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Taking the Road Not Taken: How Parallel-Life Hypnotherapy Relieved a Client’s Decades-Old Pain (Is.30)

by Joseph Mancini, Jr. Ph.D., CCHt.

Each person at some time in his or her life wonders what would have happened had he or she made a different choice; such wonder can frequently turn into sadness, regret, frustration, and even abiding anger.  Through a brief examination of Robert Frost’s iconic poem, “The Road Not Taken,” the author suggests that the primary obstacles to visiting the road not taken are insufficient courage and a metaphysics that does not embrace the fact of parallel lives.  He then looks for a moment at the Many Worlds Interpretation of quantum mechanics, which posits that every choice not made by an individual is in fact actualized in a parallel world that may or may not be accessible by the individual. This view is amplified by the metaphysics articulated by Seth, that ‘energy personality essence’ channeled by Jane Roberts for 21 years. This study culminates in the presentation of Athena’s discovery, through hypnotic regression, of what she missed after making a life-altering decision 50 years ago. With courage and the guidance of Sethian metaphysics, she experiences what her life might have been like; at the end, she is grateful to have ‘had it all,’ but also realizes that the alternate life, while significantly different and exciting, has its downside; while the path she ‘officially’ lives has a decided upside.

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