that is stored in our so-called cell memory system. Karma determines the direction of our successive reincarnations and the content of every new incarnation.

2) On the other side, we have astrology, which expresses our cosmic interdependence through the birth chart. The horoscope is the blue print of our capacities, abilities and the pattern of our psychic power. This builds up during previous lives, so we can consider the present horoscope as the last link of a … Read the rest

A Changing Perspective on Emotions in Regression Therapy – Hans TenDam (Is.19)

by Hans TenDam, C.P.L.T.

Here, TenDam relates how his views of the roles of emotions in regression therapy have evolved over time. He proposes that negative emotions have a proper and working place in our human experience and uses parts of sessions as illustrations of this point. He defines emotions in many different ways, such as communication, information, and states of being.

In my first years as a regression therapist, the role of emotions seemed clear-cut. Emotions were used to induce regression, to focus the session and to anchor the evolving train of events relived. Finally, emotions were the most noticeable part of catharsis.

A client may have recurrent bouts of deep loneliness. Focusing on the loneliness, we find … Read the rest

A Call for Researchers – Marion Boon (Is.19)

Marion Boon, C.P.L.T.


International Practice for Regression Therapy and Research, IPARRT, has started a series of research projects concerning 11 selected types of ailments and diseases. Often a diagnosis does not exactly cover the complaint, or the therapist/doctor classifies many forms of a disease under the same label. Your client knows about the complaints, pains, obstructions that (s)he suffers from. You make them explicit and start the healing investigations.

Past Life Regression Therapy (PLRT) is THE most promising therapy of this century, our clients need it, and our fellow humans including our doctors and the ones who teach them, should know about it. The client is the one who is the expert of his or her own life … Read the rest

Regression as a Process Precludes “Failure”: Therapeutic Reason and Purpose in the Client Not Regressing – Sydney S. Heflin (Is.18)

Sydney S. Heflin, Ed.D.

My clients, who wish to experience past-life regression for the first time, often express the concern that they will not regress or will not access a past life. It has been my experience with clients that, technically, there is no such phenomenon as “failure” to regress; that there is, indeed, therapeutic reason and purpose in the client’s not regressing in what is often considered the traditional manner.

Certainly, there are those individuals who do not access a past life in the first, and sometimes subsequent, sessions. However, I do not regard these experiences as “failures.” Rather, I view them as progressive steps on the path of the client to uncovering information that is valuable to … Read the rest

When is a Failure to Regress a Real Failure? Traditional NLP may help. – Robert T. James (Is.18)

Robert T. James, J.D.

I feel certain that most therapists who use Past-Life Therapy in helping clients have had the experience, probably numerous times, of a client in hypnosis, who can’t or won’t regress. They all have probably developed methodologies for dealing with the problem, but I suggest using Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) principles for short-term results shouldn’t be overlooked.

I am a researcher in the past-life phenomena, not a therapist. Participants with whom I have worked were volunteers, knowing that they would be placed in hypnosis, and that an effort would be made to regress them back before their birth in their present lives. They not only volunteered to participate, but as a condition to participating in my … Read the rest

Some May Be Failure, Some May Be Wisdom – Janet Cunningham (Is.18)

Janet Cunningham, Ph.D.

How refreshing – to write an article, as part of a cluster, on the subject of “regressions that didn’t work.” Most of us would have loved to have read something on this topic when we began our work in regression therapy. Our success stories are outstanding and often quite amazing. They are motivating and prove the effectiveness of our work. Nevertheless, there are some clients who are not able to reach a past-life memory. When I think back to a few clients who were not able to reach a past life, it seems that at times it was a “failure,” and at other times a “wisdom” from their deeper mind.

In order to increase the possibility … Read the rest

Cosmogenesis And Past-Life Phenomena – David P. Armentrout (Is.18)

by David P. Armentrout


Phenomena associated with past-life and spirit world reports have often met criticism of lacking a logical basis, of lack of congruence with known scientific observations, and absence of a coherent theory by which the wide range of reports can be assembled into a single coherent whole. This very brief philosophical overview uses the methods of astronomical cosmology and combinatory logic to provide a single highly generalized background model. Selected astronomical and physical supporting evidence is cited.

Past-life phenomena have been known for millennia. Various references to the inter-life and yogic experiences of the Light can be found in the Vedas, originating 5000 years ago. Efforts to make philosophical sense out of these experiences have … Read the rest