Article: ONGOING RESEARCH. Substance Addiction: Searching for Causes – Joseph Lucas (Is.2)

by Joseph Lucas

Alcohol and drug addictions are the most pervasive public health problems on the American scene today and rank only slightly below heart disease and cancer as killers and disablers. They contribute to escalating crime rates, to business and industrial inefficiencies and waste, to family turmoil and relationship problems, and to accidents at home, in the workplace, and on streets and highways. An ongoing research project called ADDICTO/KARMA has been designed to expiate possible causes for addiction through the use of regressive hypnosis.

Subjects for the project are volunteer alcohol and/or drug addicts who receive regression hypnotherapy in exchange for a written consent to tape sessions. A record is kept of pertinent factors regarding each volunteer’s addiction problems and the amount of time he has been free from mood-altering chemicals.Each volunteer receives careful hypnosis conditioning. Using standardized regression techniques a search is made forthe cause of each particular addiction. Subjects are told that the cause may be found during an earlier period in the present life or during a perceived past-life recall. Of the twelve subjects who volunteered to date,four have discovered a possible cause for addiction in an earlier period of the current lifetime and four have gone back to a past-life memory.The purpose of this research is to incorporate transpersonalpostulates into existing theory in order to provide different and innovative approaches to the problem of addiction and to explore the possibility that causative factors can be found in past lives.

This is an ongoing research project, and comments or critiques by other regression therapists are welcomed.














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