Author: Martin Roesch

Martin Roesch was Born in Konstanz on Lake Constance in 1958. He studied psychology and business administration in Mannheim and California, then he held various positions in Germany, Japan, Thailand and Switzerland. His Meditation experience since mid-20s (guest monk for 2 months at Wat Suan Mokkh, Thailand; Zen practitioner for decades) He has had several years of training in energy work, hypnosis but also system/family positions, behavioural kinesiology, matrix, resonance research; including a 2-year stay with interesting teachers in India. Since 2003 he co-treats oncological patients under specialist oncological medical supervision. Later formal admission as a psychotherapeutic non-medical practitioner. Today cooperation with various doctors and clinics in oncology. He originally founded a company with three friends: IT in medicine, focus on radiology and radiation therapy; the company developed into the European market leader for so-called RIS systems. Foundation of a company for hyperthermia in oncology with two co-partners, responsible for research and development. Expansion into holistic complementary oncology. Many lectures at oncological congresses worldwide.

Mental-spiritual psycho-oncology

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