Article: ONGOING RESEARCH. Brain Wave States Underlying the Regression Process – Lucas/Snow (Is.2)

by Winafred Lucas and Chet Snow

Research with a biofeedback device called the Mind Mirror established that various levels of brain activity—Beta, Alpha, Theta, and Delta—are active at all times. The Mind Mirror, which monitors the states on a small television screen, shows the proportions in which the states are experienced. There is no one state in which one experiences a past life, any more than there is one state in which dreaming occurs, or any other activity of consciousness.

Preliminary work with the Mind Mirror suggests that regression recall takes place with a high amount of Theta, and an equally high amount of Delta is also present. Mind Mirror research suggests that Delta is actually a radar state. This may eventually tie in with Sheldrake’s conception of the Mind Field and prove to be the modality by which the individual tunes into stored memories of his other lifetimes.

The researchers are beginning a long-term study with the Mind Mirror to try to understand more fully the aspects of brain activity involved in regression work. They will be joined by Peter Morrison, a senior teacher at the Evolving Institute in Denver, a biofeedback center which explores various forms of human energy systems and does extensive training in biofeedback techniques for developing meditational states and healing. This institute, under the direction of Anna Wise, M.A., has continued the research of Maxwell Cade, the English originator of the Mind Mirror. It has been especially involved with the composition of brain waves known as the Awakened Mind State, used by most healers and characteristic of certain kinds of deep meditation, a state which Cade observed and documented in the early Seventies.

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