JRT Topic: Past-life Experiences

A Thorny Question: An Experiential Analysis of Spontaneous and Hypnotically Induced Past Life Memory Retrieval – Jenny Cockell (Is.32)

by Jenny Cockell

Abstract—In this article, Jenny Cockell, well-known author and personality in the field of reincarnation research, seeks to compare and extrapolate her own experiences of spontaneous past life memory recall with her experiences of accessing past life memories utilising hypnosis. In this well-considered and intimate account, Jenny shares examples of the positives and negatives, gains and detriments, of both experiential realms. Further, she addresses the question as to whether or not hypnosis is a useful tool in retrieving past life memories which can be validated in the same manner in which many thousands of spontaneous past life memories have been interrogated and verified. If not, why not, are questions which run throughout the body of her article.… Read the rest

Releasing Trapped Energies Through Meditation on the Navajo Mountain Way Myth- Kathleen Jenks (Is.6)

by Kathleen Jenks, M.A.

When I grasped the enormous paradigmatic relevance of the Navajo Mountain Way myth for regression therapy,[1] the direct result was a transformation of one of my own earlier lifetimes. The life in question first emerged in the 1970’s in a regression guided by my friend, the late Marcia Moore. I was a Native American woman, tribe undetermined, in a terrain of forests and meadows. My grandfather in that life practiced witchcraft and was determined to make me his protégé. I was equally determined to resist him because, although I had no knowledge of wiser paths, I loathed the sense of “darkness” I felt around him. In my forties, during one of our increasingly savage … Read the rest

Baby Casus – Marion Boon (Is.31)

by Marion Boon


A baby was born with active past life terrors. He comes to peace after his father works remotely for him. On June 3, 2020 the author conducted a remote session of Holographic Regression Therapy with a client who resides abroad. The client and I used either Zoom or Whatsapp to perform this remote session for his baby son.


On terminology and techniques:

The term Holographic Regression Therapy was introduced in the early 1980’s by Hans ten Dam (2014). I prefer to use this term to describe the modality I used in this case. Regression therapy uses modified states of consciousness and when I refer to TRT or HRT (Transpersonal or Holographic Regression Therapy) I am … Read the rest

Crossed Past-life Memory Material, an Anomaly to the Cryptomnesia, Confabulation, Imagination and Fantasy Theory Advocated by Scientific Materialism – Serge Szmukler-Moncler (Is.27)

by Serge Szmukler-Moncler, D.D.S, Ph.D.

The production during hypnosis of psychic material foreign to the subject (PMFS) is a feature known as past-life memory material. Mainstream scientific authors advocating the scientific materialism paradigm explains it as the result of cryptomnesia, confabulation, imagination or fantasy. During regression hypnosis, an intriguing observation, named ‘crossed past-life memory’, has been reported in which 2 persons relate each a story that involves shared past-life memory. Amazingly, each one provides its own perspective of the tale that appears to be matching and complementary. The aim of this paper is to report on 3 cases of crossed PMFS and claim that the theory endorsed by scientific materialism does not provide a straightforward explanation to the feature Read the rest

Love Materialized at the Taj Mahal Excerpt – Nancy L. Eubel (Is.26)

Nancy L. Eubel, MBA, MHt, QHHT, Rt


In this article Nancy shares her experience of remembering both a past-life vow and a traumatic imprint while attending the 2nd World Congress on Regression Therapy in India. Both the vow and imprint were created in a former incarnation after the death of her husband and when she was subsequently thrown on his funeral pyre by other villagers. She leads you through the transformative process of clearing them beginning with an intuitive message she received about the impending death of her current-life husband. It continues with his subsequent passing and then his materializing in front of her while she was visiting the Taj Mahal with others attending the conference. During Read the rest

Speaking With The Higher Self – George Schwimmer (Is.23)

by George Schwimmer, Ph.D.


Speaking with the higher self of a client during regression, immediately after a past-life recall, will not only clarify the issue a client has brought but also offer insights and advice from the higher self which often can not be accessed in any other way.

The higher self is the most critical “player” in past-life recall and therapy. The lower self has a very limited perspective—its job is to deal with the current physical life. So the lower self is normally unable to see beyond the needs of survival, unless its view is somehow refocused and repositioned. The higher self, however, has a limitless perspective, is able to view any point of the time/space … Read the rest

Kiki’s Fish Story – A Past-Life Journey Recalled – Virginia Waldron (Is.22)

By Virginia Waldron

In 1999 I went to see Thelma Freedman for several sessions to help me deal with a relationship issue in my current life. I was hoping to have a better relationship with two people in my life. We explored several lifetimes that involved the three of us. One of the first ones, however, had a surprise ending which neither of us expected.

I found myself on a beach, not sandy but made of small stones and pebbles, round and smooth. I was with other women and children. Behind us was a low cliff. There was a path or trail that led up the cliff and back to our village. I was a young girl, in my early … Read the rest

Unchained Memories – Constance S. Rodriguez (Is.19)

by Constance S. Rodriguez, Ph.D.

This article reviews the possibility that the psyche travels through time and space landing in the exact “past life” to rework problems, issues or emotional blocks that may be hindering one’s soul growth. Dr. Rodriguez reviews the notion that state bound matrixes of energy live in an archetypal field made accessible in the paradigm of past lives, which she terms Holographic Journeying. This conveys a sense of one part (one life) affecting the whole rather than seeing lives as a linear string of embedded memories. In this informative excerpt, Dr. Rodriguez gives examples from her work with clients emphasizing the therapeutic value of this work.

The universe is a dance of energies which vibrate Read the rest

Cosmogenesis And Past-Life Phenomena – David P. Armentrout (Is.18)

by David P. Armentrout


Phenomena associated with past-life and spirit world reports have often met criticism of lacking a logical basis, of lack of congruence with known scientific observations, and absence of a coherent theory by which the wide range of reports can be assembled into a single coherent whole. This very brief philosophical overview uses the methods of astronomical cosmology and combinatory logic to provide a single highly generalized background model. Selected astronomical and physical supporting evidence is cited.

Past-life phenomena have been known for millennia. Various references to the inter-life and yogic experiences of the Light can be found in the Vedas, originating 5000 years ago. Efforts to make philosophical sense out of these experiences have … Read the rest

The Interplay Between the Inner and Outer Worlds – Dianne Seaman (Is.17)

Dianne Seaman, B.S., C.P.L.T.

Here Dianne Seaman considers the surprising elements of the external world that seem to conspire to help us heal. Drawing on her work with clients as well as a past-life experience of her own, she discusses the seemingly “chance” events that the web of life leads us to find and use. As she might say, we may not always know where we’re going, but the world will make sure we get there anyway.

As past-life therapists we try to create a distraction-free environment to prevent anything external from pulling clients out of their experience. However I’ve begun to observe that some distractions actually do the opposite by pulling people into a relevant past-life experience.

Some … Read the rest