31 Jan: In Search of the Mother Through Time: An Unusual Case of Healing Involving Past-Life Regression, Spirit Releasement, and the Love of a Mother – J. Mancini (Is.30)

by Joseph Mancini, Jr., Ph.D., CCHt

An exhausted mother comes to the hypnotherapist for help for her six-year-old son, who is beset with multiple physical symptoms and complains of something’s clinging to him at bedtime. The hypnotherapist suspects that the child is suffering from the consequences of an attached spirit, that is, a ghost who had not gone into the Light after death.  Though the hypnotherapist does not work with children, he intuits that the mother is somehow involved in the attachment.  And, indeed, she is; for when the hypnotized mother does a scan of the boy’s etheric body, she discovers that the spirit is another son, this one from a past-life, who has been looking for her for Read the rest

01 Mar: Your Soul Remembers: Accessing Your Past Lives Through Soul Writing – Joanne DiMaggio (Is.26)

by Joanne DiMaggio


In 2010-11, author and past life specialist, Joanne DiMaggio, conducted a research project combining past-life regression and a form of inspirational writing she calls Soul Writing. With the help of fifty volunteers, ranging in age from 23 to 81, DiMaggio regressed each to the past life that was having the most impact on them now. After the regression—but while they were still in an altered state of consciousness—she placed a pen in their hand and a journal on their lap and instructed them to ask their soul for information about that lifetime that eluded them in the regression. While they wrote, she also wrote, asking her Source for information she could share. The results were astonishing.Read the rest

01 Mar: All Time is Now Even in the Hypnotherapist’s Office – Barbara Pomar (Is.26)

by Barbara Pomar


Much has been written about time, all time is now in past life therapy. Dr. Pomar combines the two conflicting ideas into a coherent simultaneous theory. As quantum theory has found that there is only the now, (the present moment) Dr. Pomar has expanded the theories into a string of Nows. What is experienced in past-life recalls or experiences are layers of the present. Therefore it is possible to go to that point in time-space where the beginning, the original event happened, change a concept and have the present and future change almost immediately.

 So many good philosophies can be derived out of these four words, All Time is Now. Yet, they can be counter-intuitive. … Read the rest

01 Mar: A Road Less Traveled – Albert J. Marotta (Is.26)

by Albert Marotta


The author calls to the therapists/readers attention the importance of history and expanded thought in the therapeutic processes. He presents a series of timely suggestions based on research, experience and historical information encouraging the expansion of transpersonal regression therapy.


“For in the past, nothing is irretrievably lost,
but everything irrevocably stored…”
Victor Frankl

The provocative information illustrated in this article distinctly alludes to parallels in ancient healing knowledge and techniques that have existed for thousands of years. Perhaps our present day knowledge and healings, (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual) are an attempt at playing catch-up with the timeless wisdom, which is limited by ego based observations, based on materialism and our five senses, of the … Read the rest

01 Dec: Can A Past-Life Character Speak In a Foreign Language A Weight Loss Case: A Past-Life Regression Case of “Mei Ling” Who Spoke in Mandarin – Dr. Casey Chua (Is.23)

by Dr. Casey Chua


Joan (not her real name), a former Australian who now lives in an island off the coast of Australia, was desperate to lose body weight. Weighing in at 160 kg, she was in dire need to lose weight. She flew from her home town to Singapore for hypnosis.

This article describes the case in which a past-life personality influenced the client’s behavior in regards to food. During the course of a past-life regression the client spoke perfect Mandarin; the language of her past life personality. It is an excellent example of xenoglossy as the client has no knowledge of the Chinese language.


Joan (not her real name) is a national from an island off … Read the rest

01 Dec: Absolutes: Messages In Mind – Jeffrey J. Ryan (Is.23)

Jeffrey J. Ryan, M.A. C.R.T.


During the process of discovery in locating the ISE, (initial sensitizing event) an important question needs to be asked of the client/patient. What messages are they carrying in mind about themselves? I call these messages “Absolutes.” In most cases these messages rule the life. The emotional energy attached to each message will undoubtedly trigger feelings within that will stop the patient cold.

We, as human beings, horde these messages as though it was and is a retirement account. They are delivered to us sometimes in small increments but in most as a one two punch to the head or gut. They are given to us by well-intentioned meaningful authority or respected figures in … Read the rest

01 Dec: The Significance of Cross-Verification of Reviewed Past Lives – Athanasios N. Komianos (Is.23)

by Athanasios N. Komianos


In the course of past-life regressions the question of authenticity often arises. The question “Was this a real lifetime?” often overshadows the client’s experience even when that experience was very profound. Presented here are three cases in which one person’s experience in a past-life regression is validated by another person’s past-life regression experience; a person with no knowledge of the experience of the other.


There is a tendency for the majority of professionals in regression therapy to overlook the importance of the association between revealed and relived experiences and real events. There are two major reasons for this.

First, pioneers of our profession argue that what is essential and vital for our clients is … Read the rest

31 Jul: And now please…Focus on Your Birthmark…- Athanasios N. Komianos (Is.22)

by Athanasios N. Komianos


Regression therapists use whatever means are readily available to them in order to tune in their clients with their presenting issue. They may focus on a physical pain, an emotion, a “catch-phrase,” a slip of the tongue, and use it as an affect bridge. In this paper I want to suggest using more of a technique (already in our arsenal), which I find fascinating. That is encouraging our clients to focus on their birthmark (or birth-defect). You will be surprised at how many people around us have birthmarks (not moles). Include a question in your intake form and, if there is one, you may use it as a trigger to produce regression, if you think Read the rest

31 Jul: The Bloxham Tapes Revisited: Why Cryptomnesia is Not The Complete Explanation – Ian Lawton (Is.22)

by Ian Lawton


One of the most celebrated cases of supposedly verifiable, past-life recall involved the Welsh hypnotherapist Arnall Bloxham, about whose work Jeffrey Iverson produced a BBC documentary and book in the seventies. His most responsive subject was given the pseudonym Jane Evans, and three of her supposed past lives are of particular interest. The one most commonly referred to is that of Rebecca, a persecuted Jewess in twelfth-century York, but in fact it has important weaknesses that are usually overlooked. Worse, it is rarely reported that her regression to the life of a Roman woman called Livonia in third-century Britain has been conclusively proved to stem from a historical novel. That would be the end of the Read the rest

31 Jul: Could an Altered Vision Exist in an Altered State? – Athanasios N. Komianos (Is.22)

by Athanasios N. Komianos


The intent of this paper is to debrief some research done on alter personalities of Dissociation Identity Disorder, who display significant and measurable physiological differences, specifically, in the domain of vision. If such research has been done on MPD patients, then why would it not take place with our regressed clients who impersonate their former incarnations? Would it not be a challenge to do so and bring about visible results?

“With sight concealed our psyche views our body’s torments”


 One day during my early days of experimentation my guinea pig (my wife) told me: “Do you know why I enjoy regressions?” Why I asked, “because it is the only time I see better … Read the rest