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Can Regression Therapy contribute to healing even in chronical diseases like cancer? Martin Roesch Is. 33

Can Regression Therapy contribute to healing even in chronical diseases like cancer?

by Martin Roesch

Abstract—In this article Martin Roesch is presenting a case in what appeared to be an epigenetic relation – communicating directly with the cancer cells. It is explicitly shown how imaginary travel into the body with the objective to establish a communication with organs or cells appears to be a powerful mechanism to potentially detect hidden causes that may lead to the development of chronical diseases like cancer.


Cancer is recognized to generate itself out of a multi-fold variety of potential causes. In this contribution I want to focus on a potential cause that is widely considered to be beyond the reach of an … Read the rest

Development of Life Quality by Past Life Regression Therapy together with an Integrated Psychological Approach (Is.29)

by Tayat Sriplung * and Thawatchai Krisanaprakornkit**


The purpose of this study was to determine whether past-life regression therapy can lead to better quality of life, more profound belief about moral consciousness, and better psychological well-being. This quasi-experimental research included a control group designed to test these hypotheses. Each experimental participant underwent three past life regression sessions facilitated by two qualified regression therapists, plus seven days of life improvement practice between each session. Participants in the experimental group had better scores in quality of life than those in the control group. Within the experimental group, scores on moral consciousness as well as quality of life and psychological well-being improved and was statistically significant. The roles of past life experiences Read the rest

A Road Less Traveled – Albert J. Marotta (Is.26)

by Albert Marotta


The author calls to the therapists/readers attention the importance of history and expanded thought in the therapeutic processes. He presents a series of timely suggestions based on research, experience and historical information encouraging the expansion of transpersonal regression therapy.


“For in the past, nothing is irretrievably lost,
but everything irrevocably stored…”
Victor Frankl

The provocative information illustrated in this article distinctly alludes to parallels in ancient healing knowledge and techniques that have existed for thousands of years. Perhaps our present day knowledge and healings, (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual) are an attempt at playing catch-up with the timeless wisdom, which is limited by ego based observations, based on materialism and our five senses, of the … Read the rest

Measuring the Therapeutic Effects of Past-Life Regression – Heather S. Friedman Rivera (Is.25)

by Heather S. Friedman Rivera, R.N., J.D., Ph.D.


Previous research on the healing benefits of past-life regression is mainly based on anecdotal and individual case studies. There is a need to collect and analyze a broad cross-section of data on past-life regression and therapeutic results. A study is being conducted to collect and analyze the beneficial outcomes and healing reported by past-life experiencers. For this study, a web-based survey was created and launched for wide exposure to a broad audience. To date, 180 confidential surveys from respondents of various ages, gender, religious upbringing, and experiences have been obtained and analyzed. Analysis revealed that there are measureable and consistent beneficial effects as a direct result of past-life regression. The Read the rest

Acuregression Therapy – Jeffrey Jay (Is.25)

by Jeffrey Jay


Jeffrey Jay, a licensed Oriental Medicine practitioner, has created and developed a new acupuncture format, which will access and reveal an individual’s past-lives. Acuregression Therapy is an energetic technique that provides a connection into the full expression of a human’s mind, spirit, and “soma” or body experience.

An Inner Time Machine

Hypnosis, a tool usually practiced by Psychiatrists, Psychotherapists, and Regression Therapists, is not necessary in Acuregression Therapy procedures. During Acuregression Therapy, a patient remains fully cognizant of his or her recalled experiences during this specialized therapy. This approach therefore can heal energetic dysfunctions more “whole”-istically, with a broader understanding of the human phenomenon from the past into the present.

An Asian Perspective

It is generally … Read the rest

Glowing Catalysts for Change: The Children – Christine Alisa (Is.23)

by Christine Alisa


Glowing Catalysts for Change: The Children describes a therapeutic technique of regression therapy that can be used with children and adolescents. Ms. Alisa offers the reader an overview of her work and the importance of eliminating past pain in children’s lives. If children can heal the past life pains or early life difficulties they will have the abilities that the future will demand. Her message is to give children the opportunity to develop into remarkable human beings with clarity of spirit, who then have the opportunity to guide the new changes into the world.

How healing the past traumas of children and adolescents open their hearts and minds to the creativity and love needed in Read the rest

Portals to the Psyche: Spirit Involvement – Isa Gucciardi (Is.16)

Isa Gucciardi, Ph.D.

Dr. Gucciardi examines the conflicts between western “scientific” approaches to Dissociative Disorders (DD) and those of shamans and today’s spirit releasement approaches. She recommends that the task of therapists working with DD is to let their clients lead the way to “their own maps of their own psyches,” whatever that map might contain, because it is only there that healing can occur. Dr Gucciardi appeared in last year’s Journal.

Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD), now called Dissociative Disorder (DD), has only recently been recognized as a separate disorder within the field of modern western psychology. When Freud’s theories reigned supreme in this field, most cases of dissociative disorders were misdiagnosed as schizophrenia. In 1980, the American … Read the rest

“And if the Body were not the Soul, What is the Soul?” – Dianne Seaman (Is.16)

Dianne Seaman

Dianne Seaman is no stranger to the Journal’s pages. Her article in last year’s Journal was a discussion of the relationships between astrology and the “new” physics, and she was invited to continue those explorations for this issue. However, as she says, synchronicity happens, and the personal experiences she shares with us below took center stage. Dianne has given us a heartening account of those experiences, and the good people who “happened” to come into her life when she needed them, to help her heal.

“And if the body were not the soul, what is the soul?”

I chose this quote from Walt Whitman’s “I Sing the Body Electric” for the title because it so succinctly captures the … Read the rest

Learning Through Happy Past Lives – Pierre Dubuc (Is.14)

by Pierre Dubuc, M.S.W.

Pierre Dubuc adds a new dimension to past-life therapy with his suggestion that healing can occur from examining happy and successful past lives as well as traumatic ones. Drawing upon his long experience as a therapist, he discusses his approach and stresses the need for “accentuating the positive” in utilizing past lives in therapy. A welcome new writer to the Journal’s pages, Dubuc practices past-life therapy in Quebec, Canada.

It is interesting to observe that in the literature of past-life therapy little attention has been given to the concept of happy past lives whereby one achieves success and develops positive qualities and strengths. Very little attention has been paid in the literature to the … Read the rest

The Spirit of Transformation in Past Lives – Marilyn Gordon (Is.12)

by Marilyn Gordon, C.C.Ht.

This article combines transformational healing with past-life therapy. It puts forward a three-step process for experiencing, releasing, and transforming the root causes of human predicaments, with particular application to the root causes found in past-lives. The author discusses the principles of this approach, highlights various techniques, and gives examples from cases.

I recently saw a film called “Baraka,” the Sufi word for “blessing”. In frame after frame, I saw images of the wonderful and terrible aspects of human existence, juxtaposed with the prayers of those who pray everywhere—the Sufi Dervishes, the Hebrews, Christians, the tribes of Africa and Native America.

I saw massive traffic jams and huge inhumane factories processing live chickens, as … Read the rest