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The Clients Experience Survey: Does Regression Therapy Make a Difference? An Earth Research Report – David Graham (Is.32)

by David Graham

Abstract – The Client Experience Survey was a very wide based research study that sought to explore a range of effects and outcomes as a result of clients’ experiences of regression therapy.  Data was collected via an on-line questionnaire and included questions about clients’ original motives for engaging in regression therapy, the benefits achieved, whether any other treatment, therapy or medication was being taken for the presenting problems or symptoms, and further basic client details including: age range, occupation, religion, marital status and education. One hundred and fourteen cases of regression therapy were collected from 29 different countries, with submissions dominantly from women (79%) compared to men (21%). Data analysis determined that 51% of survey participants’ original … Read the rest

Transpersonal Restorative Justice: The Transformational Effects of Meeting Perpetrators In Regression Therapy – Paula Fenn (Is.32)

by Paula Fenn

Abstract—In this article, Paula Fenn explores the term ‘Restorative Justice’ from within the criminal courts system and re-purposes this traditional terminology by extending and applying it to the transformational process of victims/clients meeting current life and past life perpetrators during regression therapy sessions. These meetings are conceptualised as ‘Transpersonal Restorative Justice’. Via the descriptive use of theory and in-depth case study analysis she not only seeks to generate an understanding of both traditional and transpersonal approaches to restorative justice, but also to evidence and enhance awareness about the incredible healing benefits which can be achieved when victims meet perpetrators. In the sharing of a wide range of illuminating stories of transformation we bear witness to the … Read the rest

Past Life Therapy. Contrasting Perspectives with Traditional Psychotherapy – Dianne Seaman Poitier (Is.31)

by Dianne Seaman Poitier


A hypothesis—there are often past life roots to present life psychological patterns.

Belief systems influence the filter through which behavior is interpreted. Regression therapy challenges several longstanding paradigms in traditional psychology. Based on a one lifetime only viewpoint, the assumption is made that the roots of behavior either stem from childhood or are a result of biochemical imbalances. The more traditional model also tends to see the unconscious as layered more linearly, with the earliest memories being the deepest and therefore hardest to access. These four past life cases present contrasting interpretations based on such belief systems models.

The ongoing debate on this subject tends to categorize opinion into two opposing camps. Most popular with … Read the rest

Psoriasis Cured by Becoming Aware of its Origin – Bibiana Bistrich (Is.31)

by Bibiana Bistrich


The purpose of this article is to establish a correlation between psoriasis and unresolved past life situations. This study uses Past Life Therapy as an innovative and effective approach with a dual purpose: the solution of an unresolved, traumatic past life event—whose effects remain active in the present life, and the identification of unconscious, unperceived connections between that particular event from the past and the disease suffered in this current life. The process of solving the past life conflict helps shed light on connections between psoriasis and disturbing, shocking events of the patient’s past life. By establishing those unknown connections, the patient is able to heal.
Past Life Therapy sessions consisted of three stages:

1. The … Read the rest

A New European Case of the Reincarnation Type – Dieter Hassler (Is.28)

by Dieter Hassler, Dipl.-Ing. TH *

When selection is restricted to solved cases not taking place in the same family, there remain only a very small number of cases of the reincarnation type (CORT) that have been reported for Europe. The case described in this paper belongs formally to this rare category and consequently deserves recording. A number of features of the case are described: a premonition experienced by the subject’s mother; three announcing dreams and their accuracy; the subject’s specific behavior, especially that relating to the opposite sex; a specific ailment affecting the subject; the subject’s special skills; and two incidents of a psychokinetic or poltergeist nature experienced by the previous personality’s mother after his death. Additionally, the Read the rest

Spirit Release in Clinical Psychiatry – What Can We Learn? – Alan Sanderson (Is.27)

by Alan Sanderson. MD

My title ‘Spirit Release in Clinical Psychiatry – What Can We Learn?’ will seem strange to most psychiatrists, because spirit is a taboo word in the secular, materialist culture in which we are so firmly embedded. I’ve chosen to speak about it because my clinical experience has taught me that spirit attachment is a reality and that release of troublesome spirits works wonders. This is an
exciting development, with tremendous implications, not just for psychiatry, but for everyone. So please, while you reflect on this question, let the new ideas speak freely.



Please close your eyes
And breathe, into the heart.
Place in the heart one person you love.
Now you’re in the presence
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How Earthbound Spirits, Ghosts, Demons and ETs Can Affect Your Clients and the Six Steps to Take to Release Them – Peter Wright (Is.26)

by Peter Wright


This article discusses how to recognize the presence of four kinds of spirit attachments: earthbound spirits, ghosts, demons (negative entities) and extraterrestrials. You will find information on how these entities gain entrance into us as well as reasons why these spirits should be removed. This is followed by an extensive examination of various protocols that can be used to release earthbound spirits, ghosts, negative or dark force entities and extraterrestrials. The article concludes with several client histories, four key elements that can increase susceptibility for entity attachment and some protection tips for you and your clients when working with these kinds of spirit attachments.

10 Most Common Signs of Spirit Attachments

  • Low energy level or sudden
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Acuregression Therapy – Jeffrey Jay (Is.25)

by Jeffrey Jay


Jeffrey Jay, a licensed Oriental Medicine practitioner, has created and developed a new acupuncture format, which will access and reveal an individual’s past-lives. Acuregression Therapy is an energetic technique that provides a connection into the full expression of a human’s mind, spirit, and “soma” or body experience.

An Inner Time Machine

Hypnosis, a tool usually practiced by Psychiatrists, Psychotherapists, and Regression Therapists, is not necessary in Acuregression Therapy procedures. During Acuregression Therapy, a patient remains fully cognizant of his or her recalled experiences during this specialized therapy. This approach therefore can heal energetic dysfunctions more “whole”-istically, with a broader understanding of the human phenomenon from the past into the present.

An Asian Perspective

It is generally … Read the rest

Past Life – Twin Souls Reunite – Dorothy Neddermeyer (Is.24)

by Dorothy Neddermeyer, Ph.D.


 It is believed that Twin Souls need to reach the highest level of independence to be ready to reunite. My research of Twin Souls aka Twin Flames reuniting has revealed only personal accounts. These personal accounts of Twin Souls reuniting are believed to be brought together with the help of divine forces. In my many years of working in Past Life Regression this case is the first, to my knowledge, of a therapeutic intervention to prepare Twin Souls to reunite. Twin Souls do not necessarily recognize their twin half at once when they meet. However, when recognition is realized it is an intense moment. In this case of Twin Souls reuniting, one half of Read the rest

I Can See from Both Sides Now – Virginia Waldron (Is.24)

by Virginia Waldron


Using recalled details of a past life regression, Waldron’s client finds proof of a previous lifetime in the 1800’s. In this article the reader is presented with the details and insights of this unique case from the perspectives of both the client and the therapist.


In June of 2010 Kathy Talada came to see Virginia Waldron, a certified past life regressionist in Fayetteville, NY. Her goals were to figure out a few things about herself – about her purpose and some issues that she was struggling with in her personal life. She had been raised Catholic, but she needed to find a closer connection to her own spirituality and felt past life work would help … Read the rest