JRT Topic: Karma

Reincarnation and Ecology: A Contribution to the Coming Generations – Athanasios N. Komianos (Is.23)

by Athanasios N. Komianos


 “As you sow, so shall you reap”

This is a plea to all regression therapist colleagues to contribute to a deeper and better understanding of our relationship with the environment in terms of reincarnation. According to all the incoming scientific data, it is more than evident that human activities have a deep impact on Mother Earth. Our species, Homo Sapiens, is pushing the planet to its limits. What we do today has a direct and probably irreversible effect on the fate of the planet. We are poisoning the habitat of the coming generations. However, what most of us have never thought about is that it is we who will harvest the problems that we plant Read the rest

Regression Therapy Data and the Notion of Karma – Pavel S. Gyngazov (Is.20)

by Pavel S. Gyngazov, M.D.

This article describes a manifestation of the law of Karma that the author encountered during one of his RT sessions. The manifestation described in the article was not a solitary occurrence of the kind. This particular case and other cases of like kind makes the author believe that a person is free in his choice and bears full responsibility; in both the present incarnation and in future incarnations.

Regression therapy method, which is based upon the study of human past-life experience, has a wide variety of applications: psychotherapeutic correction of behavior, psychosomatic disease (inherited from previous lives) treatment, and harmonization of personality within its environment. The multivariate potential of patient treatment is in many … Read the rest

Bad Stomach or Karmic Pains? – Joseph Costa (Is.20)

by Joseph Costa PH.D.

In this article Dr. Costa presents us with a case of current life events triggering karmic pains seeking relief. The client’s pains had been unrelenting for over a year before this healing work. After the regression presented here the pains were no longer present. Therapy was done over ten years ago and there has been no more pain since the therapy described here.

A powerful business man was sent to me as he had symptoms of stomach area problems that medicine had failed to heal or affect in any way. The pains were so intense that his ability to function in work was stopped. He was suffering sleep deprivation as well. For months he had been … Read the rest

Astrology and Past Life Therapy – Bert Esser (Is.19)

by Bert Esser

 I intend this article to be an example of the way in which we can combine the two disciplines: “past life therapy and astrology.”

1) On the one side, as we know, past life therapy makes use of an energy that is stored in our so-called cell memory system. Karma determines the direction of our successive reincarnations and the content of every new incarnation.

2) On the other side, we have astrology, which expresses our cosmic interdependence through the birth chart. The horoscope is the blue print of our capacities, abilities and the pattern of our psychic power. This builds up during previous lives, so we can consider the present horoscope as the last link of a … Read the rest

Resolving Sexual Karma: A Case Study – Vivian J. Frazier (Is.9)

by Vivian J. Frazier, L.C.S.W.

The continuing influence of a past-life experience upon the present one is a phenomenon well-known to those who practice PLT. This case study illustrates an important but often overlooked point that carry-over may not be from one life time but rather from several.

Sexual karma may sometimes be the most powerful kind of karma people can create for themselves. This would not be surprising, considering the primal nature of sex and the deep emotions it can engender in people. Because of the crucial role sex can play in a person’s life, if the expression of sexuality is seriously thwarted for some reason, feelings of self worth and sense of identity can sometimes be greatly … Read the rest

Imaginal Techniques in Past-Life Therapy – Roger Woolger (Is.1)

by Roger Woolger

The notion that physical and psychological illnesses may be derived from the psychic residues of events in previous lives is accepted in a great many non-western cultures. The opening lines of the classic Buddhist text, the Dhammapada, sums up this view succinctly: “All that we are is the result of what we have thought.” It hardly need be added that in the Buddhist world view, earlier thoughts can most certainly belong to earlier incarnations.

In the West, however, such an idea has never been seriously entertained by orthodox science or by the orthodox versions of Christianity and Judaism (McGregor, 1978 and Langley, 1967) in recent history. On the other hand fully articulated doctrines of karma and reincarnation … Read the rest

Rescripting in Past Life Therapy: Personal Experiences – Chet Snow (Is.5)

by Chet B. Snow, Ph.D.

There is no doubt that the concept of “rescripting,” or client intervention within the regression therapy process to alter seemingly “fixed” past life events and/or attitudes, is both controversial and exciting. Borrowed from the lexicon of hypnotherapy where such intervention into “real” or “imagined” events from the client’s current childhood is commonplace and often quite effective in leading to symptom removal, rescripting takes on new philosophical dimensions when applied to a past-life scenario. It seems to call into question such fundamental human issues as free will, karma, or the law of “cause and effect,” and even the chronological order of time itself. With such important matters involved, it is not surprising that this technique … Read the rest