future lifetimes

01 Mar: Beyond the Millennium – New Age or Brave New World? – Chet Snow (Is.28)

by Chet B. Snow

From time immemorial humanity has had a special fascination with knowledge of the future. Sages and seers across the ages have used many different rituals in an attempt to know what tomorrow would bring. A rare few have become enshrined as the great prophets of major world religions. Others, like Nostradamus, still confound us with arcane predictions which seem to match crucial events centuries later.

Edgar Cayce, an American photographer who lived between 1877 and 1945, is among the most celebrated 20th century psychic predictors. Known widely as “The Sleeping Prophet,” he had phenomenal success at mental medical diagnosis and nontraditional therapy. Over 12,000 transcripts of his psychic readings, given while he slept in a self-hypnotic … Read the rest

01 Mar: All Time is Now Even in the Hypnotherapist’s Office – Barbara Pomar (Is.26)

by Barbara Pomar


Much has been written about time, all time is now in past life therapy. Dr. Pomar combines the two conflicting ideas into a coherent simultaneous theory. As quantum theory has found that there is only the now, (the present moment) Dr. Pomar has expanded the theories into a string of Nows. What is experienced in past-life recalls or experiences are layers of the present. Therefore it is possible to go to that point in time-space where the beginning, the original event happened, change a concept and have the present and future change almost immediately.

 So many good philosophies can be derived out of these four words, All Time is Now. Yet, they can be counter-intuitive. … Read the rest

01 Dec: Past/Future Lives and Brain Wave States: A Suggestion for Research – Paul L. Fleming (Is.13)

by Paul L. Fleming, M.S.

The following paper presents a suggestion for research that would examine correlations between past-life regressions and/or future life progressions and simultaneously-occurring brain electrical activity. In his approach the author extends the Mind Mirror research of Lucas, presented in the Journal, IV, 1, 1989, but widens the scope of that study. If you are interested in his idea, please write to Paul (he is in the APRT directory) or in care of the Journal.

This paper is prompted by two recent articles in the Journal, VII, 1, Clark (1993), and Goldberg (1993). These papers raise core issues challenging the credibility of past-life/future life therapy. The first issue is whether or not reported … Read the rest

01 Oct: “Your Problem May Come From Your Future”: A Case Study – Bruce Goldberg (Is.8)

by Bruce Goldberg, D.D.S., M.S.

The concept of progression hypnotherapy is discussed. Theoretical and clinical foundations are presented to illustrate the validity of guiding patients into future lifetimes through hypnosis to resolve self-defeating sequences.

Jung theorized that there are periods in which the past, present, and future merge in a kind of timeless state. He termed this phenomenon synchronicity. Ego analysts see the ability to relate past, present, and future appropriately as a function of the ego, termed integration (Pressman, 1969). It seems logical that some tasks necessitate clear separation of the time dimensions such as remembering (past), attending (present), and anticipating (future). Other tasks necessitate the binding of all three dimensions, such as planning or organizing; in these … Read the rest