Issue 30

THE INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF REGRESSION THERAPY Volume XXVI, December, 2018 The organization for the new International Journal of Regression Therapy is continuing to publish the Journal formerly know as the Journal of Regression Therapy originally published under the auspices of two legacy organizations that do not exist today. It is felt by the Journal Policy Board that what was accomplished and begun by these organizations is too valuable to loose and too valuable not to continue. As the regression field gains adherents across the world this, the only international regression journal, is available to advance the regression discipline. For comments or questions go to the contact list at or e-mail one of the members of the policy board. Find past Journal issues at for download or hard copy at modest cost. Search capabilities by author, topic, index, and article are available at the Journal web site. Contact one of us if you have difficulty. The International Journal of Regression Therapy is a professional publication. Its function is to serve as an open forum to share and discuss information, ideas, and theories, and for the publication of research in the regression field. All materials presented herein represent the views and opinions of the individual authors and are not necessarily those of the Policy Board, editors or consulting editors. Publication of an article herein does not represent an endorsement of its contents by them, collectively or individually. Copyright© 2018 by the Journal Policy Board at: E-mail: [email protected]

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