Article: Flowers to the Rescue – Djuna Wojton (Is.19)

by Djuna Wojton

Here we have Wojton illustrate how the energy of flower essences, the “plant signature”, can aid in Past Life Regression work. A brief background on flower essences and two examples of their use are included here.

As a trained hypnotherapist, herbalist and shaman, I have incorporated the therapeutic qualities of plants in my past life therapy practice. I have been using flower essences as healing helpers since the mid-eighties with outstanding results.

Flower essences can enhance the regression process. People who are very resistant or apprehensive find it easier to relax and be open to inner guidance, when they take a remedy before the regression. In group sessions, the essences act as an all-purpose helper to aid individuals access wisdom from past lives. People who were new to hypnosis or any form of relaxation technique found it easy to quiet their minds to experience a deeper reality of spirit after using flower essences.

In private sessions, the remedy can be more specific to the client’s issues. I use: Wintergreen to cleanse the aura of negativity from past experience; Bleeding Heart to release a powerful emotional attachment to the past; Chestnut Bud to stop making the same mistake and learn from experience; and Sagebrush to release old behaviors and responses that are no longer appropriate. Remedies can also be combined to a maximum of seven at once.

I have found that preparing a remedy for the client to take home can accelerate the healing process by supporting changes in consciousness throughout the month. The essences can help shift negative personality traits, attitudes, and beliefs into positive ones.

Dr. Edward Bach, a British physician, and scientist pioneered the development of the system using thirty-eight flowers in the 1930’s. American companies, such as FES and Pegasus Products, have since researched and developed new essences using native plants.

When you think about it, flowers have always been used to express our emotions. We use them at weddings, celebrations, and holidays to express our joy. Sending flowers on Valentine’s Day sends a message of love while a home-delivered bouquet expresses an apology. A vase of flowers next to a person in a hospital bed sends a wish to recover. A spray sent to a funeral supports our grief and mourning.

Bach discovered that each flower could help a specific emotional or mental condition. What gives them their healing potency is the flowers’ subtle energy. Commercial or homemade flower essences contain infinitesimal amounts of plant material. Flowers are picked at the peak of their blossoming and put in glass containers holding distilled water for about three hours while exposed to sunlight. The flowers are then discarded, and the water preserved in brandy. The molecular structure of the water is charged and imprinted with the soul pattern of the flowers’ vibrational essence. It is this ‘plant signature” that heals.

Image credit: Amora Melchizadek – Shamanic Practitioner

The essences can enhance one’s inner experience, help release emotional trauma, and self-defeating thought patterns. These essences can also clear up other problems such as indecision, fear, mental exhaustion, hopelessness, and more (A whole list of remedies can be obtained at the website below). They are non-toxic, non-addictive and can be used with other medications. It is better to take small amounts of a flower essence over a long period for best results as opposed to taking all at once. Four drops, four times a day is an average dosage. Take essences under the tongue, in a glass of water or rubbed behind your earlobes.

My client “Jane” is a talented singer and she felt creatively blocked and unmotivated in her career. She was in a slump. Her primary relationship drained her emotionally by being a constant power struggle. During the regression, she saw herself as a slave, and her “master” was her current boyfriend. We released the physical trauma from being abused and beaten in that lifetime. Afterwards, I created a “buttercup” essence, to help her embrace her abilities and reclaim her self worth. She has had other sessions with me and other therapists, but just two months later, is back on track. She is currently marketing a promotional video of her performances. Her relationship is more on an even keel of give and take. She says that while taking Buttercup, she felt uplifted and more open to change.

After the session, she used Willow mixed with Centaury flower essences as a take-home tool to help her make some major changes in co-dependant relationships. The essence of Willow helps her to release deep-seated resentment and forgive. Centaury helps her to serve others out of a feeling of self-worth, rather than servitude.

Working with flower essences is like having a support team for you and your clients. Bach Flowers provide a prescription guide to what issues each essence heals. Here are some resources to find out more.


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