Article: Therapist Survey of Client Experiences – David Graham (Is.31)

by David Graham


This survey was designed to explore the effects of extra-terrestrial encounters on clients of therapists and also includes reports of encounters from the therapists themselves. To that extent it was promoted mainly amongst therapists. Both data and client comments were collected via a simple on-line survey, created using Googleforms. This were a total of forty submissions during a 12 month period that ended in December 2019.

The survey asked questions that focus on background details of the client, details of the encounter itself and any perceived outcomes from the encounter and the therapeutic process. One of my motives for conducting this survey was to explore the extra-terrestrial encounters of the client as part of my interest in pre-birth agreements between souls. There was a wide range of responses, some appeared to support a proposition of a pre-birth agreement, some did not.

The focus of the survey then moves on to explore the effects of the encounter on the client and goes further to gain feedback on any perceived outcomes from the therapy now (if known). More than that the survey explores whether the therapy session(s) was actually intended to explore the encounter with extra-terrestrial beings, or whether the encounter came to client awareness as a result of therapy for other issues, or in different circumstances. What sort of difference did the encounter present to the client? What sort of difference did the recall make to the client? It all ends with a conclusion.


Earlier this year the survey of clients that have encountered extra-terrestrial experiences was launched. It was aimed mainly at therapists’ work with clients, although it also included some of the entrants’ own personal encounters. The survey attracted forty submissions of a very wide range, each offering some detail and description of the encounters.

The original motive for launching this survey was to explore whether these encounters were pre-planned before incarnating into the client’s present life. Possibly a voluntary agreement, possibly not voluntary, possibly not at all. The aim of the survey is not focused on the type of extra-terrestrial, or their origins, or their spacecraft, or their technology. It is not even focused on whether the encounter is true or not, or to make judgements on any therapy involved. Neither is it specifically aimed at discovering the purpose of the ET visit, or alternative theories of what might have actually happened.

Out of that original motive, came the idea for a survey that also sought to understand the consequences of these encounters for the client. More than that, what were the consequences of the ‘memory recall’ of the incident? So, the survey was launched.

One of the submissions refers to numerous client regressions over a twenty-five-year period that uncovered experiences of past lives as extra-terrestrials on other planets. This asserts that as souls, many of us have already lived as extra-terrestrial beings on other planets and have even on occasion visited earth. There were also numerous submissions from a therapist of client sessions of ET experiences that also included some of her own encounters. There was also a small handful of other personal firsthand ET encounters. Human clairvoyant abilities were the key for some encounters, picking up on alien forms in unexpected places or perceiving alien characteristics within other humans too—possibly tuning into ET characteristics from another life?

There was no requirement to know the identity of the person that has had an ET encounter, yet the identity and email of the therapist reporting the encounters was required, although their identity is not disclosed. The following pages consist of questions listed on the webpage and in the order listed there. It begins with basic details on the dates, age group and gender of client and the general locations of the encounters. Questions then focus on the details of the encounter, before moving on to any effects for the client at that time and the effects now. It all finishes with a conclusion.

This report includes many unedited comments directly from the submissions. These comments are in italics. The samples have been chosen to represent the various different experiences put forward and also to keep the report manageable rather than too bulky, so this is not a complete and detailed summary of every submission.

When did the encounters actually happen?

Dates of encounters ranged from September 1961 through to November 2019.

Who had these encounters?

9 (22.5%) encounters occurred while aged between 0-18 years old. 31(77.5%) encounters while adult, yet no encounters were reported for the over 60 age group.

29 (72.5%) of the entries referred to females. 10 (25%) to males and 1 entry referred to numerous client encounters of either gender and various ages over an extended period of time.



Where did this happen?

16 (40%) occurred at home

17 (42.5%) occurred away from home

7 (17.5%) unknown

Which country?

USA  19 UK  6 Netherlands  3 Portugal  2 Canada  1
Kenya  1 Russia  1 Turkey  1 Ukraine  1 Not known  5


What did the ETs look like?

A whole range of answers to this. Some greys, some reptilian, some like humans, giant locusts, metallic blue, silvery white and several more. Some reports referred to a single entity, others referred to several.

Here are some brief examples taken from the responses:

“grey with big eyes”

“I saw one small young lost little ET – felt like it was around 4-5 years of age?”

“1 lizard like Reptilian – dark hard outer shell – about 2 feet in length – sickly?”

“Very human like but smaller with bigger eyes, many were seen”

“she became an ET on another planet encountering a spaceship & party of ‘greys’ raiding her planet”

“1 small fetus – half ET, half machine”

“They looked like smallish humans, green in color. Very distinct feature is that they had very protruding teeth. Many – a whole string of them.”

“One amphibian (frog-like). Wore a uniform with a triangular insignia on the upper left chest. I think it was male.

“3 male Greys – about 4 feet in height – insect like – powerful – menacing”

Did the client describe being transported to a different place?

Yes         15 (38.5%)

No          22 (56.4%)

Not sure               2

No answer           1

If so, please explain:

Most of the reports of being transported to another place describe being taken onto a spacecraft for a variety of reasons – according to the reports these appeared to be mainly for in-depth observation and examination, healing or reunion. Other reports were of memories of lives as extra-terrestrials on planets other than earth.

Most reports that did not include being transported, referred to the client being at home or in a familiar place. Two reports referred to being in the vicinity of Mount Shasta, USA.

Examples of several responses below:

“Memory came as an adult of being taken up on a ship as a wailing infant, and being very frightened and disoriented.”

“No – this occurred in my master suite in my home – I was home alone”

“The client reported being abducted from her bed at home as a small child. She was aware of 3-4 aliens who looked like black shadows. She was taken to a room full of light.”

“Transported from lying on his couch at home to a spacecraft. Initially became aware of being in a room but then realised the room was inside a craft.”

Were others aware of the encounter?

Yes         12 (32.4%)

No          23 (62.2%)

Not sure 2 (5.4%)

No answer 3


If so, please explain:

As the pie chart shows, most cases were personal for the client alone, yet there were a significant number of claims that others were also aware of the encounter. Some examples below:

“Alone in car on a country road”

“his wife observed the sightings too but never heard them speaking”

“The client had repressed this memory until it resurfaced in Regression Therapy. She had ‘forgotten’ and nobody else knew about it.”

“This client was a boy of 8 years old. His sister 14 years and mother all know and witnessed.”

The client had forgotten about this ‘memory’, no other humans knew about it, but other ET’s were aware of it”


How did ETs relate to client?

Friendly 10 (25%)
Impersonal 10 (25%)
Hostile 4 (10%)
Changes 6 (15%)
Other 10 (25%)



Once more there is a wide variety of answers for this question. It is noticeable that having the choice of ‘impersonal relationship’, ‘relationship changes’ and ‘hostile relationship’ uncovers a little more insight into some encounters. Only 4 (10%) described the relationship as hostile, although in some cases it was extremely hostile (see example below). Some encounters began as being experienced as hostile yet changed to friendly or loving during the course of the encounter (one case went the opposite way). These are classed as ‘the relationship changes’. Some others were regarded as being impersonal rather than hostile. Even the comments of those marking ‘Other’ on the form, appeared to indicate either a generally friendly or impersonal relationship. Some examples of the comments are below:

“Impersonal at first yet became more trusting”

“Repeated gang rapes do not constitute a relationship”

“She was thrilled to be back home with her planet of origin family – lots of happy reunions….”

“Amazing – pure love and support, with a terrific sense of humor”

“They were not hostile nor friendly, they were scared and crying.”


Were the ETs physical in form?

Physical                15 (37.5%)

Semi-physical     5 (12.5%)

Non-physical       7 (17.5%)

Non visual           3 (7.5%)

Not sure               2 (5%)

Other                     8 (20%)


Some comments:

“it was an out of body experience so non-physical, but they looked like giant locusts”

“the metallic beings were physical, the blue beings either semi or non-physical. It was hard for her to describe”

“semi physical because it was very painful when it came out”

Please describe the encounter as reported by client

This is a selection of descriptions as supplied directly from the form. They are intended to represent the wide variety of submissions offered.

“during a near death experience during childbirth the client left her body and floated, lost, in space. Was then found by ET’s that put her on some sort of healing table. She and her son pulled through, more or less to the surprise of doctors and nurses.”

“. . . My Guides continued to confirm I was abducted against my will as a helpless 2-month old infant. I felt a lot of anger regarding this possibility, so did a healing session with my spiritual teacher. She immediately confirmed I had been hearing my Guides correctly during meditation and had put the pieces of the puzzle together correctly. We established this as a free-will violation and established my boundaries as a sovereign being. I worked to forgive the ETs who had been taking people aboard without their permission, without condoning the behavior. I was floored when my teacher shared with me at the end of our session the reason she was so knowledgeable about this case was she had grown up in New Hampshire. She had been kidnapped as a 6-year old girl along with a number of other children and adults in her neighborhood by the same ship that took the Hills and grabbed me. (I completed a separate form for her incident.) What were the odds? We asked our Guides how this could be possible and were both told we had been carrying ET implants in the back of our necks since a shared past life together 2,000 years ago. She had already removed hers, and I asked her to remove mine which concluded our session.”

“Client wasn’t especially interested in describing what happened on her home planet or what it was about – it was more about piloting her ship as a metaphor for being in charge of her life on Earth now and validating her home planet.”

“During the part of spirit release in regression therapy. The ET big head appeared and responded to my questions in robot voice. He was in the earth proximity and this client drew him because of his strong vibrations. He that stayed with him in order to study human emotions. When I explained about permissions and free will of the human on Earth, he apologized said he wants to cause no intrusion of our rules and left. As soon as he left neither the client nor me had any recollection of this conversation. It was months after I found it in my notes written in neat handwriting. Neither me nor the client could recall ever having this conversation. The recording of this session was mysteriously erased right after the session. (I still have the notes – I hope!)”

“The client was alone at home overnight, in his room, when he was kidnapped out of the window. During the session, he described the ETs as being physical and his physical body as going out of the window. One of the ETs mind-controlled him, keeping him lethargic and with no energy. He was examined at a table in the “classic” way. Only upon returning the client was startled noticing his body to be lying down in his room. Until then, he thought everything had happened at a physical level. This could be just imagination inspired by movies. However, until then, the client had improved for a couple of months from severe depression but came back into it months later. So, I went deeper. After this session and getting rid of the “lethargy-mind control” from the hostile alien, my client never again returned to depression…”

“I have just completed a session with a client, she was ready to leave, and suddenly she said that she feels pain in the stomach. I took her back into trance, and she found these 2 green aliens (male), and older ugly (female) stuck in her stomach. The aliens were crying, they were completely lost, didn’t know how they got into her stomach, and only wanted to find the way home. I told them to look up, and to look at the sky, where they would be able to identify a beacon to their home place. They did, and we released them – and not 2, but the whole string of them came out. They were very happy to leave. Said ‘Thank you’ as they were leaving. I didn’t ask where and how they got into the client’s stomach, as I was a very ‘young’ therapist, and was taken by surprise by the encounter.”

“Every night boy gets nightmares. He has physical scars of the treatment, aliens take his tissue, part of teeth, etc. They claim to use it for study, but research in the session taught they are arrogantly using humans mainly looking down at emotions. They were degenerate and long term desperately trying to reproduce their own, which did not work.”

Any recognition between client and ET?

Yes                         22 (59.5%)

No                          7 (18.9%)

Not sure               8 (19.6%)


More than half of the submissions claimed that there was some form of recognition between the client and the extra-terrestrial beings during the encounter. This indicates that in some cases there may have been a prior agreement to have such an encounter, although in other cases that seems to be unlikely. I could speculate that in some of those cases that there was a voluntary or involuntary agreement made before incarnation into this physical life. i.e. they agreed to meet up for a particular purpose even though the client may have no conscious awareness of that now. Indeed, very often there was trauma for the client.  This proposition would need far more research.

What was the original purpose of the session?

Explore ET encounter            3 (8.3%)

Other therapeutic purpose    8 (22.2%)

Various other                        25 (69.5%)

No answer                               4


Only three respondents recalled the encounter in a regression session that was actually intended to explore the ET contact, although reading through some of the ‘various other’ motives there may be a small number more. By far the majority indicated that the client uncovered the memory of the encounter with extra-terrestrial beings in a therapeutic regression session or in a waking state which could be recalled without any assistance.

Did this recall make a difference for the client?

Yes –Positive                         28

Yes –Negative                         0

No difference/don’t know     4

No answer                               8


The vast majority of responses indicated that ultimately there was a positive difference, indeed leading to a healing and empowering experience. In some other cases the client has had multiple encounters with extra-terrestrials and became more able to process the experiences in a therapeutic way as familiarity increased. See comments below:

“Extreme difference. He got rid of episodes of severe depression”

“Awareness of his relationship with the Universe stabilizes the patient’s behavior and normalizes his psychological reactions”

“The pain in the stomach was gone. No other difference.”

“Recall and processing of the memories profoundly changed her life. She was able to understand her years of fear and anxiety and resolved it over time.”

“Learning how to be sovereign in my own energy and to discern who to work with and who to avoid has been a challenging journey the last few years. I’ve had such a plethora of energetic experiences including more than 80 past lives to process since I found the first two during a Nov. 2011 PLR with a Newton therapist. Having sorted this all out has resolved a lifetime of anxiety, PTSD, emotional overload, chronic pain and more. Yah!”

“Yes. One month after the encounter session she said she was still shocked about it, but it was making her think about her previous problems trying to create a life purpose. Now she could frame it as her very life here on Earth now as an observer had a massive purpose for humanity. However, she wanted to do more than just observe on her ET family’s behalf. She now trusted that if she was called to participate more then she would. She felt more radiant at an energetic level since reuniting with her ET family.”

How does the client feel about the experience now? (if known)

Generally positive responses to this question, a few unknown, and two clients that would avoid any suggestion of further exploration of the experience. Examples below:

“She felt tremendously relieved to let go of the old experience and to know that it may indeed have happened just as she perceived it as a child. She originally innocently tried to talk about it with other neighborhood children the next day thinking they’d also remember going on the ship and the ‘funny little men’ but instead was made fun of and shunned. Her parents punished her for ‘telling lies.’ She spent the first thirty years of her life thinking something was very wrong with her as she was so misunderstood as most people don’t understand psychic abilities at this level. It can be extremely isolating.”

“she was grateful for the discovery, it made lot of sense for her”

“Does not want to talk about it, in fact any other later attempt to go – navigate – there were diverted”

“Extremely positive”

“I feel more firmly in my power as well as more aligned with my Guides. I feel fortunate to be so loved and protected, and to have paid my dues.”

“These sessions took place 6 years ago. I don’t know how she feels about all of this now.”

“I feel it was a privilege to see them and to understand we live on such an amazing planet with so much more to offer than meets the eye…”

Further Comments

Many comments describe the therapeutic working through of traumatic experiences to bring the client to a more whole version of themselves. Even then many of the encounters that were incidental rather than recalled in therapy, seemed to have a major impact yet also an ultimately constructive and healing experience. See more comments below:

“The environment of this family had 6 men, all fathers who had heart diseases. All healed. These aliens were ‘studying’ why a free man would let himself be bound by a family. They made these fathers sick. After the mother of this family took it up to do a few session’s, if is all over. Also, the father lost many Los weight, the 14-year-old girl is no longer paralyzed from hips down. That took longest”

“it was horrible when she let E.T. out: pain in the ears and nose and mouth. it was almost a kind of exorcism. afterwards she felt more in her own energy, energetic”

“This client also recalled that it was the same greys that her sister described from visitations when they were both children”

“Although we were not able to discover more about these Hawaii UFO encounters – since more emphasis was on the ‘Life Between Lives’ discovery, the client felt connected after the session and appreciated it very much”

“It was a very down to earth sports person who came for ‘Life Between Lives’ regression, he was curious and balanced. This recall in the first session was just a ‘random’ recall of his mountain hike.”


The impact of an encounter with unknown extra-terrestrial beings that appear to be more advanced and vastly more powerful than the client can be extreme for a person, potentially leaving them in fear and feeling disempowered. Even so, when the experience is processed in a therapeutic environment the rewards can be very impressive, giving the client insight into their relationship with the universe and all souls within it. Therapeutic processing can help create a different sort of outcome, of feeling connected and empowered. This is shown on numerous occasions within this report. This appears to be true even for encounters marked with great fear, where therapeutic work can help a person reclaim their own sense of power. However, it also appears to be true for encounters marked with great love, where therapeutic work can enhance a person’s sense of their own personal power and their place in the universe. This can offer substantial benefits for the client, as one of the contributors, a very experienced therapist explains:

“Awareness of the relationship with the Universe stabilizes the patient’s behavior and normalizes his psychological reactions”

Many of the encounters were uncovered unexpectedly and clearly this is safer if it happens within the therapeutic environment where much processing of the event can lead to a healthy outcome.

It was noticeable that only four (10%) of the submissions regarded the ET’s as being simply hostile, while a larger number regarded them as being impersonal, or friendly, or changing from hostile to friendly. Indeed, most submissions claimed that there was some form of recognition between the client and ET. Within the answers to this question clues of some former awareness of the existence of each other could be found. This may also suggest some collusion between souls prior to human incarnation of an agreed compliance to allow ET visits, even though human conscious recall of that may be lost. Other visits appear to be hostile, manipulative or even brutal, with alien implants suggesting tracking capability found in two of the reports, also alien entities carried within the body Some visits appeared to be random and incidental, where the client may have even been just an observer.

A sample of forty is simply not enough to draw any firm conclusions about the phenomenon of extra-terrestrial contact. There are indications within this report that ET encounters can be enormously beneficial yet enormously intrusive. Some of the contributions referred to memories of the client’s previous lives on other planets, this was a specialty for one of our contributors as he states:

“In my sessions, the patient’s Soul lives in an alien body.”

These explorations of ET lives can also give insight into core feelings about ‘feeling different,’ not fitting well within a society that has no acceptance of such concepts.

Pre-birth planning for souls to accommodate visits for ETs appears to be a distinct possibility according to some submissions. A sense of recognition between the client and extra-terrestrial in more than half of the cases support that view. Where did that sense of recognition come from? If the recognition is real, and it seemed that way for clients, then pre-birth planning must be a favored explanation

Another question to consider is whether advanced extra-terrestrial beings actually treat humans as badly as humans treat much of the animal world. Indeed, humans can treat other humans with immense disregard and cruelty as demonstrated in the human slave trade which still flourishes in parts of the world now.

So what message is there for readers of this report that come from beyond the therapeutic community, within the general public at large? Most of these cases had no prior knowledge of any extra-terrestrial contact or having extra-terrestrial lives, although there are a few that did have at least some hint of awareness. Exploring partly forgotten memories with a well-qualified and experienced therapist would be a good place to go. Indeed, exploring aspects of feeling different from others can yield fine rewards. There are many good therapists out there.

So what message is there for the sceptic view of all this? Indeed, how can anybody prove whether any of this is actually true? I’m not actually interested in proving whether advanced extra-terrestrial beings exist, or whether they might visit some specific humans on earth. My interest is in the experience of the client and whether the encounter and the therapeutic recall of the encounter enhances the well-being of the client. I am also interested to understand whether there has been some form of contract set up between the parties that is being fulfilled during some of these visits.

There also seemed to be a lack of awareness on behalf of some ET’s of the potential for deep trauma for the human in such an encounter. On occasions it seemed that when the ET became aware of the fear for the human, then the ET would withdraw. In some of these cases it seems that there is a lack of awareness of human values such as free will. As one of the therapists wrote:

“When I explained about permissions and free will of the human on Earth, he apologized said he wants to cause no intrusion of our rules and left”

Yet other encounters describe a relationship that was manipulative, with no regard for the well-being of the client. We could also consider that these ET’s may well have been what could be termed ‘negative entities’ of one form or another.

This survey has its limitations in terms of gaining factual insight into the repercussions of an ET encounter, yet taking the opportunity to process the experience in a therapeutic setting is an obvious recommendation. Living in a society that does not accept such beliefs in advanced extra-terrestrial visits to earth is a challenge so leaving such experiences unsupported is not recommended. Permission being obtained by ET’s before incarnation is a significant possibility with some of these encounters especially where there was some element of recognition or familiarity between them, yet that is hardly likely in other encounters

Whatever the personal beliefs of the reader may be, I hope that this report offers a thought-provoking experience for all. Of course, further research in this area could prove to be valuable in time to come, although maybe this will be overtaken by a public extra-terrestrial visit that cannot be denied or avoided by the most ardent sceptic. That would be a very different scenario.

We shall see.


I would like to thank each person that has sent their contributions in for this report. Most contributions have come from therapists reporting the experiences of their clients, yet some are reported in firsthand from their own personal encounter. This is my message of appreciation for that. The identity of the client has not been required or collected, yet the identity of the person making the submission has been required (usually the therapist). In some of these cases the identity of the person having the encounter has become clear. This being the case I decided not to send out the summary from Googleforms as editing the summary is not allowed and confidentiality would thus be compromised.

I would also like to thank EARTh Research Committee for their support and advice while I was forming the questionnaire for this survey.


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