Video Review by Athanasios Komianos

I really like seeing real life movies, true stories brought on a movie screen. I was really surprised when I saw the thumbnail of a movie on Allan Kardec the founder of the Spiritism movement which was far more Influential In Brazil than In his homeland, France. I Immediately clicked on It and I am very glad because it was not a waste of time. It showed the Internal conflict that tormented the professor when he was pressed by distinguished citizens and academics to attend some séance and see for himself the truth of the matter. It was also very clear how he came into conflict with the Catholic church.


2019 | Maturity Rating:13+ | 1h 50m | Drama

Director: Wagner de Assis. Starring: Leonardo Medeiros, Sandra Corveloni, Genézio de Barros.

Only Portoguese people can understand how influential was the work of the nineteenth century French professor Hippolite Léon Denizard Rivail after he attended a séance and his life changed from a harsh sceptic to a  devoted believer. Even French people have forgotten about his work and existence. In 1857 he wrote the book Le Livre des Esprits (The Book of  Spirits) under the pseudonym Allan Kardec which became  an International best seller of the time. It was followed by four more books which constitute the Spiritist Codification.

The movie made me to take the book out of my bookcase and revisit It again. If you are not acquainted with this work it Is more than worthwhile to visit your local library and borrow this wonderful book.

If you are a Netflix subscriber you can see it online here