JRT Topic: Death Experience

Regressed Past Lives and Survival After Physical Death: Unique Experiences? – Robert T. James (Is.11)

by Robert T. James, J.D.

After completing a written survey inquiring into demographics and religious beliefs, 104 adult subjects were separately hypnotized in an attempt to regress them to past lives. Eighty-one subjects did regress to what seemed to be past lives. The results were subjected to a Multi-variate Analysis of Variance (MANOVA) and to other statistical analyses. In this article Dr. James presents a summary of some of his findings.


Whether or not we survive physical death and are reborn again would seem to be two of the most important questions we can ask ourselves. Indeed, the reports from every known society indicate that our ancestors seemed to concern themselves with such questions as far back as … Read the rest

Exploring One’s Death – Ernest Pecci (Is.3)

by Ernest Pecci, M.D.

It is important that we learn not to fear death. One way of accomplishing this is to explore the various realms of consciousness between the waking dream of earth-plane existence and consciousness after death. In recent years a number of books by Moody, Ring, and others regarding near-death experiences have helped to focus my interest on the possible reproduction of the death experience in a clinical setting by using direct suggestion. In dealing with past lives it is important to complete the lessons of given lifetimes by taking subjects through the death experience up to higher planes of learning where they can review those lifetimes and their lessons. They can then make more positive and … Read the rest