JRT Topic: Homosexuality

Homosexuality and Regression – Michael G. Millett (Is.17)

Michael G. Millett Dip, C.H.P.

Michael Millet, of Great Britain, discusses the choice of a homosexual life and suggests some reasons for this choice. Michael presents the concept of “life-themes” and they are very positive themes indeed; true growth-creating goals that may sometimes be best served by a homosexual life. This is his first appearance in the Journal.

Homosexuality can stem from several different causes, or so the “experts” say. Nobody really knows! However, reincarnation offers some possible answers. Past-life regression during hypnosis is a way of discovering how past lifetimes are interconnected to our present life, relationships, situations, goals, pursuits or problems encountered in this lifetime. So why do we pick one kind of life rather than another … Read the rest