01 Dec: The Child Is Innocent: Identify and Resolve Child Abuse by Going into Past Lives: Part II – Alice Givens (Is.9)

by Alice Givens, Ph.D.

This is a second part of a two-part paper by the author. Part I appeared in the Spring, 1989 issue of the Journal. Dr. Givens is one of those PLT practitioners who believes that releasement from present life trauma occurs by re-experiencing (and through the process, understanding) the trauma of past lives. To illustrate this approach, she cites three examples from her practice.

The source of our current problems is often hidden and obscure. All that we know is that we are filled with fear, anger, despair, and hopelessness.

These feelings originate in childhood. However, the experiences are so painful that the memory is blocked, and even in hypnosis and regression into childhood, the … Read the rest

01 Mar: Death Comes to Marie-France – Chet Snow (Is.3)

by Chet Snow, Ph.D.

During the years I have been commuting between the United States and France I have made friends and lost track of many Parisians, but an exception was Marie-France, who remained a valued friend for over twenty years. As a well-known pianist she followed the vagaries of my changing career from graduate student at the Sorbonne, to researcher for the U.S. Air Force, to regression therapist and researcher into past-life experiences.

Marie-France had undergone a lengthy psychoanalysis and from her long experience in introspection became interested in the idea of other lifetimes and the survival of the soul beyond physical death. This interest led her to do a session with me in which she discovered a recent … Read the rest