JRT Topic: Past-life Traumas

Baby Casus – Marion Boon (Is.31)

by Marion Boon


A baby was born with active past life terrors. He comes to peace after his father works remotely for him. On June 3, 2020 the author conducted a remote session of Holographic Regression Therapy with a client who resides abroad. The client and I used either Zoom or Whatsapp to perform this remote session for his baby son.


On terminology and techniques:

The term Holographic Regression Therapy was introduced in the early 1980’s by Hans ten Dam (2014). I prefer to use this term to describe the modality I used in this case. Regression therapy uses modified states of consciousness and when I refer to TRT or HRT (Transpersonal or Holographic Regression Therapy) I am … Read the rest

Psoriasis Cured by Becoming Aware of its Origin – Bibiana Bistrich (Is.31)

by Bibiana Bistrich


The purpose of this article is to establish a correlation between psoriasis and unresolved past life situations. This study uses Past Life Therapy as an innovative and effective approach with a dual purpose: the solution of an unresolved, traumatic past life event—whose effects remain active in the present life, and the identification of unconscious, unperceived connections between that particular event from the past and the disease suffered in this current life. The process of solving the past life conflict helps shed light on connections between psoriasis and disturbing, shocking events of the patient’s past life. By establishing those unknown connections, the patient is able to heal.
Past Life Therapy sessions consisted of three stages:

1. The … Read the rest

Human and Non-Human Incarnations in Regression Therapy Sessions by Stopping the Internal Dialogue (Is.29)

by Pavel S.Gyngazov, MD


The paper discusses the author’s techniques of inducing an altered state of consciousness during regression therapy sessions. Analyzing the alternation of human and non-human incarnations in the sessions with the same patient, the author demonstrates its accidental character and concludes that incarnations in all physical bodies are axiomatically equal in terms of experience gained.

The author also notes that all non-human incarnations are more harmonious than human ones.

A regression therapy session usually begins by inducing an altered state of consciousness in the patient. Of all techniques to facilitate this state, I prefer stopping the internal dialogue, which can be briefly described in the following way: patients focus their eyes on what they see … Read the rest

I Died on the Titanic: Fact or Fiction? – Carol Eder (Is.12)

by Carol Eder, C.Ht.

In many ways, this article represents both an inquiry into the validity of a particular past-life regression experience, and, indirectly, also raises question to which we all seek a definite answer: Are past-life “memories” real or symbolic, fact or fantasy? The author addresses the topic from a very personal perspective: her own. She was encouraged to submit this article to JRT by Hazel Denning, Ph.D., whom readers will recognize as one of the founders of APRT.

Man has always been concerned about life after death. Those who accept reincarnation maintain that the soul is immortal and may be reborn again and again in different individuals. How can we know about a possible existence before birth? … Read the rest

Treating Children’s Nightmares with Past-Life Report Therapy: A Case and a Discussion – Thelma B. Freedman (Is.9)

by Thelma B. Freedman, M.A.
Case studies are an important method which professionals in many disciplines use to share and illustrate information and techniques. In this one, the author suggests the use of past-life reports as a technique which she found helpful in dealing with a recurrent nightmare-apparition.

Evelyn Fuqua, in her article in Volume IV, 1, of the Journal, suggests the use of past-life report therapy with children’s recurrent nightmares. She discusses her young client Ben, who suffered from a recurrent nightmare of being shot by Germans during World War II. Ben had realized at the age of nine that his recurrent nightmare might have a basis in a past life and requested appropriate therapy. Fuqua tells us … Read the rest

EXPERIENTIAL DATA. Past-Life Recall While Running- Marshall Gilula (Is.4)

by Marshall F. Gilula, M.D.

It is not necessary to have a formal hypnotic induction or sitting meditation for recall of past-life material. For me, my daily hour and a half running has proven an excellent time for recall of such material. One lifetime recovered while running related to a lifelong respiratory problem which began with severe childhood asthma and frequent pneumonia and caused me to seek an activity such as running in order to free myself from the problem. Several years of psychoanalysis during psychiatric training did not do away with this problem, nor did several other types of treatment and self-investigative techniques, including daily regular meditation.

It was while meditating during the early Seventies with different types … Read the rest

Post-Accident Trauma Release: Release of Body Trauma From Current and Past-Life Traumas -Paul Hansen (Is.3)

by Paul Hansen, Ph.D.

Patients occasionally appear in a psychotherapy practice who are suffering the residual effects of accidents or other body trauma that occurred in a previous period of their lives. According to medical feedback, the body has healed, or should have healed, but for some reason it has not yet released the memory of the event. Such patients typically have chronic pain or strange body reactions and are frequently referred for psychotherapy to deal with the somatic complaint. They “know” that there is something the matter with their bodies, even though most practitioners cannot find or treat the problem. It was in an effort to understand and treat this phenomenon that the technique of post-accident trauma release … Read the rest