JRT Topic: Integration

Hypnosis and the Alternate Consciousness Paradigm – Adam Crabtree (Is.31)

by Adam Crabtree

Invited Address Delivered at the 101st Convention of the American Psychological Association
Toronto, August 20, 1993

This morning I would like to talk with you about the evolution of a psychotherapeutic paradigm—by that I mean a way of looking at human behavior and the human mind that makes it possible to work therapeutically with people. It is a paradigm that is very familiar to us because it is behind the psychotherapy used by a very large segment of practitioners. According to this paradigm, our minds are divided. In one part, we figure things out and make decisions with awareness and reflection, and we can account for what we think and decide. In another part, we carry on … Read the rest

The Healing Qualities of Past-Life Integration – Sharon Barbell (Is.12)

by Sharon Barbell, B.A., M.M.

This article proposes the use of a technique called the “Integration Process” to help the client to become actively involved in his/her own resolution and healing. It is characterized as a method based upon traditional principles for use when a traditional regression does not completely resolve problems or remove negative barriers hindering one’s present-life situation. It provides interactive and immediate solutions, helping the client to feel independent and capable of reaching his/her goal(s). The process is described step-by-step, so that interested professionals could replicate it.

During my first several years of conducting past-life regressions, it seemed to me that something was lacking in the basic regression technique. While difficult to identify, it seemed to … Read the rest