Article: Homosexuality and Regression – Michael G. Millett (Is.17)

Michael G. Millett Dip, C.H.P.

Michael Millet, of Great Britain, discusses the choice of a homosexual life and suggests some reasons for this choice. Michael presents the concept of “life-themes” and they are very positive themes indeed; true growth-creating goals that may sometimes be best served by a homosexual life. This is his first appearance in the Journal.

Homosexuality can stem from several different causes, or so the “experts” say. Nobody really knows! However, reincarnation offers some possible answers. Past-life regression during hypnosis is a way of discovering how past lifetimes are interconnected to our present life, relationships, situations, goals, pursuits or problems encountered in this lifetime. So why do we pick one kind of life rather than another and indeed why a homosexual life?

I personally do not believe we choose a heterosexual life as opposed to a homosexual life or vice versa without good reason. As spiritual beings, we wish to learn and grow. Therefore we have all chosen the present lifetime whether straight or gay to learn specific lessons and to continue our growth. At a higher level of consciousness, before we entered this lifetime, we chose to work on certain themes, to overcome given blockages and limitations, to develop certain personal qualities and to make our unique contribution to the universe. We carefully selected our culture, background, race, sex, parents, childhood experiences and sexual orientation to work on our intended life-themes.

These life-themes will, naturally, require personal and spiritual growth: coming to know ourselves, learning to love, realizing our oneness with others, overcoming blockages and limitations, expressing our potential and strengths, transcending the Ego, becoming whole, being creative, being full of joy. Our life-themes develop personal qualities or strengths. These life-themes are fashioned perhaps to learn forgiveness, appreciation of beautiful things, creativity and productivity, courage, leadership, wisdom, or faith. Perhaps responsibility, compassion, inner peace, intellectual curiosity, or a sense of humor or honesty and integrity or the ability to make a commitment. Maybe to consistently stand up for our principles, values and ideals is our life-theme. Whatever our life-themes may be, we will create circumstances which provide us with appropriate challenges in which to develop them. Sometimes a homosexual life is the proper circumstance, exactly what we need to grow through our life-themes.

My beliefs about homosexuality and past lives are borne out in my work and experience as a past-life therapist and healer. I believe that if a gay life is selected, the soul might have chosen several themes as life-focuses within the gay life to learn and grow from as it does with all its choices. Perhaps “honesty” is the life-theme, and this manifests itself through being honest and coming out to friends and family, despite fears of rejection. Perhaps the soul chose “love” as a theme and this specific learning about love and type of love might only be attained by forming a loving and committed relationship with a partner of the same sex.

One might choose “integrity” as the life-theme and achieve this goal by choosing a gay life and then getting involved in a crusade or campaign for gay rights. Maybe the soul of the gay man or woman chose all or part of these themes or other life-themes in which their gayness is crucial to their learning and growth.

One view or interpretation of homosexuality within a past-life context but one that I do not feel is particularly probable is that confusion can occur when a soul changes over from a life as a member of one sex to that of the other. Souls reincarnate not only into different cultures and periods, but also as both men and women, during their many lives. The reincarnating soul could bring with it many of the former characteristics from past personalities and, when these are very strong, they could easily overshadow the new personality. The sex change may be further complicated if, in the former life, the person had been very active sexually and strongly attached to sexual gratification. It’s an interesting thought, but as I said, I do not find it very probable.

When working through past-life therapy and healing and connecting the past to the present, a link is created; a missing piece of the puzzle can be located that may fill an unanswered question about what is and why it is and what it is all about. It is amazing how the clients I work with connect things for themselves. The past never causes what is happening now, or we would be victims. The soul does not have to suffer to progress. Suffering is only good for the soul if it teaches us how not to suffer again.

The present moment is always our point of power. The past has impact upon us, but we make the choices, here and now. What is more, the past is not fixed ‑ any more than the future is fixed. We have countless probable pasts and probable futures, all of which already exist ‑ and which constantly shift and change, like a kaleidoscope, according to our beliefs and choices right now. We can and do heal the past, in this and other lifetimes, often without being aware of it but very mindful of it through past-life therapy and healing. We can also drop any negative karma ‑ by choosing to learn the lessons, by forgiving ourselves, or by changing our past choices. Everything is flexible; everything can be understood, healed and developed.

Everything is open to change. We are eternal beings, who existed “before” we were born and will exist “after” we die. A synthesis of all that has gone before and our growing and unfolding never ends no matter how we choose to do it. We are here to be free, have choice, develop and learn to have fun, and consciously create success for ourselves through many frameworks and life-styles, and sometimes those things are best done through a homosexual life. We have to begin to see that everything and everyone in our life has a greater significance than we have ever imagined. So often the fundamental learning is to forgive and love yourself and others as they are…and were.


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