Prenatal Memories

18 Jul: Pre- and Perinatal Regression – Albert Marotta (Is.29)

by Albert J. Marotta MA, CHT


Hypnotic transpersonal regression is a valid expansion of successful therapeutic procedures in a multi dimensional reality. This article suggests that any trauma experienced in pre and perinatal periods (Physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual) can have life-long negative effects as reflected in research, case studies and personal experiences.

The goal of this article is to introduce just one of several different levels or dimensions found in hypnotic regression work and perhaps provoke some new thought.

Throughout history, in any field, the desire of a few to manipulate and control others is legendary. They have effectively employed guilt, shame, fear, intimidation, religion and budget manipulation for suppressing any new perspectives, thoughts or concepts while ignoring … Read the rest

01 Dec: Soul Retrieval – Janet Cunningham (Is.12)

by Janet Cunningham, M.S.

Practitioners of past-life therapy and research often report a perceived empathic bond with their clients during their sessions. It is not all that unusual for a therapist to report knowing what a client was experiencing before s/he actually described it verbally. Nor is it unusual for a client to report feeling the presence of the therapist during the past-life experience. In this article, the author presents an interesting extension of this, in that she felt obliged to enter into the client’s experience. The description of what occurred leaves us with perhaps more questions than answers.

Past-life therapy has broadened over the years as a result of the pioneers (APRT members and researchers at the forefront … Read the rest

01 Mar: Rescripting in Prenatal, Perinatal, and Early Childhood Regression Work – Barbara Findeisen (Is.5)

by Barbara Findeisen, M.A., M.F.C.C.

Peeling off roles and examining life scripting can lead to dramatic life changes. In the regression of my clients, it is possible to discover life scripts within the traumatic situations they have experienced. By returning to the traumas, the etiology of the scripting is uncovered, because during early traumas the organism imprints on survival patterns. As these experiences are relived, it is clear that the child makes decisions based on his interpretation of what is happening at the time and these decisions form the core belief behind the script.

Case 1

In her regression to her prenatal state Anna at first experiences the womb as safe and comfortable.

Anna:          The Light is here with … Read the rest

03 Oct: ONGOING RESEARCH. Healing Prenatal Memories – Clara Riley (Is.4)

by Clara Riley, Ph.D.

It is important to develop new paradigms of healing through experiential learning and clinical research. Therapists have demonstrated that re-experiencing one’s birth in its physical manifestations can be useful in the relief of symptoms, including depression, panic attacks, and other difficulties. Currently we are exploring whether disturbances can be healed at an unconscious level by directed meditational imagery combined with relaxation and stretching. This study attempts to answer this question by comparing responses to a cassette tape for directed meditation as measured by changes in the Cornell Medical Index. Recording of demographic data and diagnosis will be followed by administration of the tape with the following instructions:

“Many people have benefited from participation in relaxation … Read the rest