JRT Topic: Body Therapy

EXPERIENTIAL DATA. Creative Source Experience – Ginny Pryne (Is.4)

by Ginny Pryne

I left my island with its fog and trees, which go right down to the waters of Puget Sound, to come south in September to the APRT Annual Conference in sun-filled Sacramento. In looking over the possible workshops one stood out for me because of its title, “Creative Source,” my favorite words! In a group of about twenty-five participants I was one of three who volunteered to be subjects. Dr. Schubot, the workshop leader, used all three of us to demonstrate how the body is tuned to a Creative Source which knows the answers to questions asked, answers which would lead to our highest good. Answers bypass the conscious mind and are evidenced from the unconscious by … Read the rest

Creative Source Therapy in Past Life Exploration – Errol Schubot (Is.4)

by Errol Schubot, Ph.D.

Again we have a striking innovation in method presented by Errol Schubot. Those of you who attended his workshop at the Fall Conference in Sacramento were moved by his powerful and loving method of working through personality tie-ups initiated in past lives. In considering both the article and the work, we are confronted with a common difficulty in clinical research. Which variables were responsible for the successful outcome of the experience? Was it the loving energy generated by the group? Was it Errol Schubot’s strikingly creative use of transformational imagery? Or was it his skillful method of contacting the Creative Source? Probably all three contributed to Ginny Pryne’s resolution. Be sure to read the open Read the rest

Aspects of Past-Life Bodywork: Understanding Subtle Energy Fields Part II: Practical Aspects – Roger Woolger (Is.4)

by Roger J. Woolger, PhD                                                                                                          

The author demonstrates the inter-relationship of the mental, emotional, and etheric levels as they operate across lifetimes. He illustrates the application of these levels in several case studies: of acute sinusitis, of sexual frigidity, and of panic attacks connected with public speaking. He demonstrates the importance of working with all levels of functioning involved with the symptom.

In the previous part of this article (Woolger, 1987a), which discussed theoretical aspects of bodywork in past-life therapy, I noted how the three subtle bodies or energy fields affected each other. Using this perspective it is often quite simple to see how a thought (from the mental field) can influence feelings (in the emotional field). “I’m a … Read the rest

The Psyche and the Body: Partners in Healing – Barbara Findeisen (Is.3)

by Barbara Findeisen, M.A., M.F.C.C.

The mind-body dichotomy has been entrenched in Western thought for so long most medical doctors have felt little need to concern themselves with the psyches of their patients. Conversely, traditional psychotherapy has shown little concern with physical problems. Recently the popularity and effectiveness of body therapies have prompted the acceptance of a concept of partnership between body and mind and a realization that they are not separate entities.

The majority of my clients enter therapy for psychological reasons, only to discover that change in the psyche affects the body, also. Conversely, colleagues who practice physical therapies frequently tell me that body work effects emotional breakthroughs and psychological insights. The two modalities are emerging as … Read the rest