Article: How Earthbound Spirits, Ghosts, Demons and ETs Can Affect Your Clients and the Six Steps to Take to Release Them – Peter Wright (Is.26)

by Peter Wright


This article discusses how to recognize the presence of four kinds of spirit attachments: earthbound spirits, ghosts, demons (negative entities) and extraterrestrials. You will find information on how these entities gain entrance into us as well as reasons why these spirits should be removed. This is followed by an extensive examination of various protocols that can be used to release earthbound spirits, ghosts, negative or dark force entities and extraterrestrials. The article concludes with several client histories, four key elements that can increase susceptibility for entity attachment and some protection tips for you and your clients when working with these kinds of spirit attachments.

10 Most Common Signs of Spirit Attachments

  • Low energy level or sudden loss of physical energy
  • Character shifts or mood swings
  • Inner voice(s) speaking to you – especially if these voices are negative
  • Abuse of drugs (including alcohol)
  • Impulsive behavior
  • Memory problems or poor concentration
  • Repetitious nightmares—Especially if nightmares contain elements of violence
  • Sudden onset of anxiety or depression
  • Sudden onset of physical problems with no obvious cause.
    1. Typically these changes are not supported by usual lab tests or x-ray findings.
    2. Pains that move about the body
    3. Also the pain can fail to respond to traditional medical treatments.
  • A strong emotional and/or physical reaction to reading this article.

Now that I’ve got your attention and probably freaked out a number of you because you have three or more of these Common Signs of Spirit Attachment… let’s continue….

Please Keep in Mind Two Working Hypotheses

1) The personality does survive the death of the body. 

Through the years, many people have reported that they have experienced the spirits of their loved ones—sometimes immediately following the loved one’s death.  Often it was just a “knowing” that the spirit was there.  Sometimes they even see the spirit.

  • There is no automatic clearing of negative emotions when we die.

We carry these issues with us often into our next lifetime in hopes of resolving them there.  They are part of the karma (cause and effect)—the soul’s unfinished business.

Characteristics of four kinds of spirits

In this article I’ll Focus on Four Kinds of Spirits:

  • Ghosts
  • Earthbound Spirits
  • Dark Force Entities —historically called demons
  • Extra-terrestrial Entities (ETs)

1)  Ghosts

 Ghosts and Earthbound Spirits are actually the same.  They are the surviving consciousness of deceased humans.  When these people died, they did not go completely into the Light and instead became Earthbound Spirits or Ghosts.

Typically we make the distinction that Ghosts are attached to places and things – not people.  Examples: a house, a hospital, a battlefield, a cemetery, a bar….

 They can be caught in a timeless round of re-experiencing a traumatic episode that left it “dead” and confused.  Often knockings and clankings can occur as the entity vainly attempts to attract the attention of those in physical bodies and enlist their help.

If your clients are dealing with ghosts, I’ll share a protocol towards the end of this article from my colleague, Greg McHugh, CHT, that can help you release them.

 2)  Earthbound Spirits

 Those described as Earthbounds are the “lost or wandering souls” that attach themselves to people who are physically alive.  Historically, this was labeled spirit possession.  A more accurate term is spirit attachment—which is much more common than possession.

Earthbound Spirits can also include terminated pregnancies and mind fragments of living people.  These spirits are driven by the same memories, needs, desires, appetites and emotions that they had when they were alive.

They seek companionship or influence over us because we’re alive.

Overview of Spirit Attachment

Here are two reasons why spirits are attracted to us:

  1. Environmental reasons – The attachment may be completely random, even accidental – we happened to be walking by… a car accident… visit to a hospital – and we were unprotected or vulnerable.
  1. Karmic reasons – often this involves spirits from previous lifetimes and our soul’s unfinished business.

 Spirit Attachments can be:

  • benevolent in nature,
  • self-serving to fulfill a personal need of the spirit,
  • malevolent in intention or
  • completely neutral.

Spirits can attach to the aura, or float within the aura connected to one of our subtle bodies.  The spirit can interfere with any aspect of the life of the unsuspecting host.  They do not require the permission of the host.

In fact, the host is usually unaware of the attached spirits.  The thoughts, desires and behaviors of an attached entity are experienced as the person’s own thoughts, desires and behaviors.

Often, as I mentioned, the host experiences the spirit as a negative voice within them that is constantly or occasionally criticizing them.

The problem is often co-dependency between the client and the spirit.  In fact, in most cases a person only realizes the reality of the attachment once we have released the entity.

According to Irene Hickman, 99% of those addicted to drugs and alcohol and a high percentage of smokers have possessing entities.

An Example of a Karmic Attachment 

 A housing contractor, I’ll call him Bill, felt drawn to alcohol and it was causing him problems.  Through hypnosis, we discovered a karmic reason for the addiction.  I invited the spirit to come forth and speak through Bill’s voice, announcing its arrival with the words, “I’m here.”

The spirit explained that he and Bill had been rival medieval knights involved in a jousting tournament.  During a particular match, Bill, as the victorious knight, had humiliated him and the opponent (the spirit) had vowed revenge.  Since then, the spirit had followed Bill through several lifetimes wreaking havoc on Bill in each of those incarnations.

When I asked the spirit what it wanted from Bill in order to lift the curse, we were told that he required an apology.  So Bill apologized to the Earthbound “from the bottom of his heart” for humiliating him during the joust and the spirit lifted the curse.  The Earthbound Spirit was then ready to go into the Light.  I touched base with Bill several weeks after our session and learned that his problem with alcohol had disappeared.

Treatment of Earthbound Spirits

If properly treated, the condition of spirit attachment can be cleared immediately.  Typically, we send the attached entity into the Light and it does not return.

Please keep in mind that ongoing therapy may be necessary to heal the vulnerability that first allowed the attachment and thereby prevent future spirit attachments.  You also need to make sure that you have closed all the entry points with the client for possible spirit intrusion.  Archangel Michael and His Angels of the Light can assist you with that.

Psychiatrist Dr. Edith Fiore’s The Unquiet Dead

 Dr. Edith Fiore, in her groundbreaking book, The Unquiet Dead, conservatively estimates that more than 50% of the population has one or more spirit attachments with them.

She found that 70% of her clients had Earthbound Spirits and the attachment caused their dis-ease.  Dr. Fiore believed that almost every person has at least one temporary attachment at some time during their life.  Many of us have a handful (five or six) at any one time.  I had one client with 21 different Earthbound Spirits.

Specifics on Earthbound Spirits

This Earthbound Spirit—this disembodied consciousness – seems to attach itself and merge with the subconscious mind of a living person.  Once there, the Spirit can exert some degree of control on the behavior, the mental functioning and emotions, as well as produce physical sensations and affect the health of the physical body.

Earthbound Spirits often don’t realize that they are dead or they simply don’t have a spiritual background to tell them where they are to go after death.  (No belief in the Other Side/Heaven.)

Why is that?  It could be ignorance, fear (especially of going to Hell), obsessive attachments to living persons, or addictions to drugs, alcohol, smoking, food or sex.

Also Earthbound Spirits can have a misguided sense of unfinished business that often compels them to stay connected to the physical world. —“I’ve got to finish the job” – “I’ve got to stay at my post.”  They still may “on guard.”

Also keep in mind that the fetal spirits of aborted or miscarried babies are often embedded deep in the aura of the mother.  They can create cramps and other health issues in the mother today.  This is fairly common and by inviting these little spirits to come forth using the protocol below, you can often release them quickly.

Entity attachments can exert sudden overwhelming impulses causing the client to drink, smoke or eat excessively and overdose on drugs.   Clients may say to you, “As soon as I made a commitment to go on a diet or to stop drinking or take drugs, a voice inside me seemed to say, ‘Oh no you’re not’.”

If the attachment occurs when the host is older, the “before and after” differences are more clearly noticed.  For instance, perhaps you’ve heard clients say things like, “I’ve never been the same since the accident” or “That’s just not me,” or “I would never do such a thing—but I did,” or “My wife says I’m like two different people.”

But in the majority of cases, a blending of the personalities occurs and the onset of the possession is only vaguely perceived by the client, if at all.

Our language reflects this condition: “What got into you?”, “What possessed me to do that?”, or “I’m not myself today.”  Even the comedian Flip Wilson expressed the concept years ago with the comic line: “The devil made me do it.”

In summary, Earthbound Spirits are immensely frustrated, confused and unhappy;  they can find no peace or lasting satisfaction while inhabiting other peoples’ bodies.  They are truly lost souls who do not know they are hurting themselves.  Their influence is always negative.

How do These Entities Gain Entrance? – The Aura is Weak

 As we all know, the immune system protects the physical body.  The aura protects the spirit body.  This aura is an electro-magnetic field that vibrates at a high frequency to protect each of us.  It offers a natural protection.  When the aura is weakened, it can become like Swiss cheese.

During times of unconsciousness—a blow to the head, an anesthetic, drunkenness or drug overdose – spirits can enter.

Here are some other ways that these entities can gain entry:

  • Exhaustion, emotional crisis, such as intense grief, anger, fear or guilt
  • Severe illness lowers resistance to possession
  • Childhood abuse when a part of you can easily go away
  • Channelling, mediumship, automatic writing, Ouija boards.

I recently received a call from a woman in Seattle who was playing with a Ouija board several years ago and a malevolent spirit had entered into her and was continuing to cause problems for her.

Other Aspects of Earthbound Spirits

Most departing souls move into this Light.  But some do not.  When these disembodied spirits find themselves in this “twilight zone,” it’s a lonely existence and they seek the comfort of a warm physical body or a relationship with someone who is still alive.  They are a parasite.

For Earthbound Spirits, there is no passage of time.  They do not age.  Nor do the addictions and pains they died with dissipate.  Plus, they often don’t realize that their host is getting older.

Like Attracts Like

 Lonely children attract lonely Earthbound Spirits who can become their imaginary playmates.  These spirits can spend our entire life with us.

Angry people attract angry spirits.  Alcoholics attract alcoholic spirits.  Abuse in this life can attract abused spirits.

Sometimes these spirits do not have intention.  They are simply resonating with a part of the client.

Psychotic Clients, Murderers and Multiple Personalities

One of the first books on this subject was 30 Years Among the Dead by Dr. Carl Wickland, a medical doctor.  He estimated that a high percentage of people committed to mental health institutions might suffer from entity attachment.

Dr. Wickland believed that as many as 50% of murders and other serious crimes are committed as a direct result of the influences of negative entities.

In his book Exorcism, Eugene Maurey states that more than 80% of multiple personalities are a result of spirit possession.


A great many unaccountable suicides are due to the obsessing or possessing influences of Earthbound Spirits.  In her book, Freeing the Captives – The Emerging Therapy of Treating Spirit Attachment, Louise Ireland-Frey, MD states that most suicides remain earthbound.

Some of these spirits are seeking to torment their victims.  These spirits often cluster within one individual.  They resonate in the feeling of despair of the client. There could be environmental as well as ancestral reasons for the attachment.

Here’s another possibility:  Earthbound Spirit attachments who killed themselves could believe – now that they are in the body of a new host—that their suicide attempt failed and so they must continue their suicidal efforts.

 Additional Reasons Why Spirit Attachments Should be Removed

 All attachments affect the free will of the host.  So the thoughts, feelings and behavior patterns of the invader can pop up into the consciousness of the host at unexpected moments and produce confusion, bewilderment and fear.

The physical maladies experienced by the Earthbound Spirit at the time of death often manifest themselves in the physical condition of the live host.  The invader saps the energy of the host.  The entity is seldom able to leave and thus finds itself imprisoned in the host, as if by a strong magnetic force.

All such attachments have somewhere else they need to be—“in the Light” of the higher spirit realms with its opportunities for spiritual advancement.  Remaining attached to someone is to remain suspended in time and space—going nowhere.

If one attachment is allowed in, others can and usually will follow

And multiple attachments have a weakening affect on the aura, making the host even more vulnerable to other spirits.

In general, entity attachments prefer to avoid anything that will cause their host to discover their existence and then try to release them.  That’s why if I suspect the presence of any spirits when a client calls me to set up an appointment, I encourage them to make sure they follow-through on actually showing up for the appointment—especially if things “come up for them at the last minute.”

Nested Entities

Multiple attachments are quite common, as are multiple layers of embedded attachments.  For example, when an Earthbound Spirit is stubborn, harsh, mocking or cruel, a nested negative entity may be lodged within it.

This leads us into a discussion of the third kind of Spirit

3) Negative Entities

We’ve talked about Ghosts and Earthbound Spirits, now let’s talk about Negative Entities—also called Dark Force Entities.

These entities have never had a physical body.  They are Spirits of evil intent here to promote anger, confusion, depression and other negative emotions.  Their goal is to disrupt the spiritual growth and progress of the host.

Dark entities use fear as their means of resisting attempts at depossession.  This fear is reinforced by their military chain of command reporting structure.  (The privates must report on up the chain of command to the generals).  Most harbor a greater fear of punishment from the dark beings they report to if they fail to complete their mission of disrupting the physical life force rightfully belonging to the human they are in.

Very few dark entities exhibit the characteristics most commonly attributed to “demons.”  Most seem rather stupid, bratty underlings reporting up that command chain to some more powerful “dark authority.”

But keep in mind—these spirits were once a part of the Light.  Everything was once a part of the Light.

Part of the Releasement Technique can be to help them remember when they were a part of the Light.  When surrounded by their darkness, their power is hidden from them.  When they tap into the Light within them, this Light absorbs all their darkness as it empowers them to step back into the Light and become beings of Light again.

 4)  Let’s turn now to Extra-Terrestrial Entities or ETs—the fourth kind of entity that we’ll discuss in this article.

 ETs are highly intelligent beings from different dimensions that typically have no heart or empathy.  They are ancient people who were and are mental/rational beings.  They can’t understand love or sexual relationships.

I do not find them often among my clients—but when I do discover their presence, they’re usually involved in a scientific experiment that is monitoring the client—gathering data for some special scientific study.

The six steps for releasing earthbound spirits, negative or dark force entities and extra-terrestrials

First step is:

Discover if any outside entities are present.  For me, a huge clue is the client indicates the presence of a negative voice within them.

During the Intake, I ask for further information about how this voice affects them.  The voice or voices have probably been there for years and when the client closes her eyes, she can often hear it speaking.  Keep in mind that if there’s one, you will often find several spirits present.  And this is important:  Often a client can have Earthbounds and Negative Entities or even ETs all at the same time.

Second step is:

Dialogue with the entity.  Each type requires the precise treatment that will release it from the client and take it to its own appropriate destination in the Light.

In other words, ask questions and get the spirits talking….  This will also help you determine what kind of Spirit Attachments are present.

 Third Step is:

Follow the protocol to release the attached entity.  Each type of intruder requires a slightly different releasement process that I will outline below.

Please keep in mind that HELP is all around from the unseen world.  SO ASK FOR ASSISTANCE UPFRONT—specifically from Archangel Michael and his Healing Angels of the Light plus the Arcturians.  If that is not sufficient, ask for assistance from the Christ Energy and all the Archangels and Beings of the Highest Light.  Bring them all in!

 Protocol for Releasing Earthbounds

 The reason you want to get the spirit talking is to learn its story – and find out its pain.  I use two different approaches

1)  Invite the Negative Voice to Come Forth

Once the client is deep into hypnosis, tell the client that you’d like her to allow that negative voice to simply come forth through her and to announce its presence with the words, “I’m here.”

Here, I’m really asking the client to “channel” that voice so we can find out more about it.  The key question is:  “Are you a part of Bill or something else?”  (Please tell the client that you’re interested in the client’s first thought/first response to that question.)  Get that voice talking.

2)  Here’s another strategy to uncover the presence of Spirits:  The Magic Mirror—with kudos to Greg McHugh, CHT who recommended this approach in his terrific “How to” Manual, The New Regression Therapy.  Once the client is deep into hypnosis, ask her to imagine a Magic Mirror.

There is now appearing in front of you a Magic Mirror…  It has a frame around it.  When you have a sense of this mirror and how it is framed, describe it for me.

 Now you can easily look in the mirror and note your own reflected energy or body.  Good!  Now when I count to three, you will become aware of anything that may be there that is not of your own energy, not of your own soul.  Take a look and let me know if there are any attachments of anyone or anything… one, two, three.

 So have the client scan from the head area down to the feet (front and back).  Ask them to identify what they notice including any feelings, impressions, colors, objects or obvious appearances.  You should note what the client shares about what they see in their mirror.

Then based on what they said, pick out the most important image to you and say something like:  I’d like to talk directly to that that dark shadow that Bill identified in the Magic Mirror in his right shoulder.  So I invite that energy to come forth now and announce its presence with the words, “I’m here.”  I ask you to respond through Bill’s mind without harming him in any way.

Are you a part of Bill or something else?  Do you have a name?  Have you ever been alive in your own human body?  YES!

 If there is no name and no memory of a human body, the entity is probably a dark being.  (I’ll get to that protocol in a few moments.)

 Think back to the time that you had your own physical body.

  • Was it male or female?
  • What happened to that physical body when you died?
  • How did you feel about losing your body or the death of that body?
  • Then what happened?
  • When did you first come in contact with Bill?
  • How old was Bill when you joined him?
  • What attracted you to him?
  • From your perspective, how old is Bill right now? (This is a key question – because it often indicates when the Spirit first joined the client.)
  • What was happening with Bill that made it possible for you to join him?
  • How has your presence affected him since your arrival?
  • What are the feelings and beliefs about yourself that you carried with you from that life and physical body that you left behind?

Through these questions you’re finding out a lot about the Spirit.  As a reminder—keep coming back to this Magic Mirror after you release each Spirit present until the client can clearly see herself or her energy body as she is today in her mirror reflection.

 Once you’ve determined it’s an Earthbound Spirit, you have two options:

 Option #1 – This is my favorite

 Find out more about the story of this entity.

  • Think back to the time when you had your own physical body. Who did you love the most?
  • Well, that person has been looking for you and searching for you and at last they now have found you.
  • Can you see, sense or feel their presence in that shaft of light over there?
  • Ask them to come over and join us.
  • How do they look to you? Are they glad to see you?
  • What do they want you to do?
  • Would you be willing to go with them into the Light?
  • I invite Archangel Michael and his Healing Angels of the Light to join us now. Let me know when they arrive.
  • Is he here now with his Healing Angels?
  • Ask him if he will escort this Spirit and his loved one into the Light.
  • But before he does, I want to ask the Earthbound to look deep inside of the client and gather up everything that belongs to him—everything that he placed within you or created while he was in you—every thought, every belief, every compartment of mind, every track of emotion. And once you have it all collected, I want you to place it outside of the client at his feet and let me know when you have done that.
  • How big is that “stuff”? Is it bigger than a suitcase?
  • Then I ask Archangel Michael to surround that “stuff” with his Robe of Light and transmute it into pure Light Energy. Has that been done?
  • Tell me Spirit, are there any others like you or any other entities that have attached themselves to my client? (A KEY QUESTION)
  • Now Spirit, is there anything you want to say to my client before you go? You’ve been using his energy; you’ve been getting in his way for far too long.
  • And client, are you ready to release and let go of this spirit?
  • All right. So at the count of three, I’d like to ask Archangel Michael and his Healing Angels of the Light to take this Spirit into that place of being that is the White Light. And you, client, I want you to watch them as they go to make sure they go completely into the Light.
  • 1 – 2 – 3 – Have they gone completely into the Light?
  • I invite Archangel Michael to return with his Healing Angels. Are they here?
  • Archangel Michael – have we been successful in releasing this Earthbound Spirit and all of his energy into the Light?
  • If there are other spirits present, repeat the protocol.
  • Then do the Final Healing Protocol. See below.

Option #2 – Adapted from Greg McHugh’s book, The New Regression Therapy.

Ask the Earthbound Spirit:

  • Do you know that your true home and the true home of all of us when we die and leave our physical bodies, is in the White Light?
  • Do you recall seeing any Light when you died? If so, what made you choose to not go there?
  • Would you like to go there now?
  • If they say yes: I ask the spirit to look deep inside of the client and gather up everything that belongs to him—everything that he placed within you or created while he was in you—every thought, every belief, every compartment of mind, every track of emotion. And once you have it all collected, I want you to place it outside of the client at his feet and let me know when you have done that.”
  • How big is that “stuff”? Is it bigger than a suitcase?
  • I ask Archangel Michael to surround that “stuff” with his Robe of Light and transmute it into pure Light Energy. Has that been done?
  • I ask at the count of three that the Angels of the White Light lovingly escort this one to his true home in the White Light now.
  • 1 – 2 – 3, Have they gone completely into the Light?
  • Check to make sure that they have all gone.
  • Repeat as necessary for other identified Earthbounds.
  • Then do the Final Healing Protocol. See below.

Please keep in mind that there are many variations on these two protocols—depending on the response of the Earthbound Spirits.  I strongly encourage you to purchase Greg McHugh’s book, The New Regression Therapy, which has several chapters that go into much more detail than can be explored in this article today.

Protocol for Releasing Negative or Dark Force Entities

Get that Spirit talking.  Use the following protocol if the Spirit has never been a human in his own physical body on this planet.

Here are some sample questions:

  • What is your purpose for being with the client?
  • What is your source? Who sent you? If the answer is “the Devil, Satan or Hell,” etc. or if there is no response at all, then ask Archangel Michael and the Angels of the White Light to come now and completely envelop this one in a web of pure White Light.  (Often the Angels will remove them and take them into the Light.)
  • If nothing seems to have happened and the Dark One is still there, ask the Dark One at what age the client was when it came in and attached to the client.
  • Ask what was happening that made the client vulnerable.
  • Ask the Dark One if there are other Dark Ones attached here as well. (If others are identified, have the Angels envelop them in webs of White Light as well.)
  • Next, direct the Angels to take all the entities into the White Light by saying, I ask Archangel Michael and the Angels of the White Light to envelope all in a web of White Light and escort all of these into that place of being that is the White Light NOW.
  • And when all of these are all the way into the Light, let me know.
  • When all the Dark Ones are all the way into the Light, then ask the Angels to retrieve any lost parts: I ask the Angels of the White Light to seek throughout all creation for any parts of the client that may have been lost, scattered or fragmented due to the presence or intrusion of the entity or entities we have just released. I ask that these Angels find these parts and heal them in the White Light. I then ask that the Angels return with these parts and integrate them back into the client’s energy system, right back into their very soul now.
  • Then do the Final Healing Protocol. See below.

Protocol for Releasing ETs

  • Get the ET talking.
  • What universe, planet or star do you come from?
  • Be rational.
  • Generally, it’s not malevolent. But it can be….
  • They often kidnap people in their dream state and work on them on the etheric plane.

Bill Baldwin wrote several excellent manuals focusing on Spirit Releasement.  Spirit Releasement Therapy: A Technique Manual is the most widely known. I adapted the following questions from CE-VI:  Close Encounters of the Possession Kind (1999):

  • What is your name—or what do you want to be called?
  • What universe, planet or star are you from?
  • What is the color of the Light where you are from?
  • I call out to that (color) of Light and to the Christ-like figure from the (color) Light World.
  • I also call out to the Rescue Spirits of the Light to help us as well.
  • Ask the ET if it can see the Light of your world? Who has come?
  • Communicate with the Christ-like figure and have it explain to the ETs that they are violating the free will that humans have by being here. Please communicate with these ETs that they are not invited to be with the client and are harming the client by being there.
  • Ask the ETs if they have a contract with the client. (Most likely this contract was made in an earlier lifetime. Explain that the contract must now be broken, cancelled, shredded, ripped up or cancelled because your client today would never sign such a contract.)

The Prime Directive

I believe Bill Baldwin was among the first to use the Prime Directive for Spirit Releasement:

  • Aren’t you aware of the Prime Directive of Non-Interference of anyone from the human race on earth?  This is a violation of an intelligent species.  You have no right to interfere in this way. Cross connect us with your deep space station or base headquarters on the home world, or their ruling body, whether it is a military cabal or civilian control. We want to speak with your High Command.
  • High Command: How much data do you need? How long are you going to stay here?  How long have you been here gathering information? 
  • Your being here is a violation of an intelligent species. You have no right to interfere in this way.
  • Aren’t you aware of the spiritual principal of non-interference with a sentient species? The Prime Directive of Non-Interference declares that you are not to interfere with another sentient species. 
  • You are gathering data from unwilling subjects. We are a sentient species. We protest this intrusion.
  • Also you are sitting in the experimental subject. You are affecting the results. Your entire research project is flawed. You data is meaningless. Your group has expended resources fruitlessly. Your findings are a joke.  What will your peer review committee say about this faulty design and the wasted effort? Where is your science officer? Who is the one in charge of this farce?
  • We request that your technicians remove all equipment, appliances, implanted devices, wiring and any remnants of the experimentation or the residue of its own presence from my client. And we also request that you withdraw your probes from every human being on this planet.

Protocol for Removing ET-placed Implants et al

  • I call upon the Spirit Surgeons from the Light to be present during this session. Now that they are here, I ask you to remove the crystal implants, including their etheric patterns from (Bill’s) physical, mental, emotion and etheric bodies and to undo the consequences of the implants.
  • Now, gather up all the harm that you caused and remove any implants that have been placed there.
  • Call out to all the others like you that are on this planet, gather them all up and I ask that everyone leave together with the Christ-like figure.
  • After they’ve been released and left, ask (Bill) to scan for any implants that may have been left behind. If any are found, ask the Spirit Doctors from the Light to come and remove them now.

Protocol for Releasing Ghosts

In Greg McHugh’s book, The New Regression Therapy, he gives an excellent protocol to follow in clearing locations of entities and ghosts. He recommends that you use the following approach and then employ the appropriate steps for releasement—depending on whether it’s an Earthbound or Negative Entity.

Take the client or a person acting as a surrogate into trance. Direct them to the address of the facility, location, or home or building to be cleared (remotely).  Once there:

  • Ask them to look around and in each room or section of the place indicate that—when you count to three—if there are any energies or others of any kind, the client or surrogate will become aware of them.
  • Investigate each entity that appears and use the appropriate Releasement protocols.
  • Then have the surrogate or client envision the outline of a pyramid over the building or room. Call upon the Angels of the White Light.
  • I ask the Angels of the White Light to come now and fill the space within this pyramid with Gold White Light and to clear out any residue of any energies of beings that may have remained in this space. I ask the Angels of the White Light to seal this space against any further intrusion by any spirits not in accord with the soul purposes of the inhabitants (clients or others).
  • A large number of entities in a location indicate the possibility that an inter-dimensional portal is present that is used by Earthbound Spirits passing in and out of the location. This can be sealed off after the clearing of those present by asking the Angels to do so.
  • First have the surrogate or client take a look to see if such a portal exists. If so then say, “I ask the Angels of the White Light to seal this portal against any further intrusions—now and for all time and dimensions.”

Fourth Step is:

  • I ask Archangel Michael and the Angels of the White Light to close all points of entry so the invading spirits cannot get back into the client’s body.

Fifth Step is:

Use a specific guided imagery of calling in the Light to fill that space within the client that was left by the departing beings. Here’s the one that I use: Calling In The Cleanup Teams Of Light from William Baldwin’s Spirit Releasement Therapy: A Technique Manual.

  • In the name of the Light, I call on the Cleanup Teams of Light. Move deep inside, clean and cleanse every cell of his physical body, every aspect of his mental, emotional, etheric and higher bodies, every chakra level, every compartment of mind, every track of emotion. Lift the residues left by the others who were violating his space. Disconnect any last threads of consciousness from any other being into his being. Remove any accumulated sludge left behind, anything that is not purely of his own being.  He has the right to his own sovereign space, to move forward on his own chosen path in this life and future lives. He has the right to be free. As you move through, Cleanup Teams, leave every part filled with Light. In the name of the Light, we thank you.
  • In the name of the Light, I call on the Physicians of Light to touch in and repair what can be repaired. I call on the Healing Angels of Light to touch in and heal what can be healed appropriately at this time.  Pack with a solid salve of Light all those places that have been cleared and healed this day.  I call on the Perfect Physician to restore the perfect pattern of body, mind and spirit. 
  • Now I ask the Healing Angels to fill (Bill) with healing Light in those areas just vacated by the ones who have departed. I ask the Healing Angels to make the Healing Light a sealing Light of a permanent nature. 
  • I also ask that some of the Healing Angels, as many as are needed, remain with (Bill) until the healing is complete. (Sometimes, you can call in spirit doctors, surgeons, whatever is needed as well.)
  • I also ask that some of St. Michael’s Forces remain with (Bill) so that they can capture any darkness that may try to enter during the healing process.
  • I call on Divine Mother to enfold this one in Light and love. Touch into the pure heart of this one, restore the beauty of his sweet being, the essence of this child of God. 
  • Next, (Bill), focus on the center of your being and find the brightest point of your spirit. Let this brightness fill your body and extend beyond you—forming a great cocoon of Light around you.  (See Healing Light Meditation below.)
  • In the name of the Light, we give thanks to all the beings who assisted in this work today. Thank you and we say Amen.

Aura Strengthening Visualization (from Spirit Releasement Therapy: A Technique Manual)

Give this to the client to take home and tell the client to practice this daily in order to keep their aura strong.

  • “Imagine now, begin to visualize deep within your chest, a brilliant point of Light. It is your connection with the Light, your connection with the Source.  (Pause).  See this Light expand into your whole body, feel the energy flow through your entire body, down into your legs, out into your arms, filling your head.  (Pause)  Imagine now that the Light is expanding out past the boundaries of your body, outside your physical form, expanding out about an arm’s length in front of you, an arm’s length behind you, an arm’s length on either side of you, as high as you can reach above your head, and down beneath your feet.  (Pause)  See and feel this Light now, lovingly, protectingly, comfortably surrounding you like a large egg-shaped bubble of Light.  (Pause)  Sparkling through the bubble of Light now, begin to imagine bits of emerald green, the color of the energy of healing, and bits of rose pink, the color of the energy of love.  (Pause)   Every cell of your body has its own intelligence and is now using this healing energy for the highest good of your entire organism.”
  • Take a few moments several times a day for the next few weeks and repeat this visualization to yourself. Repeat it when you awaken and before you go to sleep.  Take a few seconds to repeat it every time you feel tired or unhappy—or happy.  See and feel this Light every time you breathe.  Soon it will be with you permanently.  This is for your continued protection and support.

 Sixth Step is:

 Offer ongoing therapy for the client.  After the release of the spirit, the client may or may not feel much different.  This has surprised me but it may happen.

In subsequent sessions, more entities may be found and released.  It is of course essential to heal the emotional vulnerability that first allowed any spirit attachments.

As you can see, Spirit Releasement Therapy is not based on any religious belief system per se. The approach is clear, rational, methodical and thoughtfully complete. It is short-term, results-oriented therapy that can accomplish a great deal in a two-hour session.

People Not Suited to Spirit Releasement Therapy

Those with schizophrenic tendencies, or who are vulnerable to intense or overwhelming feelings are not good candidates for this kind of therapy.

But also be aware that sometimes the schizophrenic tendencies are actually earthbound or negative spirits attached to the client.  So this type of therapy might in fact benefit these clients.  In addition, you should be aware of clients who are easily offended by the idea of reincarnation or spirit attachment.


Client Histories – Phyllis

A female client—I’ll call Phyllis—came to me suffering from addiction to alcohol and drugs.  She was experiencing fits of depression.

We found in her a spirit of a man named Frankie who had died of AIDS in 1984.  He had joined the client in the hospital where she was having surgery.

When alive Frankie had enjoyed a lot of partying and drinking and since his arrival had been encouraging Phyllis to drink. He had also been attracted to her because he enjoyed experiencing the moods of a woman. On further questioning, he indicated that he also affected her moods and enjoyed making her angry and feeling critical towards others.

We also found an energy attached to her from another dimension. It described itself as being on a “sightseeing trip” and had attached to her 10 years before.  This ET spirit enjoyed feeling Phyllis’ emotions and tactile sensations.

In addition, we uncovered a dark force entity that was trying to get her to commit suicide.  She had tried to kill herself twice before.

Client Histories – I’ll Call Her Jane

Jane was a 44-year-old woman who at the age of 19 had been a college student who had had an extremely intense break-up with her boyfriend.

In describing that experience, she said, “I felt like I was dead.”  She had a nervous breakdown.  “I wasn’t in control any more.”  “I felt like I had a hole in my head.”  She started hearing a suicidal voice inside her head saying, “Kill yourself.  Slit your wrists.”  This had been going on for 25 years.

Jane had sought out help from medical doctors, talk therapists, homeopathic remedies.  The voices would on occasion go away, but they always came back when she experienced stress.  She was desperate!  A former client recommended that she give me a call.

A spirit by the name of George emerged.  He told us that he made Jane crazy, scared and nervous.  He had died of alcoholism in the late 1950s.  He then floated around the astral plane and hooked on to Jane’s grandmother when she was drinking.  Later the grandmother was in the hospital on morphine.  The spirit went on to say, “I made her crazy.  I felt powerful.”

The grandmother soon died and George moved into Jane when Jane had her nervous breakdown.  “Jane is so vulnerable and sweet.  I’m located in her head—attached to the frontal lobe of her brain.”  We were able to release him and send him into the Light.

My colleague was able to go through a process of lessening the spirit attachment’s influence by asking if she felt comfortable in lowering the influence to 60% – then 50% – then 30%, etc.  Next, the Hypnotherapist visually reinforced that by sensing/seeing her mother move further away from her energy field, while still being connected.  The client was comfortable with that.


We are all vulnerable to attachment at some time in our life.  In addition to drugs and alcohol usage, we become more susceptible when sick, hospitalized, anesthetized, emotionally distraught, stressed or scared.

Also we’re at risk when exposed to any type of strong traumatic situation including accidents, war, divorce, death of another or birth.

Various careers are extremely vulnerable:

  • Physicians, nurses, anesthesiologists and other medical personnel
  • Paramedics, police officers, fire and rescue workers, ambulance drivers
  • People from the healing professions—therapists, psychiatrists et al
  • Anything that leads to disassociation
  • Tarot card readers, energy healers
  • Mediums, psychic readers—those who channel spirits
  • Playing with a Ouija Board
  • Or becoming involved in witchcraft or satanic rituals.

Here are Four Key Elements That Can Increase Susceptibility for Entity Attachment

  1. Exposure to the dying or recently departed
  2. A sensitive and caring nature
  3. An invitation for outside entities to come into the body for information or inspiration (Ouija Boards et al)
  4. Traumatic or strong emotional experiences and other conditions that weaken the aura.

Here are some Protection Tips for Your Clients

If you sense a spirit trying to enter—be firm: “You do not have permission to come into my body!  You don’t live here.  You don’t belong here.  This is not your body.”

Love is an exceptionally powerful energy for providing protection against attachment. By focusing and sending love to any other individual who is experiencing a traumatic life event or to other condition of increased susceptibility, you can create a protective field of positive energy around the individual and strengthen their auric field remotely—even at great distances.

Encourage your clients to seek out and focus on the positive side of life and avoid excesses that would upset the normal balance of your body.

Your clients should avoid taking substances that would place them in an uncontrolled altered state of consciousness (such as the use of alcohol and other drugs).

It is also important as a therapist doing Spirit Releasement to imagine or visualize yourself completely surrounded by a strong white light and specifically request protection from “all negativities and all negative entities.”


Note: This article focused on “How Earthbound Spirits, Ghosts, Demons and ETs Can Affect Your Clients and the Six Steps to Take to Release Them.”  It has been my pleasure sharing this information with you.

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