JRT Topic: Channeling

The Mystic and the Doctor – Henry Leo Bolduc (Is.10)

by Henry Leo Bolduc

To practitioners of PLT, the names of Dr. Milton Erickson and Edgar Cayce are well-known. Though different in many ways, each, in his own way, has made rich and significant contributions to our field. The impact of their work continues, still teaching, still guiding, still inspiring. In this article, Henry Leo Bolduc examines these two men.

After decades (even centuries) of disdain for, mistrust of, and even downright antagonism toward hypnotherapy and holistic healing (so-called nontraditional medicine), the medical profession is slowly realizing that such alternative techniques to traditional medicine can, in many cases, equal or even surpass the effectiveness of modern medicine. This realization has been brought about by increasing public awareness of the success … Read the rest

Channeling Past Lives – Alan Vaughan (Is.9)

by Alan Vaughan

This article introduces the concept of channeling, or receiving paranormal information, as a model for past-life recall. Past-life “memories,” says the author, can be channeled for others as easily as for oneself, as demonstrated by a group of past-life therapists. Contrary to Ian Stevenson’s assertion, he finds that the efficacy of past-life therapy does not depend on the beliefs of therapist or client.

An interview with the late Helen Wambach gives an overview of her research finding that 98 percent of people are able to have “controlled daydreams” of their past lives. It is suggested that channeling past lives for others is an equally common capacity.

Past-life therapy is viewed by many psychologists and psychiatrists as a … Read the rest