Article: Soul Exploration: The Next Frontier in Self Understanding – V. Ray Long (Is.22)

by V. Ray Long

 “Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.”
Albert Einstein

Spiritual Exploration is an expression of the soul’s journey. It can provide a clear path toward personal growth, understanding, and insight. When a client can personally visit their own spirit world, the purpose and reason of why they are the way they are – are revealed.

As with many therapeutic modalities, Spiritual Exploration has its share of disbelievers. Some people just don’t believe “the spirit world,” or think it is blasphemy to discuss “going there;” others have gone to great lengths to prove that it is possible. The important thing is not whether it is real but whether it can help you understand your life from another perspective. Regardless of beliefs, there is profound benefit from the experience.

The process begins the same as a regression therapy session. It quickly moves past the death scene to the higher realm of the spirit world. It allows a true portrait of the individual as a spiritual being. Your client will identify with their own soul/spirit purpose.

When we unwind the circle of life, as humans we only experience the tip of the iceberg. The remainder lies beyond.

The client is quickly guided from a current past life; then directed into the spirit world to connect with the spirit family, including the spirit guide, soul group/s, teachers, and the council. Also, clients will chose places to visit that many times are beyond description – because many things cannot be defined in human terms. Symbology is important for the therapist to help the client bring forth information. The tape recording is essential because of the massive amount of information provided to the client. There would be too much information lost, without a good recording of the session. The process is respectful and trusts the soul’s knowledge.

After much review, reconnecting, and learning, the client is ready to prepare for the return to the Earth School that brings them back to the present life. In this phase, the client experiences the choices of body, gender, family, and geography – all things to support the purpose for the return experience and learning.

Every session is different, as is each client. The experience is profound and the outcomes reach beyond the outcomes of the past-life regression. This work will continue to grow in the future as people become more comfortable with the process. The sessions are long, starting at 3 – 4 hours. Some therapists have a prerequisite of having a past-life regression before the Spiritual Exploration. I agree. I have done this both ways and it is my experience, having the experience of the past-life regression first and an initial session help build rapport at a deeper level. This allows for a more profound outcome for the client. However, it can be done in one session.

The following case history illustrates how spiritual exploration works.

One woman wanted to know about her life purpose. Although she was very successful in the corporate world, that life did not satisfy her personally. She felt something was missing from her life. While undergoing PLR, she regressed to a time when she died at a young age, giving birth. The others took the baby away (to save the baby) and left her alone to die.

As she moved from the death scene, she advanced into the spirit world and was greeted by her spirit guide. He was a very kind loving soul that enfolded her with love, as they reviewed that last life and its purpose. The lesson was to learn the true meaning of sadness. In the review, she had many lives of sadness, but had not accomplished the depth of sadness to be able to teach this emotion to others. When she arrived at the council, this review moved to a deeper level and she also received instructions concerning how and what she needed to learn; and her purpose for the next trip to the Earth School. When others have to experience “sadness,” teach them how to deal with it, handle it, and release it. They sent her to a learning center; then to the garden to play and interact with the animals for further understanding, then on to the selection area. At the selection, she found a new understanding of why her body, gender, family, and geography were chosen for this trip. At completion, she not only understood her purpose, she also had a new understanding of who she is, how it relates to her present life, and why she is “the way” she is – a validation of self. In her words: “It explains so many things!”

From the perspective of the therapist, the sessions may or may not feel profound. Yet, in my experience – each and every client has had a profound experience with a much better understanding of self at the end of each session. I love this work.


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