Author: Leo Sprinkle

R. Leo Sprinkle, Ph.D. – is professor emeritus, counseling services, University of Wyoming. He authored the book, Soul Samples; Personal Exploration In Reincarnation and UFO Experiences. (Granit Publishing) and published several encyclopedia entries; a half dozen book chapters; and approximately 50 articles on various topics, including; UFO research, ESP, reincarnation, spiritual emergence and counseling theory and practice. His ground-breaking pioneering research investigating the UFO “abduction” field began in the mid-1960s and set the standard for research in this controversial field of study. He was the subject of interviews on several national television programs and in 1980, founded the Rocky Mountain Conference on UFO Investigation (now in its 23d year). [Ed. note: Dr. Sprinkle has regressed/hypnotized thousands of clients with unusual memories, UFO sightings and abduction experiences. He participated in the research for one of the most sensational and well documented cases. For that set of very interesting regression/hypnosis sessions conducted by Sprinkle on this case, see the book by Stan Romanek:Romanek, S. (2011). The Orion Regressions. Colorado: Etherean (LLC).