JRT Topic: Paradigm Shift

Regression From a Huna Perspective: A Paradigm Shift – Kay McClure (Is.9)

by Kay McClure, C.Ht.

There are many schools of thought which serve as theoretical foundations for practitioners of PLT. One which is perhaps less well-known in Western societies is the ancient Polynesian tradition of Huna. The author has found within its principles important guidelines which she has incorporated into her practice.

A paradigm shift is a major change in the way a person or a group views their reality. Once that shift point is established, nothing is the same, and a whole new range of possibilities exist. Many such shifts have occurred; some by the work of a single person, some by an event or an emerging philosophy and others by the arising of the collective unconscious of man. … Read the rest

ONGOING RESEARCH. An Exploratory Study Using Regression Therapy with the Homeless – Carlos Gris (Is.4)

by Carlos Gris, M.A.

In order to offer a model for regression research, the Journal is printing in full a proposal by Carlos Gris for exploring the potential of regression work with the homeless. His proposal has a theoretical grounding in the most innovative thinking of our time, out of which grow his hypotheses. A discussion of methods, measurement techniques, and population follows. The homeless are a difficult and sometimes almost intangible group, and many modifications may have to be made in the design, but it is a start. The findings may be negative—that is, psychodynamic techniques may work as well as regression therapy, or even better, but that, too, is a finding. Let us accompany Carlos sympathetically on … Read the rest