JRT Topic: Transpersonal Restorative Justice

Transpersonal Restorative Justice: The Transformational Effects of Meeting Perpetrators In Regression Therapy – Paula Fenn (Is.32)

by Paula Fenn

Abstract—In this article, Paula Fenn explores the term ‘Restorative Justice’ from within the criminal courts system and re-purposes this traditional terminology by extending and applying it to the transformational process of victims/clients meeting current life and past life perpetrators during regression therapy sessions. These meetings are conceptualised as ‘Transpersonal Restorative Justice’. Via the descriptive use of theory and in-depth case study analysis she not only seeks to generate an understanding of both traditional and transpersonal approaches to restorative justice, but also to evidence and enhance awareness about the incredible healing benefits which can be achieved when victims meet perpetrators. In the sharing of a wide range of illuminating stories of transformation we bear witness to the … Read the rest