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Regression Therapy: Harmonizing Effect – Pavel S. Gyngazov (Is.19)

by Pavel S. Gyngazov, M.D.

The article describes a session of a particular kind of regression therapy. Its purpose is deduction of the patient from the state of depression caused by the loss of the close person. Living through the life in the last embodiment, through subsequent death and metamorphosis of the Soul after death expands the boundaries of experience of current life. This reliving also changes a system of values, produces a harmonizing effect for the soul and provides conditions for social rehabilitation of the person.

I want to offer you an example of regression therapy, which visually illustrates the depth and force of the effect of the realized reincarnation on a person’s mentality.

A woman morally and psychologically depressed after the tragic death of her husband with whom she had lived in a happy marriage for more than 20 years addressed me. Her complaints were a loss of interest and purpose in life, impossibility to concentrate on problems that she encounters, with the absence of guiding lines and complete impossibility to cope with a situation of any complexity. As it was clarified from an inquiry, previously she could predict and manage a situation, could and was skilful in choice and was able to take life lessons and learned and there were no desperate positions. Before the mentioned drama, she had exhibited a large interest in her scientific work, always had had ideas, and correctly planned a course of her experiments.

In front of me was a woman whose life had lost both color and sense. It was difficult for her to go to work, as she saw happy faces around; knowing about her tragedy would put on a mask of grief at a talk. She could not do the usual housework, because anything in the house literally shouted about her husband. For these five months from a socially active person able to make friends and having many of them, who had asked her advice and help, she turned into a person without desires, with one only dream—to die faster.

She agreed to regression psychotherapy at once. At each session, and they were seven, she easily and quickly got into her reincarnations. Going deeply into her experienced incarnations, she saw the world around her in colors, felt temperatures, smells, her tactile and olfactory reflexes worked. She went through a complete scale of feelings and experiences during the whole session, and could easily move along time back and forth.

During such sessions, she constantly made discoveries for herself. Different epochs, different people, whether she was a man or a woman, having basically the same needs, very similar demands and practically the same mechanisms of obstacles blocking a feeling of community with the surrounding world. Besides going through incarnations of animals, she marked much in common in motivations of their behavior with man and a much more developed sensation of harmony between the animal and the world.

Especially informative and useful for the patient were the moments of the deaths she went through and tested by her soul after leaving the body, her completely new and unfamiliar metamorphoses.

I want to cite a fragment of an incarnation she went through in which she received an interesting experience of her soul’s metamorphoses after death from a raging epidemic, which struck their settlement. In this incarnation, she was a man, a professional warrior, approximately from the 10th century of our era, who deserted from his team because of the moral principles. He lived rather a long part of the rest of his life in harmony with himself and with the world. He mastered the trade of a potter molding kitchen utensils from clay and firing them.

C: Sometimes, but very rarely, I recollect the military life and my comrades. I am very hot; maybe I have caught a cold, or a disease. I feel hard; I am in a fever. I lay in a widow’s house, I lay on some rags, and she gives me water. What do I regret? Nothing, it is simply bright greenish light spilled in front of me. It floods everything, and this is when my Soul comes off. I choke, sweat, feel a terrible weakness. I lose consciousness; sometimes from time to time, it comes back. Heat…heat…Can it be an illness that has come to the village? Regrets…I have always poorly remembered my childhood, and now I begin to recollect faces of my father and mother during these last minutes. I regret that I do not have my own children, though I could have. I am a believing man, and consider that I have expiated sins of the military past by my peaceful life. It seems that I have made the right choice and I should not be taken to Hell, though it torments me slightly… I have a strong organism; it is probably some disease that has come into the village. I drink water but cannot slake my thirst; the fever is strong. This bright light covers me even more often. Now it makes an ominous effect on me.

T: You are afraid of Hell are you not?

C: Yes, but I leave quietly, without special repentance, with some painful alarms, but it is not very hard, because I am in a half-unconscious condition. There is a gratitude to the woman who is looking after me. I do not know her name now. Mentally, at the back of the soul I called her “wife” though I never called her in such a way aloud. I have already forgotten my name—unconsciousness. She tells me that there are more patients. She is afraid of catching the disease but does not leave—there is no place to run. She hopes that she will not be ill and she prays for herself and for me each day and asks God to give health. Darkness…the skin is dry, as parchment, strong dehydration, but I have no force to drink.

Now the light again has come, it floods everything around me. There is no hope, indifference…the Soul leaves easily and silently, without agony, with a sigh. Now, from above, I see myself.

T: Describe to me what you see from above?

C: An old man, with a sunburned face in wrinkles, gray-haired beard. A woman, not young, is near him. With honor, she removes…removes…she is very afraid of being ill. She will not bury me, but will escape to another valley where her children live. I will remain to lie in her house. The Soul still tries to return—but in vain.

T: Describe, what is around you, and where is the Hell, which you were so afraid?

C: And here it is not present, only bluish light around. It is the condition of living in the clouds, rocking, transition, and a sensation of uncertainty. As soon as the Soul separated, and at once, the comprehension came, that the body was dead—there was no directed motion for some time. There is a sensation that the space checks and purifies me. My color, after leaving the body is dirty yellow, with black spots. Now the phrase “purification by fire” arises.

T: Rocking felt by you, what is this?

C: I feel, that I am in someone’s hands, in someone’s possession, it is not terrible, I do not resist, it is necessary for me. I have a sensation that I get into an incandescent atmosphere, sensation of fire, as if something dirty is burnt down.

T: Is it painful, terrible, or normal?

C: It is necessary as an order, therefore I am not afraid, and I do not resist. I understand that it is necessary. My color varies; it becomes better, purer. The condition is not ideal; to purify is difficult. I feel subordination to some very large force, the universal force.

T: Can you see this force; do you know it?

C: I do not see it, but I feel it.

T: How do you feel it?

C: It deals with me there in this “furnace”; there are more souls there. They look like shapeless bodies, their colors vary, they become lighter, purer, that is, this is a necessary sensation—going through some powerful uniform field, in which all of us stay. It is necessary for all of us.

T: Tell me, do you have a sensation of “malicious spasms” here?

C: They are not present, not present. I understand that it is reasonable, that after my incarnation, it is necessary to work with me—there is such a sensation.

There is a sensation, that I am not very guilty, simply, now I am given a chance to become better! (Now I am amazed at what I am telling, but I see and feel it—it is crazy!)

 Everything around me is very real; I have been released, but I have been worked carefully.

T: How long did it take using the Earth scale of time?

C: About 150 years.

T: Was it hot?

C: No. I felt no unpleasant sensation. You see, I did not have a physical body. Now I have a good color: bluish-greenish, but some dark impurity stays.

T: What is it left for?

C: It can be special. I have been released, and I should work with it myself and make a choice. I know precisely, that some are given a choice of an incarnation, others are not. Each incarnation gives an opportunity to improve; the person makes the choice.

T: Were you given any instructions being in the “furnace,” when released?

C: We did not communicate with each other there. The rocking and heat have disappeared; my “colleagues” have disappeared too.

T: What are the borders of the region, where you were held for 150 years, did you see them?

C: Yes. A brighter and dense energy similar to tongues of non-smoking flame like a boiler surrounded by flame, a sensation of heat outside. And it is quite different inside; the atmosphere is quiet and more regular. That is, a special field is created here, in which a positive beginning and individuality preserved, and the dirt much slowly but eventually disappears, breaks up, burns out.

Now I have a healthy color, I do not have a burden of sins and I do not feel hard practically. I feel that I am not ideal, not everything is pure, but people in the “leaven” should have both merits, and drawbacks.

Now everything is blue around, and I am bluish-greenish, I shall be here, but not long, I am predestined—I should have an incarnation!

T: Do you realize it?

C: Yes, it is natural.

T: And does it belong to your personal freedom?

C: Yes and when there is the slightest possibility of a choice—it is very good, it is interesting, and it is not violent. That is, the necessity of incarnation is within my mechanism, in my nature.

The given fragment clearly illustrates three points: 1) there comes a comprehension of the eternity of the soul’s existence, 2) the disposition of my patient begins to turn in the direction of harmonization of the whole personality and 3) there is a change of priorities. Practically all my patients experienced such metamorphoses of the Soul, after leaving a body, at these sessions. Metamorphoses, bringing comprehension of uncontestable importance of harmonic coexistence with the surrounding world, and with socium.

In my practice, I met only one case, when my male patient, confronted with a clinical death in his incarnation. Though he did not read books by Raymond A. Moody his description practically completely corresponded to those experiences of the people being in a condition of a clinical death. To my mind, it is a very interesting feature, which requires further study.