JRT Topic: Attached Spirits

The Weighing of the Heart and Other Hells: Guilt and Fear as Inhibitors in the Process of Transition – Winafred B. Lucas (Is.6)

by Winafred B. Lucas, Ph.D.

In a recent stay in Egypt I deepened my understanding of the nature of entity attachments. Our group of 23, under the leadership of Dr. Brugh Joy, was spending a week riding camels across the Sinai and climbing mountains there. During a particularly steep climb, in which a fixed rope was used to assist the ascent, the rope broke and the person on it, Mark, fell some distance, scraping rocks on the way down and landing on his left ankle in a shallow pool. Several of the men carried him back to where the camels had been left, where the group, many of whom were healers, succeeded in reducing the inflammation. However, the possibility … Read the rest

Therapist Safety and Protection in Past-Life Therapy – David Hammerman (Is.9)

by David Hammerman, Ph.D.

To take care of oneself is both prudent and vital. As the author of this article so rightly points out, therapists tend to be so attentive to the needs of our clients that they sometimes fail to practice appropriate measures to adequately protect themselves. The author, a licensed psychologist, has developed an interesting technique for therapists to use.

While much work has been done in hypnotherapy around safety and protection for the client, little has been done around safety and protection for the therapist. There has been recent clinical attention paid to spirits attaching themselves to people and the depossession work that was required to release them (Ireland-Frey, 1986). The following report illustrates the need … Read the rest

Two Cases of Depossession To Dissolve Anger – Hazel Denning (Is.8)

by Hazel M. Denning, Ph.D.

Two decades ago Dr. Denning, along with two gifted psychics, went to the assistance of some people who believed they were harassed by entities—an idea that was then totally unacceptable. While she seldom encounters this phenomenon in her present clientele, she does meet with it occasionally and believes it is much more prevalent than is generally realized. She notes that depossession is now common practice for many therapists. She has selected two cases which illustrate how rage can affect an individual’s lives over long periods of time, yet can be quickly resolved with PLT.

Over 20 years ago I worked with two very talented psychics investigating haunted houses and cases of so-called possession. But … Read the rest

Freeing Stalemates in Relationships by the Resolution of Entity Attachments – Edith Fiore (Is.5)

by Edith Fiore, Ph.D.

Since before recorded time men have been healed of their complaints by having spirits removed from them by priests, shamans, healers, and through concerted prayer. Throughout history and across all cultural levels the belief in spirit possession as a cause of illness, physical and mental, as well as misfortune, has persisted. Now at the end of the twentieth century, respected therapists are openly using and examining techniques that purport to remove the spirits of the dead from living people. Because of these healers’ successes, they are being taken seriously by greater numbers of their peers, and therapists are learning and using these techniques in ever-increasing numbers.

In my clinical practice I have found that almost … Read the rest

Spontaneous Remissions – Winafred Lucas (Is.4)

by Winafred Blake Lucas, Ph.D.

In her ground-breaking book about releasement The Bright Light of Death, Anabel Chaplin, a conservative but innovative social-worker came to feel that physical symptoms that could not be reversed by allopathic medical procedures were at times the result of what she called “shadowing.” By this she meant that entities who had experienced sudden death or who were tied to persons still living by strong feelings such as anger and dependency, not knowing where they were, tended to hover around and influence those they were tied to. This shadowing had many consequences, the most pervasive of which was physical weakening and chronic fatigue in the individual shadowed. Chaplin’s work was primarily with entities who had … Read the rest

A Case of Possession in a Past Life Resulting in Physical Problems – Hiroshi Motoyama (Is.4)

by Hiroshi Motoyama, Ph.D.

Dr. Motoyama relates the process of resolution of a severe intestinal condition in a man who in a previous lifetime had drawn the attachment of an angry feudal lord. Working through the karmic relationship and releasing the attached spirit restored the suffering man to health. Dr. Motoyama outlines the necessary steps in transcending such karma.

I will describe a case in which I was asked to intercede, which is a clear example of a serious ailment caused by a past karmic action or event. In November of 1982 I was telephoned in Tokyo by a Mrs. Y. who was at a hospital in Akashi City, 380 miles away. Mrs. Y’s husband had just undergone his … Read the rest

Past-Life Therapy Reexamined – Edith Fiore (Is.1)

by Edith Fiore

Past-Life Therapy is an extremely effective treatment for the full range of problems that are brought to a mental health counselor’s office. Through the years, I have found that many physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual symptoms and conditions are either alleviated or totally eliminated, often after other therapies, including suggestive hypnosis, have failed. When it is allowed to work, it results in a permanent cure.

After using Past-Life Therapy exclusively for several years, I thought that this treatment resulted in a cure rate of greater than ninety percent. Now, eight years after conducting my first past life regression. I have lowered the figure substantially. Thinking back over my case load for the past year or so (approximately … Read the rest