JRT Topic: Hypnotic Regression

A Thorny Question: An Experiential Analysis of Spontaneous and Hypnotically Induced Past Life Memory Retrieval – Jenny Cockell (Is.32)

by Jenny Cockell

Abstract—In this article, Jenny Cockell, well-known author and personality in the field of reincarnation research, seeks to compare and extrapolate her own experiences of spontaneous past life memory recall with her experiences of accessing past life memories utilising hypnosis. In this well-considered and intimate account, Jenny shares examples of the positives and negatives, gains and detriments, of both experiential realms. Further, she addresses the question as to whether or not hypnosis is a useful tool in retrieving past life memories which can be validated in the same manner in which many thousands of spontaneous past life memories have been interrogated and verified. If not, why not, are questions which run throughout the body of her article.… Read the rest

Hypnosis and Healing – Irene Hickman (Is.3)

by Irene Hickman, D.0.

Hypnosis is an effective tool for looking into the human mind, exploring its facets, and determining its potential. Its increased use will undoubtedly reveal the answers to the questions as to who, what, and why we are and how our minds function. That these answers can be found by using non-directive methods — using questions rather than just suggestions — is one of the things I have leaned from patients in my thirty-seven years of using hypnosis with them. I have constantly been reminded, as I have worked with people from all backgrounds, that they know far more about themselves than I could ever know and that they can be led gently toward ever greater … Read the rest

Taking the Road Not Taken: How Parallel-Life Hypnotherapy Relieved a Client’s Decades-Old Pain – Joseph Mancini (Is.30)

by Joseph Mancini, Jr. Ph.D., CCHt.

Each person at some time in his or her life wonders what would have happened had he or she made a different choice; such wonder can frequently turn into sadness, regret, frustration, and even abiding anger.  Through a brief examination of Robert Frost’s iconic poem, “The Road Not Taken,” the author suggests that the primary obstacles to visiting the road not taken are insufficient courage and a metaphysics that does not embrace the fact of parallel lives.  He then looks for a moment at the Many Worlds Interpretation of quantum mechanics, which posits that every choice not made by an individual is in fact actualized in a parallel world that may or may Read the rest

Absolutes: Messages In Mind – Jeffrey J. Ryan (Is.23)

Jeffrey J. Ryan, M.A. C.R.T.


During the process of discovery in locating the ISE, (initial sensitizing event) an important question needs to be asked of the client/patient. What messages are they carrying in mind about themselves? I call these messages “Absolutes.” In most cases these messages rule the life. The emotional energy attached to each message will undoubtedly trigger feelings within that will stop the patient cold.

We, as human beings, horde these messages as though it was and is a retirement account. They are delivered to us sometimes in small increments but in most as a one two punch to the head or gut. They are given to us by well-intentioned meaningful authority or respected figures in … Read the rest

Past-Life Therapy with Difficult Phobics – Johannes M. Cladder (Is.2)

by Johannes M. Cladder

There are many books and articles dealing with regressions in trance to so-called past lives. Some include fascinating case histories using past-life therapy. Others attempt to establish the authenticity of reincarnation and the reality of past lives, though the question of whether reincarnation is or is not a possibility can best be determined by lines of investigation other than hypnotic regression, such as the work of Stevenson. Systematic research to determine the possible use of past-life regression with certain kinds of patients is just beginning.

Experimenting with past-life regressions in the hypnotherapy of difficult phobics gives the impression that patients are flooded with traumatic material from the hypothesized past lives and cannot avoid experiencing strong anxiety … Read the rest

Past-Life Therapy in the Netherlands – Rob Bontenbal (Is.7)

by Rob Bontenbal, M.A.

Ten years ago past-life therapy was still an almost unknown form of therapy in the Netherlands. Books by past-life therapists such as Thorwald Dethlefsen, Morris Netherton, Edith Fiore, and Denys Kelsey had become available, and hypnotherapy had grown increasingly accepted, bringing many hypnotists into contact with past-life material, but in general few members of either the public or the professions had yet become aware of the potentials of PLT for solving mental, emotional, and physical problems.

This situation existed in part because most hypnotherapists did not know how to work with past-life material. Whenever a client revealed experiences he could not relate to this life, the therapist either neglected the material or worked with the … Read the rest

Induction to Childhood: Principles of Induction and Transformation – Henry Leo Bolduc (Is.7)

by Henry Leo Bolduc

Present-life regression can be every bit as powerful and as healing as regression to a past life. If there is any secret to present-life regression, that secret lies mainly in simplicity rather than in any complicated techniques.

One key to this simplicity is a careful explanation made to the subject before the session begins. Such advance preparation greatly facilitates recovery of material. Particularly important is the subject’s understanding of the various methods that individuals employ to process memory. In order to determine which method a subject will feel most comfortable using, the subject may be given an opportunity first to process a happy present-life memory. Whether this memory is an event that occurred five minutes before … Read the rest

Rescripting: A Family of Therapeutic Techniques – Kenneth Kaisch (Is.5)

by Kenneth Kaisch, Ph.D.

Rescripting is a hypnotic technique which is occasionally used in psychotherapy. It also refers to a family of related therapeutic techniques. Re-scripting per se involves the hypnotic addition of life experience in order to modify the patient’s felt experience of him/herself. It is most often used when the patient has an experience deficit that is so profound as to be debilitating. For example, a patient who had severely abusive parents may be so deprived of ordinary parental affection as to be unable to establish an adequate sense of self worth despite the use of ordinary therapeutic treatment. In cases such as this, rescripting is the treatment of choice.

It is informative to consider the place … Read the rest