Article: Can Regression Therapy contribute to healing even in chronical diseases like cancer? Martin Roesch Is. 33

Can Regression Therapy contribute to healing even in chronical diseases like cancer?

by Martin Roesch

Abstract—In this article Martin Roesch is presenting a case in what appeared to be an epigenetic relation – communicating directly with the cancer cells. It is explicitly shown how imaginary travel into the body with the objective to establish a communication with organs or cells appears to be a powerful mechanism to potentially detect hidden causes that may lead to the development of chronical diseases like cancer.


Cancer is recognized to generate itself out of a multi-fold variety of potential causes. In this contribution I want to focus on a potential cause that is widely considered to be beyond the reach of an individual patient: her/his genetic disposition.

The key element in the presented case is an imagined body travel to the cancerous cells themselves. And a reader with little time available may jump directly to this section ´An imagined travel into the body to communicate with the cancer cells´. If, however, you want a comprehensive understanding, then read all sections and realize the scope of impact to this patient´s life. An impact that (re-) materialized in an event with epigenetic consequences two generations before this patient´s existence.

We humans are body, mind and spirit.

And yes, all three dimensions can and should be used in any intended change, be it a human with cancer or be it a collective theme like the desire to overcome egoistic group interests. Modern medicine does a fine job in concentrating on bodily functioning. And what about the other dimensions? Who taps into their potential?

Regression Therapy may and should take on this challenge. And it will discover that venturing into the realms of consciousness there is an explosion in its variety to be found. Consciousness is not just in humans, in can be found as well in organs, in cells, in bacteria or even in viruses, in plants, in earth, may be even in the sky. And regression therapy should not restrict itself only to the past. It is as well to venture into the parallel, into the infinite ways of how waves can break down into particles. Turn your head and you see the future effecting the past. Transcending perspectives. What is the real?

The Case – Brenda

(The name is altered everything else is authentic; location and dates are not mentioned on purpose. Patient agreed to publication with pseudonym.)

Brenda is a mother of three children and at the time of our encounter in her late forties. She was diagnosed with colon cancer which developed metastasis. Her mother died of cancer and so did her grandma (mother´s mother).

Characterizing Brenda

Brenda works as a teacher and with all the core of her being was and still is caring for her children and her family. Brenda, as her family, is deeply religious and engaged in her local church. Asked about describing herself, she first referred to her role as a mother; Quote: “I am very selfless, I jump to their needs more than to the ones for myself”. Asked about a childhood memory, Brenda remembered sitting on the stairs watching and enjoying her younger brother´s success in artistic street performances. She felt happy watching this. Asked about her wishing for her daughters to take on in life: “Watch for each other” and “that they´d be able to take care of themselves”. Asked about an annoying event lately, Brenda mentioned that her daughter started parenting her on diet. Even though she recognized the motivation to help, it was a bit annoying to her: “I want her to let me be what I am.” Every detail of the details mentioned do have – as we shall see – relevance in this case, but naturally in their scope cannot be fully understood in the beginning.

Clinical Situation

Brenda´s original tumour was a colon cancer, who was resected just right after her diagnosis, which was 16 months before my meeting her. A few months thereafter there arose a metastatic spread in her ovaries, which were resected as well. Nevertheless, further metastatic growth happened now spreading in the peritoneum. Therapy now consisted of chemotherapy, immunotherapy with checkpoint inhibitors, angiogenesis inhibitors and complementary supplements.

Therapeutic Interventions
(sessions in exploring consciousness with a focused interest)

Besides the intake interview two preceding sessions should be mentioned before the one I want to focus on. There were no expectations given as to what might be experienced. Brenda realized that all her visualizations were dreamlike, being generated purely out of herself in a state of clear focused awareness and with complete memory of the entire process. In a natural flow of fast unfolding scenes there is little risk that a controlling cognitive mind or religious beliefs start interfering. It all came naturally on Brenda, being in the mode of just observing not interpreting.

There is no need to explain to clients much beforehand. And a little guidance especially in the beginning is no contradiction to this approach. In my experience over the years, I find it helpful in a rather initial stage to check on and eliminate obvious foreign energy fragments in the body. Change seems to be easier when a person is fully in her own capacity.

In one of these pre-sessions Brenda visualized herself as a young and lively girl, a shiny one, happy, energetic, one who had no worries and had that secure sense of (her quote) “nothing bad is going to happen”. This powerful young Brenda then met the body of the much elder Now-Brenda. And seemingly she sees something in her now-body which she described as a “moving smoking grey”. Brenda-girl can just push it out of the body. It did not belong to her. [1]

Another meeting was to check for eventual damages in her energetic body.  Brenda borrowed some imagined energy from her forehead and visualized this as a blueish flame. When she presented this imagined flame to various locations of her body there was an obvious reaction in the upper abdomen. The flame seemed to be drawn into her body. Thus, she then was asked to imagine wiping with her hand inside through her abdomen. In her imagination she sensed little balls like blue marbles. She was asked to place them all outside in the empty space before her body. First it appeared to her that each of these balls may contain a certain memory, but checking the energy more closely she became uncertain about this.

Brenda had enough courage to venture inside these balls and look for their origin. She imagined pulling together her focus of awareness to a very small size allowing herself to fall deep down into the balls. Deep inside, all of a sudden, the house where she grew up appeared in her mind. And, she found a letter from her beloved but deceased mother, who died of the same cancer type. But she could only read “My Darling…” and “I know”. Since Mam as ´a soul´ continues to exist, we just kindly asked her to take on a form and she immediately appeared in Brenda´s imagination.  There was an emotional hugging and then in her mind, Brenda asked her mam about her cancer and that she was horrified by the process which she intimately had followed at the time.  Mam agreed that she consented to all medical actions at the time, but seemingly it did not work out and she confessed that she did not understand what was happening in her body.

Now in this context a therapeutic intervention was given suggesting the idea to look to the side and see a screen popping up and with the intention to have it display ´the cause´ just to watch what might appear. It immediately started with a scene, where Mam was sitting in the family room, wearing a pyjama, her computer on her lap. She was not quite motivated for the day. She felt a void. She was not happy. She always wanted to travel to remote countries, but financial restrictions and more… Mam seemed to be fully immersed in this mood of voidness.

So, we asked Brenda´s Mam to turn around, facing her own past and becoming younger and younger, a girl now, and imagining her own parents (Brenda´s grandparents) appear before her. Brenda nodded indicating she could ´see´ the scene happening. Then Brenda just repeated the expression she heard before: “voidness, emptiness …”. Next, she visualized a scene where grandma shushed her daughter away. Brenda realized in this situation that her mam felt being put aside and out of earlier talks in the family she remembered that the relationship of mam as a child to her parents was a “very complicated” one. “My grandmother was a very self-centred person” Brenda recalls.[2]

Then Brenda´s Mam is asked to look around searching for stones in that imagined environment (a stone here may serve as a symbol of a carried load); Brenda indeed does find one, lifts it up and presents it to her mother, Brenda´s grandma. Brenda out of her intuition found an appropriate statement herself: “You have been so self-centred; it made an enormous impact on me. May I hand over that stone to you to release myself from this load, which is actually not mine? It´s yours.” Grandma reluctantly takes the stone. It becomes obvious that the root of that energy might even go down further the ancestor´s line. And as the flow of Brenda´s impressions unfold the process repeats itself towards the great-grandparents. In the end there is a long line of imagined ancestors all in the matrilineal line and with this support now grandmother finally can firmly and lovingly face her daughter, Brenda´s Mam.

The latter now can turn around again and face Brenda herself. Brenda realizes that her Mam at the time was caught in the situation and seemed to have had no option to free herself. But BRENDA has this opportunity now!  “I am ready to let it go! … I am ready to stop thinking, what happened to my Mam is being duplicated with me. …It is MY Journey”. And while realizing this and facing her matrilineal line standing in front of her, she detects a reddish kind of laser light starting off her body and whirling backwards with each of the women smiling when it reaches them.

An imagined travel into the body to communicate with the cancer cells directly.

This meditation started out with a glance in a mirror where Brenda could see herself. She then with her hand reached out into this mirror and took her carbon copy mirror image simultaneously shrinking to the size of thumb out of the mirror in the palm of her hand.[3]  Looking at this mini-sized Brenda she felt safe and switching to her perspective standing in this palm she had the courage to further shrink so to slip through the skin and dermis of her hand down inside into a small blood vessel. In this life stream she sees red blood cells looking like seating cushions. She chooses one to sit upon, which in turn feels greatly proud to be able to host ´Queen Consciousness´. After establishing this new perspective thoroughly, Brenda decides to let herself be guided to the abdomen, to one of the tumour spots. Approaching it more closely she reports: “it feels very hot, almost like lava and it is filled with blood and yellow stuff”. She tries to establish a contact with the inside of that node, but it appears to be difficult. She cannot ´see´ anything, just somehow ´feel´ the atmosphere within. The mood is coined by anger and fearfulness; one wants to hide. With a lot of patience further impressions slowly built up. ´They´ feel excluded and almost exhausted; yes, they are angry, and they feel just being different. Nobody would accept them.

To the question why this might be like this, they do not know an answer. However, they would be quite interested to watch if Brenda could find out.

Now there is an instruction to Brenda to imagine a timeline as a metal bar. On this bar there is a movable weight (like on these old mechanical weight scales). Brenda is asked now to push that weight back into the past and just notice for a click when it reaches a relevant notch. Brenda gets the idea easily and starts pushing the weight. She pushes and pushes but nothing noticeable. She simply pushes further, further to her birth, but no notch. “Just keep pushing”. So, she does and all of a sudden, she uplifts herself: “Here it is!”

She looks to that halt on the metal bar and immediately she sees an image. An image of a young woman looking at her with a smile and a tilted face. She holds a rose in her hand. Next a recognition in surprise: “This is my granny in her teenage years!” An obvious happy appearance? With a smile and a tilted head? “How is she doing?” Brenda catches the situation right away: “She is very sad… and all alone” and without any further intervention Brenda understands the full frame. The young woman is expected to get married. Her parents have selected a suitable husband, and she is by no means in a position to even try counterarguing. However, her heart belongs to another man.

Now, in her imagination, Brenda herself steps into this scene walking towards the young woman with the rose in her hands. Brenda speaks out loudly what she just felt. She feels a big relief on part of the woman, now that it can be spoken out. There is an emotional hug next – long and touching. Then Brenda steps back a bit and in her mind, she invites the loved man of those days to come forth. Right away Brenda ´sees´ a man stepping in. Granny starts weeping. Next, she experiences a long and emotional hug between the two. No words needed. The man understands. And he gives Granny – being the young woman in this scene – his blessings. Furthermore, he is kindly asked to give his blessing as well to all the cells in her body, which he willingly performs. The young teenage-granny appears relieved and relaxed now.

Brenda then pushes the weight on the time bar back to the Now-Time. First impression: all these cells in that hot spot from the beginning, which hided and were so reluctant now run forth cheeringly. “No reason anymore to hide” Brenda greets them. The want to cooperate. They want to link up. Brenda calls for her immune system and they all meet in an open mutual cordial way. The atmosphere, Brenda notes, has completely changed!

Further clinical development

Already when I met Brenda for the first session, she had an advanced cancer stage with widely spread metastasis in the peritoneum and ascites. By definition this is a palliative case.  Clinical treatment went on in parallel with a so called HIPEC Surgery as the prime modality. This is a radical surgery, as in her case of 12 hours duration, resecting all tumour material in the peritoneum and flushing the whole region with a cytostatic enriched flow of physiological water continuously heated up to 410C and filtered. Brenda survived and recovered, we then lost contact.  I contacted her again in Jan 2023 almost 2 years after the surgery and she still is fine.

Post Remark on Brenda´s case and the characteristics of energetic polarities

A cancer disease, evidently unwanted to an affected person, still may serve a function. We may or may not like it, but we can observe effects that can serve as pointers. One such effect in Brenda´s case: it now puts her in the focus. Before all and everything was about others in the family. It was an irritating change to her.

Selfishness/egoism, respectively its almost complete absence, anyhow had been a dominant theme in Brenda´s life so far. This Granny of hers long suffered from the fact that she had to neglect her own interest to that of family. And, as it appears she could not arrange herself with this inner conflict. As Brenda remembered, Grandma´s marriage wasn´t harmonious though it endured but she had the reputation of being “quite a bit selfish”. Presumably she made up for her big compromise with other small occasions to act egoistically.

An energy connected to a given theme may represent itself on either side of a polarity axis. Selfishness, or the complete lack of selfishness, energetically is the same theme. It is a characteristic of any materialized polarity axis that the respective opposite sides need to be represented as well. If this balancing does not occur within a person´s life span it likely hands itself down the line.[4]  We may assume that this energy of inner conflict persisted even beyond Grandma´s death and handed down itself in the family line. If it negatively affects the physical body the related mechanism can be referred to as an epigenetic load.

Now, it is not sufficient to only unveil such a related conflict into the light of recognition. It is a first important step but not yet the full solution. In consequence new judgements, changes in attitudes and behaviour need to be found and lived out.[5]

Why then colon cancer? May be there is a plausibility: the colon´s task is to digest and withdraw the last usable elements from the inflow. As an event may for long prove indigestible, the body may be tempted to (misleadingly) assist in building up its digestion capacity. In consequence, an access growth of cells, called cancer.

Last but not least, I should mention that I wished to have further inquired into past lives since the selection to incarnate into these circumstances may indicate there might have been previous experimenting with this theme. However, sometimes religious belief systems may hinder the willingness to such inquiries. At the time being there seemed not to be a coercing need to further question belief patterns related to past lives. Anyhow, a convincing insight has been uncovered and now it is up to Brenda on how to integrate this in her life.

Post Remarks on Talking to Cells

Imaginary travel into the body with the objective to establish a communication with organs or cells appears to be a powerful mechanism to potentially detect hidden causes that may lead to the development of chronical diseases like cancer.

For success, a trance needs to be induced mainly for two reasons. First, to achieve the needed concentrated focusing within a client´s mind. Second, it is mandatory to achieve a true observation modus alien to any judgements of the cognitive brain. Only in the genuine capacity of being able to listen, to view, to feel and perceive whatever might emerge on the screen of a client´s consciousness can it be ensured that wishful thinking is not even an option in awareness. The facilitator needs to be experienced and professional enough, to assure reaching and maintaining this status.

In my experience it seems wise to first establish a communication and a genuine desire to get to know the cells which appear to be misdirected. First, take an effort to truly understand their state of being and their feelings. Only then start inquiring about how it developed, may be looking for an initial cause. Advisable as well seems to regress back to a situation where all was still well. And at times, as in the described case of Brenda, the critical event may reach back even beyond birth of the respective patient.

The approach assumes that there is consciousness in body organs and in cells. I am doing this now since quite some years and my finding is: if you just assume that there might be consciousness you will certainly be able to spot it. Often an exchange in words seems difficult, but we humans have many senses that can be checked out and tested as potential carriers of information. Just give it a try. And a second try. Be patient and allow for a third and even further tries. In the end you will tap into a most interesting potential.

[1] This smoking grey appeared to be an entity. It was regressed to its own death and then liberated. I shall not go in detail to this process (The readership of this Journal of Regression Therapy certainly is familiar with this context). Important is the result for Brenda: an energy that was not hers has been moved out of her body. And Brenda realized that this whole process played itself out in her own mind and she felt the delighted smile of her young self before reuniting again with her.


[2]   It is to note that we find here the exact opposition to this polarity axis where Brenda identifies with the counterpart, the role of being selflessly available to others.

[3] I learned about this idea in India. Later I realized that a German hypnotherapist by the name of Sabine Fruth may have developed this independently.


[4] We may find this characteristic as well in a setting with an overly dominant and successful founder where typically in the next or more often subsequent third generation somebody has to pick up the tragic role of the black sheep living out weakness or destructive elements as a counterbalance.


[5] Several authors that investigated spontaneous healings against negative clinical prognosis came up with a very similar common denominator. They observed that these patients with deep impact experienced a change in attitudes, lifestyle, beliefs and thought patterns and/or emotions.
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