Shoes on the Highway—A Silent Witness
 – Marion Boon (Is.30)

by Marion Boon

Again, there was a shoe laying on the highway.

This time it was a greyish-white sneaker. The type of sneaker a teenager would wear—or maybe a young man. It was used and no doubt the owner’s favorite shoe for a long time. It lay there with the tip headed crossing the road, almost toward the oncoming traffic. The shoe was opened, as if the owner’s foot had slipped out of it while running. But where would he have run to? There was nothing. This place is a silent swath of concrete highway, with flat meadows bordering both sides. In the distance there is a mountain ridge. Other than that, nothing, absolutely nothing anywhere closer than a few miles. The mist of the humid night made the scene even more mysterious. Where is the owner of this shoe? No one would like to lose a shoe while walking, and certainly not on a run. What happened to him? Who could he be? Why did he not collect the shoe he lost? That shoe is the witness of an event that does not seem to be a nice one.

Ireland, 1700’s: An old man gazes into the distance. His posture says he gave up. He is beaten—by fate, by life, by his age. Slowly he bends down to the ground and lays his hand on the muddy sand. His fingers dig in the earth. He grabs a full hand of soil where he saw a footprint—a bare-footprint belonging to a loved one—his son or grandson perhaps. Was it indeed his footprint? God only knows. He stares. He holds the sand in his caring hand and slowly allows the grains of soil to slip through his fingers. He makes a wish—a deep wish of desire—to see him again—to meet him again—to wish the Divine to guide his path, wherever and whatever. He continues to make his wish—to make sure they will find each other again, after this life, or in the afterlife. For it is painfully inevitable; his boy was stolen, and he himself is too old to do something about it. The boats are gone.

Virginia, USA, 2011: In Virginia I presented a workshop on Family Fields and Family ‘Genetics’. Due to the request of my colleague this day was interwoven with ‘organ regeneration’. We addressed the ancestral legacies that are still playing a role in our present bodies and in our present day’s convictions or patterns of behavior. In the visualization we practiced a lady reported to see a circle, standing vertical and slowly turning around. What can it mean? Her present day issue apparently has originated in the family’s past—“slavery,” she whispers—but what is it? The vision is a transparent energy whirling in an ongoing cycle. Energy moves on intensity of thought. Something—probably someone—is not ready to stop this ongoing cycle. This is a programmed energy. Addressing the circle’s energy, it appears to be the wish to be found or remembered, and the need to go on, to continue on a path that was not chosen, but that will end somewhere. God only knows where. In the workshop exercise the woman stretches her arm in front while sitting in her chair: I want to stop this cycle. This must stop. It is done; it is no more. Making this gesture does indeed stop the circle from turning. Now she sees a footprint—in the sand. What is this? She wonders. She looks at me: “It is from my ancestors, but what can I do to stop this?” she says. 
“Look at it,” I advise. “Acknowledge what has happened. Somebody left a footprint, maybe to stay connected, to show where he or she went. A sign for those left behind. Feel the energy of the footprint and stretch your hand, carefully take the energy and tell the footprint it is over. I found you and I see you. I acknowledge that you wish your footprint to be seen.”

She does as I say respectfully and in a concentrated awareness. Touched and impressed she reports: “It belongs to an ancestor, she is a mother, she leaves. Or they left her, she wishes to keep connection. She longs. I believe this is my slave ancestor.”

I state, “Please tell her I see you! It is over. And now you will invite the owner of the energy of the footprint, or the person this energy and memory are meant for.” 
In a silence that carries an intensity that all of the workshop’s participants can feel, she performs the healing of a few generations.

Image credit: David Haith – Photographer
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“It is okay. I see you. I thank you. It is over. I have my own life now. I live and you are no more in a living body.”

The footprint becomes a real foot, and the owner says goodbye and turns around, a happy goodbye this time. Then a huge relief is felt in the entire workshop space, the energies are settling. Everybody is touched.

I offer closure, “please, take a deep sigh. Inhale and then powerfully exhale: it is over.”

How does this relate to your present life? The answer comes in insights, displayed in silence.

Last month, there was a shining red cocktail shoe on the highway. Shouting out in silence, a beautiful artifact on the shoulder of the road. How is that possible? How can someone loose a shoe on the highway, where everybody passing will be in a car?! What strange troublesome event has come over the woman who wore this fancy shoe? A young woman’s stiletto is not an item the owner would like to drop. So, what is going on here? Did she hang her feet out the window, tired and pained by the use of these high heels a full evening long? Was it impossible for the driver of the car to stop and go collect the shoe in the middle of the night? Surely, in the early morning just before the peak hours will burden the day with another layer of smog, this is a very disturbing witness of life that takes place in the blue hours of the night. God only knows what happened here.

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