27 Apr: Clients Suffering from Spirits: Transpersonal Regression Therapy as an Alternative to Traditional Healing and Modern Psychiatry – Kamla Nannan Panday-Jhingoeri & Hans TenDam (Is.32)

by Kamla Nannan Panday-Jhingoeri and Hans TenDam

Abstract—In this article, Kamla Nannan Panday-Jhingoeri and Hans TenDam describe the potential detriments of solely utilising traditional psychiatric approaches to resolve spiritual problems; particularly psychological, physical and psychosocial issues pertaining to individuals embedded within societies who adopt and embrace cultural beliefs of a transpersonal nature. Through descriptive analysis and the sharing of theory and case studies the authors explain and evidence the benefits of transpersonal therapeutic approaches and techniques to assist patients with presenting clinical problems of a spiritual nature; including but not limited to the influences of spirits, ancestors and curses. The authors conclude that combining transpersonal regression therapy with regular psychiatry, and allowing patients to uniquely attend to their particular … Read the rest

01 Mar: How Earthbound Spirits, Ghosts, Demons and ETs Can Affect Your Clients and the Six Steps to Take to Release Them – Peter Wright (Is.26)

by Peter Wright


This article discusses how to recognize the presence of four kinds of spirit attachments: earthbound spirits, ghosts, demons (negative entities) and extraterrestrials. You will find information on how these entities gain entrance into us as well as reasons why these spirits should be removed. This is followed by an extensive examination of various protocols that can be used to release earthbound spirits, ghosts, negative or dark force entities and extraterrestrials. The article concludes with several client histories, four key elements that can increase susceptibility for entity attachment and some protection tips for you and your clients when working with these kinds of spirit attachments.

10 Most Common Signs of Spirit Attachments

  • Low energy level or sudden
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01 Dec: The New Age, The Mythic, and Legitimization of Regression/Releasement Therapy – Carl Silver (Is.11)

by Carl Silver, Ph.D.

Belief systems and theories, together with empirical data, are foundation stones upon which thought leads to knowledge and understanding. Within the therapeutic setting, “beliefs” may be more important to achieving an outcome than “science.” Dr. Silver directs his thoughts towards an interesting and provocative exploration of this topic.

My readings in the area of past-life regression therapy et al reveal occasional reference to altered states and their relation to the mythic, but always as tangential to some other focus rather than as a central theme. I propose that a grasp of the following two conclusions are central to eventual acceptance of this therapy into the mainstream of psychotherapeutic intervention:

A personal mythology and its requisite … Read the rest

01 Dec: Report of a Study: Diagnosis and Treatment of the Spirit Possession Syndrome – William J. Baldwin (Is.10)

by William J. Baldwin, D.D.S., Ph.D.

Dr. Baldwin is no stranger to our readers. The concept of spirit possession is controversial. The term itself can evoke rapid reaction. It is a subject of intense and continuing investigation and exploration by many, including Dr. Baldwin, who shares with us the results of his research. The information contained in this article formed the foundation of his doctoral dissertation in clinical psychology and was submitted in the spirit [No pun intended! Ed.] of sharing both his theories and his research with us, and inviting further comment and investigation.


The ancient concept of spirit possession may be quite valid, though largely ignored in modern, scientifically oriented, materialistic society. Clinicians in various countries … Read the rest

01 Oct: Spirit World Of The Native American – Lewis E. Mehl (Is.8)

by Lewis E. Mehl, M.D., Ph.D.

The Native American, says this author, does not hold to a linear, wheel-of-karma, reincarnational logic. Rather, he (or she) embraces the concept of a free-roaming spirit that can cross time and space boundaries, mingle with other spirits and enter other lives. His world view is as direct and simple as that of the child whose imaginary playmates are still real. For the culturally intact Native American of today, spirit communication is a practical, everyday experience. Dr. Mehl offers a detailed account of a ceremony in which a woman of mainstream culture experiences and incorporates the Native American way of perceiving.

The Native American world, though sparse in developed theory, is rich in experience, … Read the rest

21 Sep: Clinical Depossession: Releasement of Attached Entities From Unsuspecting Hosts – Louise Ireland-Frey (Is.2)

by Louise Ireland-Frey

Through the ages the belief has persisted in many cultures that disembodied spirits or psyches can enter and take possession of a living person’s body and dispossess that person’s mind. In the Catholic priesthood the occurrence of possession is taken for granted and priests are taught how to exorcise the invading spirits.

In modem times more and more therapists, especially hypnotherapists, are turning to this once common assumption that discarnate entities can and often do invade living persons. Sometimes this change in therapists’ attitudes is due to the spontaneous complaints of clients and sometimes to the suspected presence of an invading entity from various clues presented by the client, who himself may be entirely unsuspecting.… Read the rest