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A Changing Perspective on Emotions in Regression Therapy – Hans TenDam (Is.19)

by Hans TenDam, C.P.L.T.

Here, TenDam relates how his views of the roles of emotions in regression therapy have evolved over time. He proposes that negative emotions have a proper and working place in our human experience and uses parts of sessions as illustrations of this point. He defines emotions in many different ways, such as communication, information, and states of being.

In my first years as a regression therapist, the role of emotions seemed clear-cut. Emotions were used to induce regression, to focus the session and to anchor the evolving train of events relived. Finally, emotions were the most noticeable part of catharsis.

A client may have recurrent bouts of deep loneliness. Focusing on the loneliness, we find … Read the rest

Past-Life Therapy Research Project – Part II – Rabia Clark (Is.12)

by Rabia Clark, M.A.

This article is a continuation of an article on page 97 of the December 1993 issue of The Journal of Regression Therapy. It gives additional findings from Rabia Clark’s research project on past-life therapy as it is practiced today.

Just what is past-life therapy? Is it a legitimate therapeutic technique–or is it more allied to spiritual healing? And, if it is a part of the psychological therapies, how can it be integrated into the “mainstream?” How can the spiritual views of the field be integrated with the more traditional cathartic methods? How has past-life therapy been researched so far?

Early studies on past-life therapy (PLT) were focused on the idea of proving the validity of … Read the rest

Past-Life Therapy with Difficult Phobics – Johannes M. Cladder (Is.2)

by Johannes M. Cladder

There are many books and articles dealing with regressions in trance to so-called past lives. Some include fascinating case histories using past-life therapy. Others attempt to establish the authenticity of reincarnation and the reality of past lives, though the question of whether reincarnation is or is not a possibility can best be determined by lines of investigation other than hypnotic regression, such as the work of Stevenson. Systematic research to determine the possible use of past-life regression with certain kinds of patients is just beginning.

Experimenting with past-life regressions in the hypnotherapy of difficult phobics gives the impression that patients are flooded with traumatic material from the hypothesized past lives and cannot avoid experiencing strong anxiety … Read the rest