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My Journey through IARRT’s Training – Eric Christopher (Is.19)

by Eric Christopher, C.P.L.T.

In this article, our first on IARRT training experiences, Eric Christopher shares some of his personal journey and how it has affected the course of his professional practice and private life. This is the first of, what we hope will be, many articles from our members relating their journey through IARRT training.

My journey through IARRT’s training began only three years ago. I had just graduated from a Marriage and Family Therapy program. I did not have to be highly intuitive to notice how interested and enthusiastic I became while reading about the effectiveness of therapies that utilized the deeper levels of consciousness within a client.

The first levels of IARRT’s training were indeed fascinating, yet challenging. It took practice both as a client and therapist before I began to feel comfortable with the Past Life Therapy process. Initially, it was not quite like all of the quick, smooth, and powerful examples of PLT I had read about in so many books. However, Jeff Ryan’s advice in the level two training echoed in my ears: “Get out of the way!” Soon I discovered that with continued effort, I was able to successfully get my left brain out of the way of the process both as a client and, when necessary, as a therapist. Just as with learning to drive a stick-shift car, it felt awkward at first, yet I soon became increasingly comfortable with it after each session. Likewise, after each consecutive training, I felt as if I leaped forward another level both personally and professionally.

As I confronted my own personal issues and fears during the practice sessions in each IARRT training, I began to experience first hand the type of fast and effective resolutions I had read about earlier. After each training level, I bounded home with renewed confidence and enthusiasm as a therapist. However, I noticed that this inspiration soon faded unless I practiced my newly learned skills. I put PLT to use with friends and colleagues at first, then with clients.

Today I have a private practice using mostly past life and regression therapy techniques. As I compare it to the talk therapy I used to do, I cannot imagine working any other way. Rarely do I ever have a client that does not experience solid benefits from PLT. As a therapist, I feel as if I continue to grow in ability and confidence with every session.

Now I think of my job as more than a job—it feels closer to a mission. Besides alleviating symptoms, I am raising the awareness of people by helping them realize they are far more than they think they are; that they are far more than their bodies and the self-limiting thoughts of their ego personality. They begin to expand the awareness of their True Selves as complex beings of energy and consciousness that always are safe, whole and indestructible. These thoughts, in turn, raise the level of mass consciousness. Now for my practice, I simply advertise and tell the universe “Please send me more clients.” It works. How can the universe not conspire with you on such a mission?

My advice to any trainee who tentatively takes the steps toward actively using PLT is this: “Face and deal with your fears and discomforts. Watch them dissolve, and notice how much more confident and energetic you feel as you benefit an increasing number of clients.”