JRT Topic: Post-Accident Trauma

Soul Loss, a Model for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder – Viviana Zenteno (Is.27)

by Viviana Zenteno, M.D.

PTSD is a common psychiatric diagnosis. This article defines it and sketches its history. Both older and newer mainstream psychotherapy have recognized that trauma memories are stored differently from common memories, and require body awareness for release. In past-life therapy, rediscovering concepts from shamanic medicine, we interpret post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) as soul loss, and healing this condition as soul recovery. Interestingly, there seem to be parallels between the physical structure of PTSD and the psychic structure of soul fragmentation. So regression therapy is enlarging mainstream psychology, not conflicting with it. PLT traces experiences to their source, releasing blocked energies, integrating the disconnected fragments of the soul, and converting the traumatic memory into a remembrance Read the rest

Post-Accident Trauma Release: Release of Body Trauma From Current and Past-Life Traumas -Paul Hansen (Is.3)

by Paul Hansen, Ph.D.

Patients occasionally appear in a psychotherapy practice who are suffering the residual effects of accidents or other body trauma that occurred in a previous period of their lives. According to medical feedback, the body has healed, or should have healed, but for some reason it has not yet released the memory of the event. Such patients typically have chronic pain or strange body reactions and are frequently referred for psychotherapy to deal with the somatic complaint. They “know” that there is something the matter with their bodies, even though most practitioners cannot find or treat the problem. It was in an effort to understand and treat this phenomenon that the technique of post-accident trauma release … Read the rest